Wednesday, November 14, 2007

konnichiwa minna-san!!

Gomenne minna-san, it's been awhile since my previous blog. Haven't come online for quite awhile as well due to the reason that I don't have internet at my new house in Sengkurong. Anyways, nothing much happened recently since it's already holiday after PMB. My friends looked for part time jobs and now working for it, I'm still jobless and have been out with my friends the whole day everyday. Meh, I guess I'd be back to Taiwan after my graduation day and look for one part time job, or I'd be working under my uncle's company if I'm not going back to Taiwan.

Good day to everyone.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

No more online TT___TT

To my friends who I often chat with when I'm online, I might not come online from tomorrow onwards unless PMB is over. I'm probably moving my computer to my new house in Sengkurong by tonight and I don't think we have internet service there since we haven't got any line there at my new house yet, but hopefully there's wireless connection around so that I could steal the internet from there. XD

And I just knew that my new house in Sengkurong is near to Zhi Hung's house. OmG, so far I know that NightKATz, Thien, Baka Ringu, and Shin-chan are living there also. I have friends there wheeeee!!! XD

Woots, it's only 14 days till PMB examination. From what I see, marks of my graduation exam isn't really as satisfied. Gotta work hard from now on! Rawr! DX

Thursday, October 04, 2007

English Composition~

Aha~ here I am with my English Composition as I already promised some people that I'll be posting it up to my blog once I got my paper. It's 30 out of 40, not very bad. =]

Okie here I go the question, I chose question number 4, which is about 'One day you wake up and you realize you have transformed into your pet. Describe your reaction and how you coped with your new identity throughout the day.'

*** I opened my eyes slowly, the sun was already shining brightly out side the window. I peeped out of it to look at the morning sky. For a moment I found the place that I was in, was a little too large from what I see everyday, so I tried to get up from my bed. I realized that instead of the bed, I was lying on the floor. I looked around and noticed that some one else was lying on the bed, I looked carefully at that some one and noticed it wasn't anyone else but me!

Unbelievable scene In front of my eyes because I just found out I had already transformed into a cat as I tried to take a look at my mirror on the wall of my room. 'But who is it on my bed when I'm already transformed into a cat?' I looked at my self in a cat form and thought curiously.

I have been thinking for the past few moments and I still couldn't believe what was happening now. Then, later on, I thought that crushing the wall might be a good idea of waking me up because this was probably just a dream. But no matter how many times I tried to crush the wall, instead of waking up from my dream, my head was in terrible pain.

So I gave up the thought of crushing the wall to wake me up, and I pushed the window opened with my paws and jumped out to have a moment of 'cat walk'.

I walked to a pond which was not far away from my house and saw that many elders were walking their cats and dogs in the park which was near to the pond. I found a place to sit down and after awhile, I tried to clean up my self like how other cats did.

For a moment I noticed something was looking at me from my right side which kind of made my tremble. I turned around and found a giantic dog was staring at me fiercely. Its mouth was widely opened as if I was about to be its dinner. I started to ran at my fastest speed and the dog was also chasing after me as expected. Thank God, it was fat and its speed was finally reducing after some distance.

I reached home safely without being bitten by the giantic dog, thank Goodness Gracious. As I stepped my paws into the kitchen I found my cat bowl that I normally put the cat food in. Mum looked at me and poured some cat food into my bowl as she complained that I was still sleeping and forgot about to feed my cat. I laughed to my self in my cat form.

For the rest of time of my day I was spending with my cat toys and instead of waking my self up from this unbelievable dream, I tried to wake 'my self' up from the bed. ***

Phew~ finally done typing~ XD Hope you guys enjoy the composition? I apologize for my English is not very good and this story might be boring to most of you as it's quite a typical composition. =]

Monday, October 01, 2007

Little rant...

I don't understand what is wrong with the girl, or maybe it is me the one being wrong. We're used to be really close to each other but she seems to be ignoring me recently, I wonder if I've done anything wrong to her, but no matter what I thought of, it never led me to the solution... No matter when, no matter what, when I tried to talk to her, she either keeps on talking to someone else ( That might because she's talking, so I don't mind much...), or she just act as if there's nobody or there wasn't anyone talking ( That may because of she didn't hear me or she thought I was talking to someone else.). Those in the brackets are what I always think of when every time she 'ignore me'...?

Sorry that I'm just human, the ability of revenge is in me, and it will automatically turns on it's power even though I didn't want it to. I slowly realized that I kind of ignoring you these days, it's just because I couldn't stand the feeling of being ignored over and over and over again... I'm not sure if she would read this but yeah... Just a little rant here, for those who read this, sorry I'm not going to tell who she is and do not simply try to guess who she is, even if you got the right person I won't tell you. So don't have to give any advice or whatever blah blah~

Gaia Dream Avatar~ Angelic Demon~

Testing here~ XD

My dream avatar in Gaia~ O.o

LOL just tektek-ed it out of boredom~ X_x

Nice nice nice nice nice??? XDDD

Wells, the price actually wayyyyyyyyy moreeeeeeeeeeeeee nicer~ Especially only the devil tail it cost you freaking 10,250,000 Gold O.o" and the angelic sash is like 7,594,445 Gold~!!!!! OMG~~~~ *bang wall and dies* I'm saving up gold to buy the lunar scythe which is the thing that the avatar is holding, which will cost me 15k... hmm... And elven ears for 4k plus and enchanted strings~ hmmm... That'd cost me 9 to 10k... .___."""

Sigh~ Just got back home and had nothing much to do, so I went on Gaia to check for it's forums for awhile. I saw people were posting forums about playing tektek, which I haven't been playing for quite awhile so I decided to give it a try. It ended up like this~ At first I was kind of looking for lolita style clothes but at the end I thought of making it a demon and put some angelic stuffs on her~ cool~ XD And ended up an Angelic Demon .___.""

Heard the sound of cat-fighting half way when I'm blogging this, so I went out to check, it was the cat bullying my other cats. And I just hurt my toe pretty 'nicely' due to that I was trying to chase-hit the cat which comes in to the kitchen every night to bully my other cats. And I kind of strain it... Mehh.. Strain my toe... Goddamn nice eh? -____-"" I'm worried about the cats, I wonder are they going be alright after I moved?...

Ah, raining, nice... =]

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moving moving moving~ X_x

Woots~ Tiring day today, been cleaning up my room since the moment I woke up today. Cleaning up, packing, getting ready to move to the new house in Sengkurong. Though some bulky stuffs will be remain until my parents get lorry to bring those things there.

Sengkurong, sounds pretty far from Bandar. It gives me this feeling of that I'm moving to somewhere which is pretty far away from the world. O.o A little too ridiculous, I know~ XD Like what NightKATz said, "welcome to the world of pian pi-ness! where everything and anything is like 325443853843946 KM away! and you will lose all your friends cos ppl cant be bothered to spend 432854648445744 hours digging for your place! YAY! xP" ha-ha that's so so so true~. See, for example if you want to go to Gadong, it will freaking take you freaking half an hour to go there. -__-" Meow~ at least still have Sengkurong Hwa Ho, SKH near by which will only take me not more than 5 minutes to walk there. And Hwa Ho Bunut which would take me not more than 5 minutes to go there, by car. Supermarkets, yes, but Sengkurong is still kind of pretty remote desu~ X_x

Wells, at least I can reach Jerudong Park faster than anyone else living in Bandar eh? .___."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

POOR DOLPHINS!!!! >______<


The article I found was in Chinese website, so it'll be in Chinese. Kinda lazy to translate, so I'll just do a little summery. It's about the fishermen fishes for dolphin and after they got what they wanted, they bring whole boat of dolphin to some place which is near to the sea and suck their blood out... And this is the result... sigh... human...

Below will be the Chinese article... .__.

網路近來流傳4張照片,照片裡頭,海豚用鮮血染紅了整片海域。郵件主旨寫著「架殘忍!日本漁民屠殺海豚!」有網友來信問追追追這是不是真的?是的!這是真 的!每年每年,都會有超過2萬2千隻海豚在日本遭到屠殺,其中,將近2900隻會死在照片所拍攝的日本太地Taiji這地方。目前網路流傳的照片攝於 2003年10月6日,那紅,是那天60幾隻海豚流下的鮮血所染紅。

這是一個震驚國際保育界的大事件。為了把這幾張照片帶出來,海洋守護協會(Sea Shepherd Conservation Society;SSCS)的工作人員吃足了苦頭,還有兩人為此入獄,在日本監獄關了20多天。10月6日拍到的照片,一直等到10月底才有機會交給媒體 發布,並在11月4日登上美聯社頭條成為國際矚目的事件。我們東森ETtoday也曾經在11月6日寫過一篇很紀念性的報導。網址:看圖說故事/貓的顏色


這個事件,直到目前都還在延續中,包含加拿大、美國、巴西、澳洲、比利時、法國、德國、匈牙利、愛爾蘭、墨西哥、荷蘭等國家的保育團體,也已經多 次前往當地日本大使館抗議,而由SSCS發動的網路連署、大家寄信給日本首相小泉純一郎的活動,也早已在國際網路上發燒超過1個月,但直到目前,都還沒見 到日本政府高層做出正式的回應聲明。



儘管保護鯨豚理念已是國際間普遍共識,但日本人以其「歷史、傳統、民生、經濟」等為由,直到現在,每年都仍規劃2萬2千頭的海豚捕殺配額,甚至以研究名義 為掩護,每年前往南極海域捕抓至少440隻小鬚鯨、前往北極海域捕抓超過700隻的大型鯨類,這些鯨豚,日本人聲明是為了「研究與人類食用」,但實際上, 經過學者以DNA檢驗,發現有許多鯨豚肉被日本廠商拿來作成狗罐頭,意即這些過度的捕捉,其實很多只是單純的經濟考量,只是為了賺錢而不顧生態保育。


每年10月到隔年4月的海豚盛產季節,日本都會規劃2萬2千隻的海豚捕抓配額,其中太地擁有2900隻的屠殺權,是全日本配額最高的地方。太地位於日本和 歌山,距離東京大約西南方500公里處,也就是大阪東方一點,是個傳統漁村,人口大約只有4千人,但海豚數量極多,除了捕抓食用,當地也設有海豚訓練中心 招攬觀光客﹔前兩年,台灣花蓮海洋公園開幕時引進的海豚,也就是來自於太地。




為了查得這個證據,1977年成立於美國、以保育海洋生態為宗旨的海洋守護協會(Sea Shepherd Conservation Society;SSCS)國際組織,於是在2003年9月間派出3名工作人員前往太地,在這邊等候了幾個禮拜,終於拍到目前在網路上流傳的這些照片。

整個屠殺過程,在10月、11月間持續進行,終於11月18日,其中2名工作人員不忍,於是跳下海灣伸手拔去漁民架設的截欄網放掉15隻海豚,可想而知, 他們開始遭到漁民攻擊、威脅,找來當地警察後,日本警察非但沒幫他們,甚至還以非法攝影、干預捕魚等為由將他們關入大牢,直到SSCS透過律師營救、透過 國際輿論壓力,才終於在12月9日花了80萬日幣將他們保釋出來送回國。





目前SSCS是鐵了心要跟日本太地糾纏到底,整個事件還在延續。如果想要更了解、想要感受那樣的不忍照片與影片,在SSCS這個網頁中,有著許多詳盡的資 訊,裡頭也整理了清楚的抗議名單與信箱,甚至連抗議信都幫忙準備好了,只要複製一下,誰都可以很輕易的寄信到日本政府表達關心與抗議。


Friday, September 28, 2007

Finally the second trial has come to an end...

Yeaps~ as the title mentioned above, second trial has finally come to an end. I can finally sleep like crazy and play my Tales Weaver~!!! XD But unfortunately it wouldn't last long as my PMB is coming in 2 weeks. Rawr~! I'll still have to study~ and after this I'm planning to go to Miri as I haven't been there for like centuries~ O.o

Sigh~ nothing much happen these days, don't know what to blog about. = =" I'm trying to write story in my wretch blog, you're all welcome to read it, it's in Chinese though. For those who don't read Chinese, sorry lar~ XD

Sunday, September 23, 2007

DIE MATHS DIE~!!!!!!!!!!

Rawrrrrr~!!! I'm really really really going to die~! I'm going to have maths paper 1 and 2 tomorrow morning yet I don't even understand half of the whole thing. X_x I'm simply dead~

I just don't understand why do every time when I decided to study (When I mean decided I mean DECIDED!), there will be something important for me to do. For example like, today I went for tuition from 9 to 12 because of I'll be having my maths papers tomorrow; and went to clean my new house in Sengkurong after tuition. I was thinking of finish it early so that I can go home for my maths revision. At first I thought it'd only take us awhile but it took us the WHOLE afternoon to clean the house and when I got home it's already 8 plus plus in the night... After I went to bath or something it's already 9 and for awhile it's going to be 10 and I have to sleep early or else I'll sure start to have headache during exam. HOW ON EARTH I HAVE THE TIME TO REVISE~?! Okay, maybe I should blame myself for not revising most of the time when I'm free but wells... rawr... .__.

Good luck to me... = =""

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second trial is just in front of the eyes....

Yesh! Second trial is here!!! Which is tomorrow!! Oh gosh I'm gna die o.O" I don't think I did enough for my preparation for my second trial. Gosh I think I forgot almost everything I've studied... Hopefully I manage to score good marks for all the subjects and without failing any...

Okai now, I have this little rant here which caused by our dearest P.E teacher. She's... okay you'll know after reading my dialog here~

Walking back to the class from toilet, saw that everyone was standing up in the class.
(Knocked on the door and got into the class, stood at my seat.)

Teacher : And why this lady came into the class this late? (In a impatient tune.)
Me : I went to the toilet.
Teacher : Why did you take so long, huh? (In a tune of suspecting, still impatient.)
Me : ... I had a stomach ache.
Teacher : See, that's what will happen if you don't do exercises regularly.
Me : ... er... I ate something wrong... (Was being a little sarcastic.)
Teacher : ... (Paused for a little while and continued), you would have vomited earlier if you really ate something wrong. (And continued with something else...).
Me : (Why must I vomit if I eat something wrong? Actually you're just being ridiculous...).

Rawr~ funny man funny = =". And the rest of her scoldings were also some kind of gibberish. You ask me if I felt guilty? No, and I don't know what on earth the reason was when she came into the class and scolded us, by the way, I wasn't there when she just came in. And I really had a stomach ache in the early morning. Well, that doesn't hurt me whether she believes it or not, so, like I care? Unless she put me a silly punishment and ask me to run the field for rounds, that I'd probably get freak out. Meh, silly school with silly teachers.

And OWH! I just remembered about Alfret, one of my class mate, he got pushed by Mr. Ang today during science period when Hema wasn't around (She went to the Form3B for the giving the note to them). At first Mr. Ang was just walking pass by the corridor and suddenly, he stood by at the window side, he looked at Alfret and pointed him to go out of the class with his face in anger. Alfret felt weird but he stood up and walk towards the door while Mr. And was coming in too. Mr. Ang pushed Alfret and yelled: "I really want to punch you in your face, you know?". He kept scolding for a few seconds and while he walking out he pointed at Alfret and yelling the words out: "If I don't see you cut your hair tomorrow then you'll know what I'd do." The whole class paused there and no one dared to make a noise. Alfret kind of rubbing his chest while Mr. Ang walking out. "What tha hella that teacher isa thinkeng?" Yes, Nadia and I had the same thought. Okai~ you pushed him just because of this small matter...

Monday, September 17, 2007

To NoObKiA~ See you next century~ XD

Nyahahahaha~ Kiat is back down to Miri already. You said that you will be seeing us at the end of this year around end of November or next year; but I'm not sure when can I see you again, a good friend of mine. Really depressing to know that I might not going to see you anymore. Anyways, take good care there yeah~! X3

Friday, September 14, 2007

Leaving is sad... TT___TT

Great now I have to install the latest Windows Live Messenger in order to continue to use my messenger when I don't usually like to download new ones to use. And that mean I have to download new MessPatch for my new messenger. Troublesome. -__-"

Anyways, slept over Evon's house for 2 days and went to the dance teacher, Teacher Michelle Dong's farewell activity in air port on Wednesday. Actually I wasn't suppose to take part in that activity but I had to accompany Evon or I had to stay at her house alone from 11am to 1am since the time of departure was on 12 something in the noon. The whole thing was okay to me but not the last part, the moment they all shouted for "董老師再見!!!" (Farewell, Teacher Dong!!!), first was the girls before teacher about to board, after girls shouted it was the boys' turn, from upstairs (they ran up to the RBC part and waited). Girls were all shocked when the boys shouted it from upstairs. I was almost burst out of tears but I was able to held it back and managed to not to let anyone notice about it, indeed it was really sad as I understand the feeling of leaving is sad, really sad; especially the teacher and the students were together for at least three years, the memories of happiness and sadness, nothing can replace them, but also, the fact of leaving is also something can't be avoided.

Two of my close friends, Siaw Tan, a person whose like my elder sister; Norika, knew this Malay girl when I was working in Utama Grand; they're both going to UK today, this evening, 7:30pm flight. It's a little sad that I might not be able to send them, and it's been long time that I haven't got time to meet up with them. But as they're only there to study, so we'll still be able to meet up with each other next time when they're back. =] Good luck to both of you when you both reach there! =D Take good care of yourself!!! I'm gna miss you both here... TT____TT

Saturday, September 08, 2007

New layout [ YUI ]

WELCOME MY NEW LAYOUT, YUI, TO MY BLOG!!!!!! *clap clap clap...*


Just done with my new layout, YUI. LOVE HER LOTS! X3 I used the lyrics of 'Skyline', I want to fly well; and translation lyric from 'Life', the wings that I use to fly away are still invisible. This two sentences of lyrics kind of match to each other and yes, I like it. =D And the new logo in my blog that at the corner of my blog, 'Ai Saretai', it's also taken from the lyric of 'Life', translation will be 'I want to be loved'. Not because of anything but just like this words. =] Just recently downloaded all YUI's songs, they're nice! X3

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Crazy~ yes, really crazy!

It's like 2 weeks since we finished our first trial, and guess what? Second trial is coming in 2 weeks, which will drop on 19th of September and finish on 1st of October. And in 2 weeks, we're going to sit for our PMB examination (20th of October). Crazy~!!! Rawrrrrr~~~~

It doesn't really matters me but the thing is, okay it does. And good/bad news here, for the first time in my life I got my BM paper 1 for 44 out of 100, yes, fail, but this is the highest mark I scored since I got promoted to secondary~ without Bahagian B done but Bahagian A and C was completed. I got shocked when I saw my mark, I was like 'What? I'd have passed IF I did my bahagian B~' Yesh true~, even Beh said that to me, but well, for the last minute I was still doing bahagian A though~ The examiner gave me extra 1 minute to complete bahagian A some more... I really need to arrange my time better... Well, I did bahagian C before I did bahagian A. It's good but I need to score a C for Malay or I wouldn't be able to be promoted to form4. Rawrrr~~

It's like only 3 months that I got promoted to form3. Really, time flies by so fast this year that I can't even recall what I did few months back. What I did on April? May? June? Is it really August now? September is really nearing? Why do I feel like it's still early? Man, I really lost to time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

CAN'T BUY MY LOVE - YUI (Apr.4, 2007)


- Tracklist -

  1. How crazy
  2. Rolling star
  3. It’s all right
  4. I remember you
  5. RUIDO
  6. CHE.R.RY
  7. Thank you My teens
  8. Umbrella
  9. Highway chance
  10. Happy birthday to you you
  11. Winding road
  12. Good-bye days
  13. Why?

Rawrrrrr~ Really addicted to YUI~! X3 Been learning some of her songs like 'it's happy line', 'I remember you', and 'life' though I'm still suck at those. Still practicing~ I've learn to play Helem's 'Qing Fei De Yi' and Avril's 'When you're gone'. When I brought Helem's 'Qing Fei De Yi' up, my cousin was like saying 'This song is like thousand years ago and you're playing it now...' XD Comment of my cousin 'Acoustic is so not like Avril~' LOL true~ it's actually electric guitar but I don't have it so I can only play on normal ones~ What to do~ XD Anyways~ I WANT YUI'S "CAN'T BUY MY LOVE'!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Though I'm downloading it now but... but...~~~ I'm so so so gna buy it someday! X3 Wheeeeeeee~~~

Friday, August 17, 2007

Oscar, the Garbage-Can Kitty

A story from Chicken Soup. =]

Oscar was named after the Sesame Street character who lives in a garbage can because that is where we first became acquainted. I was working at a pizza-delivery chain and had been assigned garbage duty. While tossing bags into a Dumpster, I heard a faint meow. I began digging through the trash, and several layers down I found a cat—bruised and thin. I wasn’t sure if the cat had crawled into the Dumpster to scavenge for food or if he had been put there purposely. Our establishment sat directly behind an apartment complex, and unsupervised and abandoned pets were common.

Back on solid ground, it became evident that the cat had an injured leg. He couldn’t put any weight on his right hindquarters. The situation created a dilemma for me. Finances were tight, and I was moving back home to my parents’ house—with two cats already in tow. Dad barely tolerated the two established felines. His reaction to another injured stray was sure to be less than receptive. I took the stray to the vet, hoping to patch him up. After shots and X-rays, the vet discovered the cat had a cracked pelvis. I posted notices, hoping someone would claim the cat or adopt him.

Meanwhile, the response at home was swift and firm: No more cats! Dad insisted I take the cat to the Humane Society immediately. I protested that the cat would be put to sleep. Luckily, my mother intervened. She agreed the injury would make the cat unadoptable, so we would keep him long enough for his hip to heal. Then he would have to go—no arguments.

Oscar must have somehow understood his situation. He seemed to study the other two cats and their interactions with my father. We suspect he bribed Tanner, our golden retriever, with table scraps in exchange for etiquette lessons. When the other cats were aloof, Oscar was attentive. He came when his name was called, and he would roll over on his back to have his belly scratched. As his injury began to heal, he would jump on the ottoman by my father’s favorite chair, and, eventually, into his lap. Initially, Dad pushed Oscar away, but persistence paid off. Soon, Oscar and a muttering Dad shared the chair. At mealtimes, Oscar would come to sit with us.

Positioned on the floor by my father’s chair, every so often Oscar would reach up with one paw and tap Dad on the knee. At first, this provoked great irritation and colorful expletives expressed in harsh tones. Oscar, however, refused to be put off. Repetitive knee-taps soon led to semi-covert handouts of choice morsels.

Oscar greeted my father at the top of the stairs every morning and waited for him at the door every evening. My father sometimes ignored Oscar, and, at other times, stepped over him, complaining the whole time. Oscar mastered opening doors by sticking his paw underneath the door and rocking it back and forth until it opened. Soon, he was sleeping in the master bedroom at the foot of the bed. My father was completely disgusted, but couldn’t stop the cat from sneaking onto the bed while they were sleeping. Eventually, Dad gave up.

Before long, Oscar, aspiring to his own place at the table during meals, began jumping up into my lap. He was allowed to stay as long as his head remained below table level. Of course, an occasional paw would appear as a reminder of his presence.

Three months passed, and the vet pronounced Oscar healthy and healed. I was heartbroken. How could I take this loving soul away from what had become his home, from the people he trusted? Sick at heart, I brought Oscar home and told my parents what should have been good news: Oscar was a healthy cat with a healed hip. “I’ll take him to the Humane Society like I promised,” I said dully. As I turned to put Oscar in the carrier for the trip, my father spoke, uttering three magic words: “Not my cat!” Oscar is home to stay. He now has his own chair at the table and sleeps—where else?—in the master bedroom between my mother and father. He is their official “grandkitten” and living proof that deep within the most unlikely heart, there is a cat lover in all of us.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ithcy to death..........

Holy gosh I can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I had some kind of allergic or something and my body is like itchy to death~~~~~!!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's less itchy now compare to one hour ago, but my whole body is like 'pink' in colour and whenever I scratches the itchy part it get hurt. +_+ I really wondering what I ate today that cause this allergy. Omg this is the first time in my life I got my whole body allergy like this. And when I say pink, it's really pink. X_x Even up to my face. I just ate one painkiller though I don't know whether it helps and I know it's stupid but I don't know what else I can do. Argh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ X_x Great now even my palm's in pink and itchy... I'm feeling... not pissed, not anything but... itchy... really~ itchy~ X_x

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Memories on 2007.07.14. `` il Form 3 C =]

I finally got the pictures that we took for our class outing at caper's restaurant. Will upload it up here once I done editing them. =]

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guitar tab, YUI - Understanding

Woots!!! Just found guitar tabs for YUI's Understand!! Cool! Though I don't really know to introduce a song, but it's a nice song to hear. x3 Enjoy!!! Feel free to download it from the link below. =]
(Right click and save link as) YUI - Understand. =]
This is her MV on YouTube. =]


I was probably crying
downcast on the way back.
Although I was always close by
I couldn’t say a thing…

As I walked
I took the short cut by crossing the park.
I kind of knew already…

…the shadow stretched across the ground
Even I know, the shape of happiness.

“We’ll always be together”
That’s what you said…
“Even when there’s love, there’s always
sadness nearby, hiding”
You laughed as you talked.

If there really was such thing as a hero
I thought you might have a problem with it…

…the shadow stretched across the ground
Even I know, the shape of happiness.

We can’t always be together,
so you can’t live on by always accusing..
Because you repeat the same mistakes
over and over.

…the shadow stretched across the ground
Even I know, the shape of happiness.

Now I’ve started walking…
It’s going to be alright

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memorable 2007. Form 3 C

Just had our graduation class photo taking yesterday. Monkeys were playing around in the hall before our turn, awhile other class taking theirs. Because of them, Form 3 C will be the most memorable class in my whole entire life. =] Though they're foolish and nuisance, they do know to buy people's heart too. =] Love them lots. ^^

Owh yes, good news here, Miss Chan's not leaving! HAHAHAHAH!!! Must because of our cakes then! YooohoooO!!! X333 Well, actually she thanked us for giving her the small farewell party and the cake that time but she had already changed her mind, well, though she didn't tell us what it was until today. She actually asked us 'So you're giving me this cake meaning you're asking me to leave lar??' Hahahahahha!!! XDDD

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Games on Msn with Juju~

Yes I lost badly... got chased by the red ones... = =""" he's trying to build up a wall... and yeahhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~ I got totally trapped... X_X nice eh...? ^^"""

Another crazy suspension~

Exactly as mentioned in the title of the entry for today. Crazy suspension. Not my class but the next class of mine, Form3B, the whole class got suspended for a week for being a little late for class. Tell me, wouldn't students left for toilet during class changing? Or either walk around just to relax themselves from the previous class, it's not wrong, is it?

Well, our class was having this small farewell party for our geography teacher, Miss Chan. Nuruddin bought a cake from the hotel next to our school for 45 dollars, which was sponsored by some students from Form 3 B, C, D. Okay, so during her class, those students who shared a bit came to our class and joined the small farewell party for a little while Form3 B's Malay subject teacher, Beh passed by to their class. The 3B students went back to their class after Beh. The weird thing is, I saw Beh came out of 3B in less than one minute and walked to office with Evon following behind. Hmmm...

I was wondering but soon I thought he maybe just wanted her to do something so I didn't cared much and continued with our small farewell party though it began to settle down. Miss Chan was totally shocked when she saw the cake from us and she almost burst out of tears that made us felt the same way, despite the monkeys who were teasing around with Miss Chan when she was trying to hold back her tears.

Sooner after our class settled down, Mr. Ang, whose our discipline master, with Beh and Evon, passed by our class to the class of 3B. Yes, it's really a bad thing to see any teacher with Mr. Ang walking towards 3B 'cause they're already in really bad condition due to the last time they got suspended for one day. And that means, it'll be even worst to see Mr. Ang walk into the class with any teacher or whatnot. Our class was in total silence and everyone was looking while they passed by, until one of us suggest Miss Chan best to start her teaching, so she did. The next second after Miss Chan began her lesson, some loud slamming sound came from the next door, class 3B, and yelling, yes it was from Mr. Ang.

After all those yelling and slamming period, Mr. Ang came out, followed by the 3B students to the stuff room. From what I heard from my friend, they said Beh called for Mr. Ang was because he was pissed by the other class and couldn't stand the same situation, aside from that some teachers had been complaining about the behavior of 3B days ago. Excuse me? He was our previous subject teacher before he went into class 3B, does he actually meant that we pissed him off when we did not done anything wrong? And due to what he said, it was because of Form 2D. Again, excuse me? We're 3C not 2D? He was obviously resisting them by keep saying 'I think it's better for you all to be suspended' to 3B. And as those teachers said, 'The last time I complain was 2 months ago.' Again, another lie.

Okay, so, the first time they got suspended, I tried to seek for help from Beh. Guess what was his response?

Me : You should help them, not all of them are bad. Some of them are innocent and the main reason is something else.
Beh : Serve them right. Like just now, I don't even want to step in their class for my lesson.

WTF is with this response? By the way, no one would ever behave themselves badly during his class. He's actually one of the teacher that I respect the most, but, WTF IS WITH HIS RESPONSE? Okay, that make my respect to him drop to -10%, really.

At the end, Mr. Ang called up their parents and going to have a talk on Monday, which is tomorrow. Well, I don't know what the answer would be, I hope it'd be okay, as we all hope so.

Friday, July 27, 2007

First trial is nearing... marks planning?

Yes, first trial is nearing. If you're wondering, it's going to drop on the date of 13rd of August, which is 2 more weeks ahead from now. I don't know, would I be able to score good marks? To be honest I haven't been studying properly after the first term holiday. I'm afraid I would fail for this time. Like what my mum said, if I'm not going to be promoted, there are two options for me to choose : First option, transfer to any school in Canada which I don't want to, because it's a unfamiliar place to me though I'd get used to it in a short time. Second option that is, quit my studies and go for work. Stupid eh? It's true that I'm old enough to work for my own but society will no need me when I hold no certs! Well, it's the fact how society is.

Bahasa Melayu - I really have no idea about this... I hope I could get at least a C4... credit anyways...
English - C or B? I should be okay with this subject.
Chinese - If I don't get an A for it I'd get screwed up. = ="
Mathematics - At least a C3? Though I kind of forgot most of the formula...
Science - C5? Anyways it's not allowed to fail. o.O
Geography - I'll try to get a B for it. =]
History - History is nuisance... = =" C then... Though it's sometimes interesting but I hate to memories the dates...
Commercial Studies - B or A of course. =]

Well, that's all about my result planning. I hope I can manage to score the marks that I aimed. =] NOT EASY! But if I keep saying it's difficult and not work for it then it'll be real difficult. =] To all my peeps whose going to sit for PMB, score good marks for your first trial! =D
" どうかこの祈りお "

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm back to blog. =)

Konnichiwa, minna-san =D Sorry for the lack of blogging, and it's been really long time that I haven't been blogging properly. Whether I'll start blogging everyday or not I'm still not sure, due to the reason I somehow lazy to blog at times. XP Anyways, from what you can see, this blog is pretty empty now. It's not that I deleted all the entries, but I made a new blogger account for myself because I can't really used to it when I'm using Vin's account, I didn't feel like I'm blogging at my own blog though this IS my blog. ^^" Weird eh? =b Vin accidentally logged my blogger account with his gmail address while trying to log in to my blogger, that merged our blogger account into one. .___." I'll try to transfer my entries as soon as possible anyway. =)

Somehow, quite many things happened recently. If you happened to drop by Vin's blog you'll know that our relationship had ended. For this two years I know he has done a lot to me and to our relationship but I'm really really sorry for my uselessness. I just don't want to stay with him just because of my guilt, that make me feel unfair for him. So I decided to tell him after he came back from KL, and after awhile we decided to end our relationship. I know it's still unfair to him but it's at least better than I stay because of my guilt, it feels like I'm playing with his feelings but I'm not. I feel really sorry... Hope guys won't hate me... Anyways, thanks for reading =) Take care and may god bless you... =)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sony Music Anime Festival

Just so you know, YUI performed at the Sony Music Anime Festival in Tokyo last night in Japan. I don't have any video or media from the performance…yet…but I can tell you that she performed in the 'Bleach' section of the Festival, and that there were quite a many big name bands and Bleach seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) there, including Home Made Kazoku, High and Mighty Color, Younha, Uverworld, and of course, YUI! And Gin's seiyuu was there! See, I was there in spirit. x3 (Hitsugaya and Ichigo's seiyuu were there also, but who cares about them… XP ) Anyway, there will be another 'night' of this Anime Festival in Osaka in June, so YUI will be performing there as well.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

these days~

Have been quite hard these days, I've got conjunctivitis as I've mentioned in my last post. It's got worse ever since the last post, but it's okay now. My eyes are recovering but my vision is still sort of quite blur. Hopefully it recovers soon. I've been quite lazy and almost moody for the days, so sorry if I've done anything bad, to anyone for anything. So, I've learn my first song for guitar, 'Taiyou no Uta', yes, the full version, but too bad I can't record it into computer, I'll try to find other way to upload it then. =) I brought my guitar to school today due to my friend wanted me to teach her to play guitar. Some monkeys played it to show off for fun. XD

Picture above is one of the foolish monkey playing my guitar. XD I remembered he over reacted like 'Oi yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Chang Min!!' when he notice I took his gila picture XD Oowps, forgot to mention he's actually facing someone instead of crazing there alone! That'd be SUPER crazy if he's really monkeying alone there! XD

Sunday, April 08, 2007



Hehehehhe~ was trying to type in Japanese though I know my Japanese is really suckie!!! XP

Went to Jerudong Park last night until 1 something, with Mei Qing (one of my close friend, also my classmate), and her cousin, Tian, was the one who drove us around. I met Fyn last night (my dearest sister) when we went there to met Jung (one of Mei Qing's friend, also my chatter, I didn't recognize him at first XO). I was wondering why was that girl so familiar, she was sitting there looking at me while I asked Jung whether she's Jia Yuan, Jung was like so surprised when I asked him. Fyn heard that I was calling her name and she walked towards me really slowly (her eyes' aren't that good...), then the next second we both shouted each others' name and ran towards each other!!! (I'm so sure others were badly shocked.... -___-''). I talked about something, hugged each other once more before she went home. Awww I so mish her T x T

By the way I heard from Fyn that Joseph is being not responsible to himself, I felt sorry about it. He's got some kind of crush toward our school's so called bitch, I think? I guess I shall not list her name down here. She's not a bad person yet she's really bitchy, well, not quite sure how can I explain about her. Anyway, after Jung sending Fyn back, Mei Qing, Tian and I went to play water log. Thanks to Mei Qing and Tian, I felt better after playing water log. I noticed that things that are pass then I shall let it go, he ought to be responsible to himself too. We went to play water gun and Mei Qing got her whole body wet cos Tian and I kept shooting the bomb in front of her and it sprayed water on her.

We went to the bomber car straight after the water gun, though that it was raining when we were done. About the bomber car part, we didn't felt very pleased despite the Malays guys kept bombing us for no reason and neither they seemed friendly nor was just playing around like normal bomber car game. The stuff stopped the game earlier as they notice the unfriendly game was playing on. So yes, we went home after that, and it was like few times Tian and I almost fall down due to the fact that the floor was so slippery! Lol!

After I came home, changed clothes and went to sleep straight cos I was TOO tired! Hahaha! XD And owh my my, I just got infected by conjunctivitis... That's so so sad... It's been like one whole week since I got infected, guess it was my cousin, Ping, and cos I'm easily get infected by those diseases, but not flues or anything, I wonder why. Ping helped me to tune my guitar, and I played it, and touched my eye, guess that's how I got it? Not very sure how I got this disease but yeah, everyone should take good care of yours body at this season now. Be good everyone! =D

Tuesday, April 03, 2007



As what I've titled this blog entry. Yes, today is En-chan's Birthday! =D Firstly I'd like to wish her Happy 17 year old birthday! =D Make sure you miss us more when you go back to Taiwan! XP We had our unforgettable birthday celebration yesterday, which was on 22nd of April in 2007, is a Sunday. We went to picnic at Jerudong beach, with Jung, Thien, Sing Yien, Jung was the driver! And ofcos En went too~ her birthday anyway~ x3 At first she doesn't even know we were going to celebrate her birthday! XD

Gawd, it was so darn hot by the time we reach there. I was so desperate and had my first beach snap by my own this time! XD
Someone brought the cake earlier but no one ever notice it was there on the table. So we had some talks until 2 something, it was when I began to worried about the cake due to the hot weather. So I asked Jung about it, he got worried as well and went to checked the cake out. Omg it's just like what I've thought... It... Melt... It's really amazing that we couldn't even read what was written on the cake, or it should have be 'Happy Birthday to Jia Yuan' or something? lalalala~ I asked Jung whether we should pass the cake knife to the 'main character' or not. We were like round and round for quite awhile, Fyn and I were like taking pictures of the melt cake. She was still wondering and waiting for the 'main character' of today... And all of sudden, I put the knife in front of her and wanted her to cut the cake. She was like 'It's not my birthday, it's not my cake!' She rejected over and over times, and we all shouted to her 'It's your cake!!! Cut it now! or else it's gna melt!' She was so nervous and finally, she cut the cake while we're singing 'Happy Birthday' song to her.

Guess what Jung Jung said? 'This is the Only cake you can find in Brunei, Special for you c'mon!' Lol!!! XD She bursted out tears after cutting her 'special' birthday cake!! XD

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's only the fairy tale~

I just downloaded this song, "It's only the fairy tale" a very lovely and sorrowful soundtrack from Mai-Hime. I quite like it, and here I'll post it's lyric...

It's Only The Fairy Tale

Who are those little girls in pain
Just trapped in castle of dark side of moon
Twelve of them shining bright in vain
Like flowers that blossom just once in years
They're dancing in the shadow like whispers of love
Just dreaming of a place where they're free as dove
They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage
It's only the fairy tale they believe

I've uploaded quite a few songs in my "Music" navi, hope you all like it. And a song from Daughtry, It's not over. I saw it's MV on MTV this afternoon and it wan't quite bad so I decided to download it's MP3. Have a try though~ ^^

Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay okay~ haven't been blogging for like ages~ I'm really sorry about it. I haven't had my keyboard for like quite awhile really, due to my brother splited the cup of water on his own keyboard, then my keyboard was borrowed to him since then. So now, my dad just bought me a new keyboard which is quite cool, silver colour with black colour buttons, which is quite a pretty match with my "Black Jack" CPU. Anyway I'm currently reading a small novel which titled as "The Wizard of Oz". It's really a great story that will make yourself in the book, to me, yes, it is.

Quite a few sad things happening here, Veronica, my Geography teacher; Mr. Khei, my English teacher, they're all leaving from us. Mr. Khei is going for his Master degree and Veronica is going for don't know reason it is, I heard that my History teacher, Ms. Ivy might be leaving soon too. My, my... that's so pathetic of us, in such an important time and they're leaving. Though for English, we still have an English woman teacher to teach us so we're not that worried, but about Geography and History, I don't think we have anymore History teacher in Secondary section, I'm really afraid that we couldn't get enough lesson this year and our PMB is like coming nearer and nearer which I quite worried...

Anyway, I guess I should stop here, quite running out of idea blogging, but yeah I'll try to blog more often. So everyone take care!!! =D And owh, I'm been learning guitar, it's really really interesting to me and I'm finally catching up with my targeted song "Taiyou no Uta" (A Song to the Sun). If you're wondering, you can find it in my 'Music' navigation and download it. I will now start to try to put some interesting things here, though I know I've uploaded that song awhile ago. I might upload some new song here soon, as I've just watched "Nadame Cantabile", it's a Japanese drama which made from manga and I'm downloading it's anime to watch, very interesting. If you like orchestras then you should watch.

Finally, I guess I've done my blog today, and will blog some other time. Not that long I hope. Take care minna-san!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

it's been awhile~

Yes, it's quite awhile since my previous blog one day before Manzy go to Perth. Sorry Zy that I didn't made to see you off... T x T But hopefully everything is going well there, take care and all the best! We're missing you Zy! And ofcos we miss Vin too!! XD

Well, here I had just changed my blog layout, this time it's in purple colour, feeling quite fresh, I like it! XD I'm thinking what would be the best to match with green colour despite the fact that green colour is sometimes quite hard to mix with other colours unless you want some fresh nature things~ XP like, green and yellow, which you can see that green is grass and yellow will the be flowers, and ummm not to forget blue, colour of sky! XD (If only I can make it a PERFECT mixture... = =")

Lol it's late now and I just messaged Vin that I'm going to bed SO I AM going to bed! XP
Good-night and sleep tight, have a sweet dreams everyone!!! =D

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Zy's leaving... 20070223

Yes, today is the last day and Manzy will be leaving to Perth tomorrow... I will sure miss her T x T I've known Zy for like few years since I know Pamela, if I'm not mistaken (sorry, I know I need to upgrade my memory card! XD). Been through quite a lot, from a friend, become an enemy for I don't know what reason cos we were still brats! XD Then slowly become friends again, then best friend to each other. =3 I appreciate the friendship between us tho I know I'm being selfish for sometimes, Zy always try to wake me up from my baddieness (thankew Zy =) ). She's a good friend, she cares her friends, she's good to her friends, she's scary to people!!! (unless you try to pick fight with her XD But I'd suggest you better don't, or you'll sure find your head on the floor the next second... O_o") Anyways, I hope I could make it to go to see her off tomorrow. Hope you'll be fine there, may God be with you always. =) Take care Zy!!! =D *hugzzzz*
Zy's Big tongue Show!XD
took with Zy quite awhile ago.. =) *hugz* ^-^

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thank God =3

Oh my god, my computer is so lagging now!!! Been playing one hour GunBound and it was like so lagging that I can hardly played properly T x T~ Anyways~ was playing GunBound with Vin, I miss him soooooooo much!!!!!!!! Always wondering what he does in school and hostel everyday and even I'm having my class. Vin said that he's got some friends in the school now, and hope he'lll get along with them good. ^^ *hugz Vin*

Went to a comic shop in Gadong with my friend right after school dismissed. It was named 'Comic House' in chinese, 'man hua wu'. Went there cos my friend wanted to return the comics and story book that she borrowed from there. Then I looked through some comics decided to borrow some, detective conan 49 to 52, and one Ragnarok of The mythical detective Loki, I'm reading it. The sketch was awesome and fairly cute, story is quite funny sometimes. There're altogether 3 books but I only borrowed one cos I wanted to see if it's nice. Though it won't disappoint you, that I'm fairly sure. XD

After the comic, my friend went home and I went to my dad's shop cos my mom was nagging me to reach there as soon as possible by sms-ing me. After I reached there, my dad gave my mom a key of a customer's car and wanted my mom to test whether it's okay while sending me to my tuition. It was a Lexus, a real nice car and it was moving really softly and fast, my mom said it's really confortable to drive with. And there's nothing wrong with the car, my dad said cos he fixed it, Lol~ he LOVES to show how smart he is~ XD but he really is though~ to fixing those cars. Come to me next time if you want to fix your car, and I'll ask discount from my dad for you~ XD Kidding!!! XPPP

I sat at the stairs after reached my tuition cos it was still quite early. I took out my 'Matilda' and had my fun reading it again (this is the book that I've been reading for 2 days, I'm going to finish it! XD). It's a story about a little girl who was named Matilda, an extraordinary, sensitive and brilliant little girl. Even before she is five years old she has read most of the books from the public library in her town. Matilda also has pretty gormless parents who treats her like as if she's some kind of nasty creature, hmmm~ and she played around and punish those nasty people with her powerful brain. Man she's Soooo adorableeeeeeeeee~!!! An amazing girl XD Oops, I was quite totally absorbed into the story, and then my aunt's daughter, Alyssa came out cos she was about to went for a jog at Tasik. She was surprised when she saw me sitting out side. I went in after that, cos it was exactly 4 o'clock by then.

When finally it came to 6 o'clock, I did my last dot of work and packed my bag. Talked a bit with my aunt about family things, then later I heard Alyssa was playing guitar. I put my bag down and went straight to out side of her room and see that she was playing guitar. In fact, I'm so envious of that she could play that good. My aunt told me that there's another guitar nobody use it, I can borrow it and ask Alyssa to teach me if I want (Owh thank her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!! T x T). Ofcourse I took the chance of learning guitar, Alyssa said it was okay if I want her to teach. So yes, we played awhile and I learned something nice, my fingers tips are sooooooooo painful~~~ T x T and sometimes you have to stretch your fingers until they cramp... = =" but it's alright I learn it still XD
My awful hands T x T It looked even worse this afternoon~ XO *ouchie~*

Now that's all for today~ hahahah XPP pity my fingers but I'm not going to give up! I've finally got the chance of learning guitar! Eventhough it wouldn't be that good but I'll still try, thank God for the chance, thank God for I have the heart to learn it. Thank God Vin's still be with me, thank God that I'm still holding on, thank God for everyone, thank God for my friends, thank God for we're alive! Going through whatever we're going through, getting stronger and stronger each time we gets hurt. Thank God for Everything! Thank God for VIN! X3 (though they wouldn't make senses but I just wanted to thank God for EVERYTHING!!! =D)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last lunch before Kevin leave for KL

Yes, yesterday was the last friday lunch with everyone before Vin goes to Kuala Lumpur. Sad huh? Vin's going to KL this friday, which will be the 2nd of Febuary. I'm so gonna miss him~ T x T

So, we had our lunch at A Ayam yesterday, yes Qlap again. Lol! Manzy brought A Ayam ticket for us, she said that Irene said A Ayam still using that copun, so we just give a try whether it's still available or not. So yes, it was still available when we order the food, that's great news wasn't it? XD We just had our lunch at A Ayam with half of it's pirce! And later, after we finished our lunch, the waitress brought a cake to our table, that was for Vin.

Look at the cake! Isn't it Yummy? XD

Awww he's too touch to eat his cake! XD (spelling mistake, lazy to correct! XDD)
It's sure Yum Yummm~!!! -Q- (Oopsie, I blocked Vin's face! .__.;)
birthday boy cutting his cake? XD
Kebin eating his last piece of cake! Pause action! XD (what Greg's doing? O_o)

Phui~ It took me like almost an hour to upload those pictures and all that... The internet seem really slow and creepy nowadays due to the Taiwan earthquake, I wonder is it repaired now? Anyways, above are pictures before Vin leave to KL, sound sad T x T I will sure miss him~!!! Vin's leaving in 2 days, which date will drop on 2nd of Febuary, flight will be at 6 pm something, Air Asia, MATE! PRAY FOR HIS SAFE!!! O___o Air Asia is not really trustful to me tho, but what can we do since it's air ticket price is MUCH cheaper than the others?

Anyways, I hope he will be fine when he reach KL. ALL THE BEST!!! X333

Monday, January 22, 2007


Happy New Year!!!!
Hey peeps! So sorry for the Lack of blogging really...
Really miss you all you know? I've been working for monthes and it's like I don't have time for online, if not then I'm too tired or too lazy to online after I get back home... Lol~ sorry about that too. My working time is like this, full shift from 10:00am till 10:30pm, and you have to reach there at least 5 minutes before 10:00am. Morning shift from 10:00am same to the one just now, till 6:45pm after the other staffs finish their both breaks. Afternoon shift from 1:00pm till 10:30pm. Then I have 3 days full shift, 2 days morning shift, 1 day afternoon shift and one day off. And now my work is finish, I kinda miss themo. It's like I've been working there for years and the memories floating around that makes me really upset. Like, during our dinner break time, me and some of my UG friends always go to PM (pasar malam) buy some foods, then back to carpart and eat, chit chat a lot. And I guess you can only see one UG staff always jumping around UG and disturb other staffs. Hehehe...

Anyways, how is your new year celebration? Mine wasn't too bad, I spent the whole day at Vin's place and had some fun with the brothers and sister and auntie and uncle~ heheheh ^-^ Actually I was quite glad that I could be able to spend the time with themo at this very year. Cos Vin is going to KL soon and I'll be having PMB this year and not sure when I'll visit themo again... Well that sounds sad but yeah. All the best to Vin, my darling.

Maybe this wouldn't be a long blog cos it's quite late now, but due to I promised Zy to blog, then I'll have to blog, if not you'll see me walking around the street without my head the next day cos zy just chopped me with her parang knife... *Runsssssssssssssssssssss* XDDD

Friday, January 12, 2007

Death Min? O_o

Lol! Yesh Death Min instead of Death Note! XD Wondering why? Cos'z Burt just did everyone a Death name ._o" Here's mine! XD

Yes, I just had lunch with Vin, Burt, Manzy, Irene, Greg and Josephine at one of the restaurant at Qlap this afternoon. The lunch wasn't that bad except the waitress was being a bit, silly? People order food for what they want, but the waitress's like asking customers for ordering something else? Lol, yeah that's really weird isn't it? ^^"

Anyways, I've just changed my new blog layout! XD This time it's Shinku, the fifth maiden of Rozen Maiden. She's a strong character and I quite like her. She's also one of the most sarcastic character in Rozen Maiden. Lol! She could even slap you with her hair!!! That's so~~ Oh My God~~~ and you know? When you watch it you'll be like... roflmaowtf??!! XDDDD

Okay, about school life? Not that bad, but the fact I'm chosen to be the class monitress by my DEAREST form teacher... = =" And then I have to do all the extra jobs after school, that's quite the... troublesome? ^^" But yeah, just let me try to be responesible this year then.. ^^" Anyways, I'll be having PMB this year so I guess I HAVE to work HARDER than I used to... = =" So yeah~~~~ I hope I could be able to get some 'A's!! So that nobody would look down on me anymore!! Especially, my uncle/s... I really don't like it...

Anyways, Chinese new year is coming, meanwhile, friends like those who just finish their graduation exams are seperating and moving to other countries to study for their future or rather, live over seas for the rest of life. Gonna miss them a lot and a lot... Hopefully we could be able to meet each other next time... Love you guys... =) And last... See you when I see you!! XD

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year!!!!
Hey peeps! So sorry for the Lack of blogging really...
Really miss you all you know? I've been working for monthes and it's like I don't have time for online, if not then I'm too tired or too lazy to online after I get back home... Lol~ sorry about that too. My working time is like this, full shift from 10:00am till 10:30pm, and you have to reach there at least 5 minutes before 10:00am. Morning shift from 10:00am same to the one just now, till 6:45pm after the other staffs finish their both breaks. Afternoon shift from 1:00pm till 10:30pm. Then I have 3 days full shift, 2 days morning shift, 1 day afternoon shift and one day off. And now my work is finish, I kinda miss themo. It's like I've been working there for years and the memories floating around that makes me really upset. Like, during our dinner break time, me and some of my UG friends always go to PM (pasar malam) buy some foods, then back to carpart and eat, chit chat a lot. And I guess you can only see one UG staff always jumping around UG and disturb other staffs. Hehehe...

Anyways, how is your new year celebration? Mine wasn't too bad, I spent the whole day at Vin's place and had some fun with the brothers and sister and auntie and uncle~ heheheh ^-^ Actually I was quite glad that I could be able to spend the time with themo at this very year. Cos Vin is going to KL soon and I'll be having PMB this year and not sure when I'll visit themo again... Well that sounds sad but yeah. All the best to Vin, my darling.

Maybe this wouldn't be a long blog cos it's quite late now, but due to I promised Zy to blog, then I'll have to blog, if not you'll see me walking around the street without my head the next day cos zy just chopped me with her parang knife... *Runsssssssssssssssssssss* XDDD