Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thank God =3

Oh my god, my computer is so lagging now!!! Been playing one hour GunBound and it was like so lagging that I can hardly played properly T x T~ Anyways~ was playing GunBound with Vin, I miss him soooooooo much!!!!!!!! Always wondering what he does in school and hostel everyday and even I'm having my class. Vin said that he's got some friends in the school now, and hope he'lll get along with them good. ^^ *hugz Vin*

Went to a comic shop in Gadong with my friend right after school dismissed. It was named 'Comic House' in chinese, 'man hua wu'. Went there cos my friend wanted to return the comics and story book that she borrowed from there. Then I looked through some comics decided to borrow some, detective conan 49 to 52, and one Ragnarok of The mythical detective Loki, I'm reading it. The sketch was awesome and fairly cute, story is quite funny sometimes. There're altogether 3 books but I only borrowed one cos I wanted to see if it's nice. Though it won't disappoint you, that I'm fairly sure. XD

After the comic, my friend went home and I went to my dad's shop cos my mom was nagging me to reach there as soon as possible by sms-ing me. After I reached there, my dad gave my mom a key of a customer's car and wanted my mom to test whether it's okay while sending me to my tuition. It was a Lexus, a real nice car and it was moving really softly and fast, my mom said it's really confortable to drive with. And there's nothing wrong with the car, my dad said cos he fixed it, Lol~ he LOVES to show how smart he is~ XD but he really is though~ to fixing those cars. Come to me next time if you want to fix your car, and I'll ask discount from my dad for you~ XD Kidding!!! XPPP

I sat at the stairs after reached my tuition cos it was still quite early. I took out my 'Matilda' and had my fun reading it again (this is the book that I've been reading for 2 days, I'm going to finish it! XD). It's a story about a little girl who was named Matilda, an extraordinary, sensitive and brilliant little girl. Even before she is five years old she has read most of the books from the public library in her town. Matilda also has pretty gormless parents who treats her like as if she's some kind of nasty creature, hmmm~ and she played around and punish those nasty people with her powerful brain. Man she's Soooo adorableeeeeeeeee~!!! An amazing girl XD Oops, I was quite totally absorbed into the story, and then my aunt's daughter, Alyssa came out cos she was about to went for a jog at Tasik. She was surprised when she saw me sitting out side. I went in after that, cos it was exactly 4 o'clock by then.

When finally it came to 6 o'clock, I did my last dot of work and packed my bag. Talked a bit with my aunt about family things, then later I heard Alyssa was playing guitar. I put my bag down and went straight to out side of her room and see that she was playing guitar. In fact, I'm so envious of that she could play that good. My aunt told me that there's another guitar nobody use it, I can borrow it and ask Alyssa to teach me if I want (Owh thank her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!! T x T). Ofcourse I took the chance of learning guitar, Alyssa said it was okay if I want her to teach. So yes, we played awhile and I learned something nice, my fingers tips are sooooooooo painful~~~ T x T and sometimes you have to stretch your fingers until they cramp... = =" but it's alright I learn it still XD
My awful hands T x T It looked even worse this afternoon~ XO *ouchie~*

Now that's all for today~ hahahah XPP pity my fingers but I'm not going to give up! I've finally got the chance of learning guitar! Eventhough it wouldn't be that good but I'll still try, thank God for the chance, thank God for I have the heart to learn it. Thank God Vin's still be with me, thank God that I'm still holding on, thank God for everyone, thank God for my friends, thank God for we're alive! Going through whatever we're going through, getting stronger and stronger each time we gets hurt. Thank God for Everything! Thank God for VIN! X3 (though they wouldn't make senses but I just wanted to thank God for EVERYTHING!!! =D)

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