Friday, February 24, 2006

FInally... *Phew~*

Fuiiii~~~~ Finally national day is over now, I can finally relax now!!! *phewwww* Just done with Vin's layout, Hitsugaya Toushiro's layout. Well, exams is coming on March, is Vin's Birth month at the same time, gotta get something for him, hehehe =). Tuition is going to start on 1st March, which is on wednesday. Going to Pro-ed, near by lee apple in Gadong (just upstairs). I'll do my best this year, gotta work harder and harder. Woots, I'm currently listening to Jolin's song, Tian Kong; Sky. I don't know why but among all the song I'd heard just now, this song is the nicest, this song gives me the feeling is like... kinda sad... Gonna make another layout for myself, I'm not really satisfy with this layout. And Oh! I have to do Pamela's layout too! I nearly forget about that (sorry Pam!!! =b)

Currently playing Maple, not online, neither MSN or Yahoo, cuz's I'm afraid of that my computer would be lagging ^^". And wooots!!! Justin plays Maple? Let's play together! lol! xP awwwwwwwww too bad you'd be playing it only at the end of this year. I'll be having my government exam next year, can't really play games online or come online I guess. Anyways it's still long way to go, ahahah xP So yeah, don't think that much, I'll do my best this year!!! XD Ganbatene, minna! =D Ganbarimasu!!! XD

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the notional day thingie, grrrrrrrr!!! Today was suppose to be the last day of the practice, but, the hell~? They go give some alasan and complain our school for blah blah not good enough and blah blah blah, and so we're going to have another practice on tomorrow morning. Grrrrrr. = =" I almost went crazy just now, keep plucking the grasses at padang. I was almost vomited as well = =". They asked us to stand under the sun for like at least a few hours, and then some of the student of fainted. I was like, are you guys really human? Or just some unknown thingie but with human look? Grrrrrr. I heard Vin say that, Sultan told the ministers to take the locals for the national day dance, but then don't know what did they do made the sultan changed the mind = =". So baddie them. Grrr. I was saying, 'why don't those ministers come down stand under the sun with us? So that they'll know how 'nice' it is~' = =" My friends agreed with what I said O_o". Anyways, Hopefully tomorrow will be a windy day~ so that nobody would get pengsan, nobody would ge mad, etc etc. It's okay if we only stand under the sun just for a while, but people would get mad if stand too long. Just like the sun is burning up the whole body, and then temper also raise up = =".

Alright, and hmmm, after practice, went back to school, forgot what did I do. Then when almost time for dismiss class, I went back to class, I saw Kevin was downstairs waiting. I was shock that I thought he got his extra class, then he said his teacher go for valentine again, wow~. Then ummm, he said he was hungry, so we went to cantin for food, and then sit down in the hall eating. Well, ummm, then after that, go home. I'll continue the other time, sorry for the lack of blog.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Damn this school, Damn the Chung Hwa Middle School. Why are most of the students in Chung Hwa Middle School are all getting worse? lousier? Man, we're actually not suppose to go for National day dance practice, but because of some brats, we'll have to go for practice tomorrow... Shheeshhh... I realy wish this school smash down into dust... -_-

Back from school...

Yesh, I'm back from school now... just don't really know what to do. Just bathed, slept until Vin called, and then here I am, online. I really don't like people disturbing me when I'm sleeping, now I'm feeling abit... =.=*, but yeah, never mind. Today, wasn't so good during school time, espacially the two childish boys in my class, I really really feel like punching them. The first time in my life I wanna punch someone so badly, Sheeeshhh. If I can't punch them, it's okay, I won't mind, but I'll try to hack their email, or computer if I could do so. I don't mind if nobody's gonna help me, I'll learn myself, and I'll Hack them. Cuz' I know No one would like to do it. Well, I don't wanna fight, I just wanna do something that they won't even know. Alright, don't wanna talk about it that much, I don't wanna be a spoiler of somebody's mood =S. I heard my dad say that I almost got dropped before I was born, and I thought, 'Wow, how lucky am I~' but for now, I'm thinking it as a different way, 'Sheesh, why didn't I just dropped?' No reason, I just... think like that. Maybe one day, I'll know the answer...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

stab stab stab!!

Bushhhh X_x. *died* lalala, I'm alive still, loL! bored till dead. It's 9:20pm, I'm not on msn, I'm so lazy to do anything = =". Playing Maple currently XD join me!!! XD lol! don't be mad, VinVin~ =b. aight, I'm blogging, and I'll try to blog ^^" and then~ here end!!! XD *Stabs me again* X_x good night!!! sweet dreamss!!!! Sleep tight!!! have good day tomorrow~ Manzy~ Burt~ Pamela~ Aby~ Jessica~ Justin~ Irene~ and Miyano~!!! XD sleep well, everyone!!! XD


Hope you're alright, Vin =) *pray*

practice practice.....

Yay~~ I'm here to blog again~ ummm~ sorry for the lack of blog, feel kinda lazy =b Well, ummm... I'm going to tuition on March. Man, I'm so sick of going practice for tha darn National day thingie T_T. Yesh, I got darker = =" and then it's Always So hotttt. I tried to escape the practice on Thursday, first I went to co-operative with Liwen, then she decided to escape the practice. And then waited until they're gone, we came out from the rest room of the co-operative. I took my new art book and try to draw new stuffs, but sadly, I found my sketch is getting lousier than ever, at least I think? ^^". Principal came into co-operaive after awhile, I was shock, but trying to calm. I said I was late, that's why I didn't go for practice, then she asked me why don't I try to chase them up? I answered her that they're gone, and then everytime they keep changing place that I couldn't know where are we suppose to be in. Then she was like, ummm~ then got out from the co-operative. After she's gone, me and Liwen was like, 'Phew~~~~' Man~ it's so scary~ I didn't know that she'd try to look for students everywhere in the school! ^^". My friend, Simon Ting, I call him Ting Simon (lol~ xP), he and his friend went hiking with his friend at some tasik that I forgot where was it = =". One of them got caught and screamed loudly by our disiplin master on the saturday (= ="). Poor him. And owh, the one who get screamed, got slapped by one of my friend. Man, my friend's like so mad at the little brat = =". Then after awhile, stopped, then start again. Like, 'Heyy, people birthday bahhh, he don't want people slap him bahhh (slap for like 2 times), sing happy birthday song bahhh (slap again).' I was there talking to my friend, all the people there look at them (only afew). The brat was always trying to escape from him, but he did not manage to do that = =" still, poor him.

National day practice is Always so hot T_T. No practice tomorrow... finally T_T...