Monday, November 28, 2005

YaY~!! xD

Yayyy~~~ I'm backkkk~ to my blogspot!!! xD and I brought one new thing back! Yesh! New layout! don't worry, this is just for awhile, until Vin finish with the layout ^^". Since nobody can view my site properly, even myself is involving = =". Vin told me about this layout, I mean the charactor or anime of this layout. Ummm, Rain's wolf? @@" Don't really know but he said so ^^".

So here, Yesterday wasn't that bad, and I mean nothing bad at all. And Yes! Thankew Burt and Thankew Greg! for paying the food and IceCream! I love Green Tea! xD (I'll pay you back, Greg!)About the movie, yesh! extremely good. But wait, not really as good as I expected. Hey some parts are missing! where is the part that Ron been scared by the spider during 'mad eyes' ' class? O.o? Hahaha xD And I somehow agree with what Vin said, Domburator (or some other spelling, I don't read English version story = =") I know it somehow pronouse like this in Chinese @@" hahah~ so I make it like this then~ xP anyone please tell me the actual name? ^^". He said that, Domburator get angry too fast in this movie.

So, after movie, Jessica go home first. Then Michelle, Aby. Then Burt belanja DQ xD (Thanks Burt!) I ate Green Tea Flavour~ x3 and yesh I Loveeee Green Tea! xD But Vin don't like it T.T hahaha, spend sometimes with my close friends, so nice =D. Thinking when are we going to go out like this again. So after the DQs, Irene is going back. Oh wait, Manzy and Greg go first, then we waited for Irene go home. Oh yeah, Aby havent go home yet you know? O.o" She was waiting for the car at the main door until we had to go. Then Burt send me home first, and then send Vin home. Thanks alot! =D Thanks Burt! for bringing me from Sengkurong and bring me home again. Take care, and end of entry here =3.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

``Endless Sorrow``

O yeah, I have nothing much to do here. So... Can I write about something with lyric? It's ayumi's song, 'Endless Sorrow' as I already mentioned abit about the song. It's about a country where is not allowed to talk. And once there was a man standing at the strest, checking whether anyone is around. So no, nobody is around. And he started to sing, but unluckily camera caught him, and polices come out and bring him to jail. (At first I was like, huh? can't even talk? wth? O.o") And morning comes, a little boy was walking around the paths. Suddenly feather fall from the sky. And he was surprised and 'Ah' (I think?), then everyone told him to be quiet *shhhh*. Back to home, he showed the feather to his dad, and trying to say something. But his dad don't seemed to talk to him, and ignored him. He made a decision, that's climb to the top of the tower. And he really did it. On the top of the tower, he saw an angel with one wing left. He smiled at it and sit down, started to sing.

Oh my god, I love the MV! Well, I really do! =D. Here the translation of the song goes... and this will bring this entry to an end, hope u guys would like it =D and I'm trying to see where to upload this song =D. Take care everyone! and thanks for reading! x3

Tatoeba hitorikiri de
nani mo mienaku natta toshite
tatoeba sore demo mada
mae ni susumou to suru no nara

koko e kite kono te o

kimi ni moshi tsubasa ga
hitotsu shika nakute mo
boku ni moshi tsubasa ga
hitotsu shika nokotte'nakute mo

tatoeba shinjiru mono
nani hitotsu naku natta toshite
tatoeba soko ni wa tada
zetsubou dake ga nokotta nara

dou ka kono inori o

hane no nai tenshi ga
afurete'ru jidai de

kimi ni moshi tsubasa ga
nokosarete'nakute mo
boku ni moshi tsubasa ga
hitotsu dake nokotte iru kara
ishoni... ishoni...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Thanks so much my best buddies!!

Thanks so much my best buddies!!

Yesh! thanks so much, for this is my birthday. I'm 16, just by today. Hahaha, I'm speechless but to say thank you my friends! Yes. Another new year is coming, and I gained another age again. Well, I had to admit that I'm getting older (so are you guys? xP) First here, I wanna give thanks to god. Yeah, him; because of his blesses on me, I can be here. Second here, I wanna give thanks to my parents; cuz' of them, I can be here. And Lastly here! I wanna give thanks to ALL my BELOVED friends, your support make me worth to survive! =D I LOVE YOU ALL!!! THANKEW!!! =')

(A small lame entry ^^")