Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Once in a while

Really, I guess my blog's loading really slow due to my huge rozen maiden's layout. LoL! I just havent got the time to change it, forgive me! XP

Once again, I'm back, in a really long time. Sorry about that, but I really don't have that much time for blogging and all those stuff. But then I'm sure that I'll be going to the prom thingie and will be sleeping over that night, I guess. Then I shall wake up very early in the morning and prepare for work. I've been changing these days I guess, work is quite more important to me than other things, but ofcourse my friends' are more important, that's why I'm really willing to take leave for the prom and gather with my dearest friends since I have not much idea when I'd be seeing them again. Really sad huh? My friends, they're finishing their O' levels and some of them are going back to their own home towns and maybe not coming back to Brunei anymore. So it might be the last chance for me to see them. Should be appreciate though. =)

I'm trying to get an easi line, not 3G but easi, DSTcom line. But I guess it's hard to find someone who wanna sell it, it's out of stock even in DST at Yayasan Bandar. Once I found someone was selling, but then it was sold when the next time I contacted with him. Well that's fine then, I'm still looking for it. Hopefully I'd be lucky enough to got the line. Then it's be quite easy to contact with me when people wants to contact me cos I'd be holding the phone around, Kekek~ XP

Wondering why am I on here? cos' I'm working morning shift today. From morning 10 to 6:45 in the evening. And today, 14th of November, my younger brother's 13 year old birthday. All the best and wish him a happy birthday =). That's all for now I guess, miss all my friends out there, and then wish you guys all the best in O's. ^^ Ciaoz, sleep tight~ =3