Saturday, October 06, 2007

No more online TT___TT

To my friends who I often chat with when I'm online, I might not come online from tomorrow onwards unless PMB is over. I'm probably moving my computer to my new house in Sengkurong by tonight and I don't think we have internet service there since we haven't got any line there at my new house yet, but hopefully there's wireless connection around so that I could steal the internet from there. XD

And I just knew that my new house in Sengkurong is near to Zhi Hung's house. OmG, so far I know that NightKATz, Thien, Baka Ringu, and Shin-chan are living there also. I have friends there wheeeee!!! XD

Woots, it's only 14 days till PMB examination. From what I see, marks of my graduation exam isn't really as satisfied. Gotta work hard from now on! Rawr! DX

Thursday, October 04, 2007

English Composition~

Aha~ here I am with my English Composition as I already promised some people that I'll be posting it up to my blog once I got my paper. It's 30 out of 40, not very bad. =]

Okie here I go the question, I chose question number 4, which is about 'One day you wake up and you realize you have transformed into your pet. Describe your reaction and how you coped with your new identity throughout the day.'

*** I opened my eyes slowly, the sun was already shining brightly out side the window. I peeped out of it to look at the morning sky. For a moment I found the place that I was in, was a little too large from what I see everyday, so I tried to get up from my bed. I realized that instead of the bed, I was lying on the floor. I looked around and noticed that some one else was lying on the bed, I looked carefully at that some one and noticed it wasn't anyone else but me!

Unbelievable scene In front of my eyes because I just found out I had already transformed into a cat as I tried to take a look at my mirror on the wall of my room. 'But who is it on my bed when I'm already transformed into a cat?' I looked at my self in a cat form and thought curiously.

I have been thinking for the past few moments and I still couldn't believe what was happening now. Then, later on, I thought that crushing the wall might be a good idea of waking me up because this was probably just a dream. But no matter how many times I tried to crush the wall, instead of waking up from my dream, my head was in terrible pain.

So I gave up the thought of crushing the wall to wake me up, and I pushed the window opened with my paws and jumped out to have a moment of 'cat walk'.

I walked to a pond which was not far away from my house and saw that many elders were walking their cats and dogs in the park which was near to the pond. I found a place to sit down and after awhile, I tried to clean up my self like how other cats did.

For a moment I noticed something was looking at me from my right side which kind of made my tremble. I turned around and found a giantic dog was staring at me fiercely. Its mouth was widely opened as if I was about to be its dinner. I started to ran at my fastest speed and the dog was also chasing after me as expected. Thank God, it was fat and its speed was finally reducing after some distance.

I reached home safely without being bitten by the giantic dog, thank Goodness Gracious. As I stepped my paws into the kitchen I found my cat bowl that I normally put the cat food in. Mum looked at me and poured some cat food into my bowl as she complained that I was still sleeping and forgot about to feed my cat. I laughed to my self in my cat form.

For the rest of time of my day I was spending with my cat toys and instead of waking my self up from this unbelievable dream, I tried to wake 'my self' up from the bed. ***

Phew~ finally done typing~ XD Hope you guys enjoy the composition? I apologize for my English is not very good and this story might be boring to most of you as it's quite a typical composition. =]

Monday, October 01, 2007

Little rant...

I don't understand what is wrong with the girl, or maybe it is me the one being wrong. We're used to be really close to each other but she seems to be ignoring me recently, I wonder if I've done anything wrong to her, but no matter what I thought of, it never led me to the solution... No matter when, no matter what, when I tried to talk to her, she either keeps on talking to someone else ( That might because she's talking, so I don't mind much...), or she just act as if there's nobody or there wasn't anyone talking ( That may because of she didn't hear me or she thought I was talking to someone else.). Those in the brackets are what I always think of when every time she 'ignore me'...?

Sorry that I'm just human, the ability of revenge is in me, and it will automatically turns on it's power even though I didn't want it to. I slowly realized that I kind of ignoring you these days, it's just because I couldn't stand the feeling of being ignored over and over and over again... I'm not sure if she would read this but yeah... Just a little rant here, for those who read this, sorry I'm not going to tell who she is and do not simply try to guess who she is, even if you got the right person I won't tell you. So don't have to give any advice or whatever blah blah~

Gaia Dream Avatar~ Angelic Demon~

Testing here~ XD

My dream avatar in Gaia~ O.o

LOL just tektek-ed it out of boredom~ X_x

Nice nice nice nice nice??? XDDD

Wells, the price actually wayyyyyyyyy moreeeeeeeeeeeeee nicer~ Especially only the devil tail it cost you freaking 10,250,000 Gold O.o" and the angelic sash is like 7,594,445 Gold~!!!!! OMG~~~~ *bang wall and dies* I'm saving up gold to buy the lunar scythe which is the thing that the avatar is holding, which will cost me 15k... hmm... And elven ears for 4k plus and enchanted strings~ hmmm... That'd cost me 9 to 10k... .___."""

Sigh~ Just got back home and had nothing much to do, so I went on Gaia to check for it's forums for awhile. I saw people were posting forums about playing tektek, which I haven't been playing for quite awhile so I decided to give it a try. It ended up like this~ At first I was kind of looking for lolita style clothes but at the end I thought of making it a demon and put some angelic stuffs on her~ cool~ XD And ended up an Angelic Demon .___.""

Heard the sound of cat-fighting half way when I'm blogging this, so I went out to check, it was the cat bullying my other cats. And I just hurt my toe pretty 'nicely' due to that I was trying to chase-hit the cat which comes in to the kitchen every night to bully my other cats. And I kind of strain it... Mehh.. Strain my toe... Goddamn nice eh? -____-"" I'm worried about the cats, I wonder are they going be alright after I moved?...

Ah, raining, nice... =]