Saturday, March 31, 2012

Official Rurouni Kenshin Action Movie Promo Trailer 2012~!

Zomg!!! This movie is coming out in August in 2012~!!!

Actually I've heard of this movie coming out this year few months back but I have totally forgotten until I saw someone uploaded it on fb!

I remember watching this anime when I was young but I can't remember what's the story about anymore... damn nooob ahhhh!!! X___x Oh well, I might watch it during my semester break and watch this movie in June!

The main character, Keshin, is casted by Takeru Satou!!! That's the most important part!! heheheh XDD Man I'm so gonna watch this movie when it comes out! Though I'm not very sure if it's gonna out in Malaysia~ o.O Well, let's see!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Picture of my cat, Sandy!

It's been awhile, people. This is Sandy speaking! Do you miss me? Awwwww c'mon, don't be shy, you know you miss me~~ ;p

It's been awhile since I last blogged. I don't really have the inspiration to blog but I just really feel like showing off Sandy's oh-sooooooo-cuuuuuuute picture to the whole wide world now~!!! x33

She had grown slightly fluffier now than she used to be. My my... she used to be damn skinny! Like this!

Okay this is damn skinny laa~ = ='' and she looked so evil back then because of the sunlight that made her pupil small and the fact that she was so skinny made her look like... she wanted to ripe someone off... = ='''

I guess I might upload more of Sandy's picture! This blog is gonna be Sandy's wonderland from now on!! Ngahahahahahahah!! Maybe I should upload some of her stupid/ cute videos too!! x33

Tada everyone~~~ :3