Thursday, June 08, 2006

Be appreciative...

Hii everyone ^-^ glad that I'm here blogging again, at least don't be that lazy huh? xP Anyways, I just got an e-mail, its about appreciating your surroundings, like when you're complaining about something you don't really want (not a part of your choice), a lot of other poor people who can't afford it rather go under the hot sun and write on the sand with a branch. Just like the picture shown below...

And my God, I almost burst out crying, they're so pitiful, living such a life like that but they still appreciate it, eventhough they're eating soil, mud, grasses... They ask for nothing from others, but works hard for themselves, with their weak bodies. They're being so appreciative of everything, why can't we? Appreciate our friends, give them warmth whenever they're cold; give them hope whenever they need it, it'd really help even only a small piece of hope. Sometimes I wonder, is it so difficult for people to show their love? Is it so difficult to care just a little for somebody? Well its true that people are born with a selfish nature...but somehow, your conscience should tell you right from wrong, right? You know how to feel guilt, even if its just a bit. So why not we try to open our hearts and love others, without expecting any in return, just like God does, even if its hard.

I heard this story from my friend; it's about a rich person, whoes afraid of nothing, but his life is full of unhappiness, cuz he thinks that he got nothing with him eventhough he's so rich. Then one day, he met a ghost, their conversation starts:
Guy: ...
Spirit: I'm a ghost.
Guy: I know.
Spirit: Aren't you afraid of me?
Guy: why should I be afraid since I already know that you're a ghost?
Spirit: ...
Guy: Aren't you suppose to be in hell?
Spirit: Do you really believe in those thing?
Guy: I have no idea.
Spirit: Actually we're living in the same world, but the thing is just that, love does not exist in our world, it's an empty world.
Guy: Can I go with you and have a look?
Spirit: Sure, but you you can't take anything with you.
Guy: Bring me along, I have nothing with me anyways.

Right after that, the spirit brought the guy along with it, without anything with him. The world is empty, theres nothing there, not even a little beam of love. That world is quiet, very quiet, even if a street was crowded, you won't even hear anything. The guy began to feel empty, he wanted to run away from that place. But the spirit doesn't seem to want to let him go, it locked the guy with chains, and still carrying him along with itself. The guy's vision began to became blur, and sooner he fainted. After a while, something struck him, and he was so shocked that he woke up. he found himself in his room, asking himself whether it was a dream. then he felt that the place was really empty, a place without anything. Then he walked towards the mirror, and was shocked to see himself wit the perfect looks, and the perfect build. He thought to himself, why didn't i realize this before? Then he realized, that he was spirited away into another world, so that he would then realize that he actually had something others didn't have. He didn't appreciate anything, and now he realized, that he actually has more than he could imagine.

Imagine you were the guy, will you only realize that you've had something all along when you actually lose it? Well, I guess it's time to end this entry, it's late now, I shall go to bed. I feel kinda tired, got maths extra class tomorrow morning, and then dancing practice after that. Anyways, I hope this entry wouldn't hurt anyone... =)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here again~

Here I am again, blogging, I'm now in computer lab at school, not having computer lesson but free period. No teacher's around, or maybe I just don't know who's the teacher~ *hehe* currently playing flash games(nothing else to play anyways~ =b) gonna have some papers back again, I hope I did score a good result, yes, hopefully =b. Maths should be quite okay, but I don't think my geography paper would be that lucky, lol~ =b. School computers are darnnnn slow, they're also sometimes show that page can't be found, then I'll be like, ermmm, I've been waiting this page for so long and then you tell me you can't find the page = ="~~ and i guess two periods had finished (I just noticed that @@") Well I have to go!!! take care everyone @@"" *rush million meters to classroom*