Sunday, October 27, 2013

BTC 3rd class

It's today, again! I'm sitting in the train while posting this. I have like few stops to write so it won't be long~ :)

I'm just feeling awful that I haven't done much since the second class from 2 weeks ago. Right here, right now, I'm going to list the things that I was supposed to do but haven't yet done anything. There's reasons for that, I shall give myself a review of what to do every now and then, and find a way to be more productive.

Things that I'm supposed to do in the past 2 weeks:
Demo x10(done 7 by showing videos)
Print photos for my dream board
Write a letter 
Listen to CD 

Yes, these are the things that I'm supposed to do. Now that I have written it down here I cannot anymore find any excuses to brush it away. 

I'm Arriving the station so till then!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Letter

I have been told to write a letter to someone whom I think I should give all the credits to, in fact, ALL of us from the BTC class were told to write a letter to that very person whom you think you really wanna give thanks to. Tell him or her what you're really appreciated for, your apologies, and what is your future planning and what is it that you're going to do next.

I have been thinking of writing to my parents, to the lecturer in my college whom I once really hated but I have come to like him this semester, but I really couldn't think of anything to write about. Well, it's not that I have nothing to appreciate about my parents or the lecturers in my college. In fact, if I were to write one letter for one of them I would have to write for everyone of them, LOL! Anyways, there's this person who I have been thinking. And yes, I think she would be the perfect target for me to jot down my thoughts, my appreciations, my apologies, and my future planning and targets.

This is getting me really excited, except that I'm really tired at the point of this time. I'm still ill and it's 3:41am, I should really sleep before my immune system go down again, although it's really unlikely but yeah.

I'm really proud of myself this week, I have been ill this whole week but I have seen a few improvements in myself, although I do admit I need to be more productive. It's ok... slow but steady, I shall first stand strong on my basics, so I could build this building higher! :)

Ah ya ya my eyes are shutting down, I hafta go to slee....p... l..ike...

Tadaaaaa~ ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


從「打噴涕」到「癌症」的九 個發展步驟:


1, 打噴嚏:

2, 咳嗽:

3, 乏力沒有食慾:

4, 發燒:

這表示病原菌進入了血液系統,身體就啟動免疫力,表現為發燒,要將病原菌燒死,當溫度升高到38 .5度時,免疫力會增加一倍,溫度升到40度,大部份病毒將被燒死,此時只要喝足夠的水,人體永遠不會燒出問題。如果此時打退燒針吃退燒藥,卻反而幫了病毒的忙。於是身體進入第五個階段。

5, 過敏:


6, 發炎:


7, 潰瘍:


8, 纖維化:


9, 腫瘤化:

細胞為了適應新的環境,只有突變,於是累積成腫瘤。腫瘤細胞是在嚴重缺水、缺氧、缺營養的情況下才會形成。從一個腫瘤細胞發展到綠豆大小需要10 -15年,而從綠豆大小發展成雞蛋大小只需要1年,因此癌症的潛伏期最少需要10-15年的時間。

從「打噴涕」到「癌症」的九 個發展步驟各位朋友看完本文以後不要再隨便去打針吃藥了!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Need to carry on

Haven't been really productive lately for I -don't-know-what reason~ :( I wanna keep moving forward and it seems easy to move on to the next step but I have no idea what is stopping me.

I have opened an online store, mostly base on phone and computer accessories, small things~ guess I have been quite busy this few days because of that store, looking up and down for a product that I think the audience would like. After all, I just wanna earn a little pocket money from those little things I'm selling, and I hope I will.

Inspiration? Nothing, just really desperate in getting some money because I know I can't forever depend on my parents, I need something to support myself and now that I'm thinking, making music isn't really my kinda thing to do. Although I have always liked to strum on my guitar and always liked singing, I seem to find it kinda pressuring me nowadays.

I once heard this say, "興趣不能飯吃;因為當你把興趣拿來當飯吃的時候,它就不再是興趣,反而成為了你的壓力。” (You can't make money with your hobby; because when you do, it will become a pressure instead of hobby.) I guess it pretty much make a lot of senses, well, for most people, tell me I'm wrong.

Nope, I'm not going to let go of my hobby, but I'm sure right now, that I won't make it a "job", I would do it when I want to, and I won't do it when I don't feel like it. Sounds pretty fair, isn't it? Isn't it what "hobby" is supposed to be? And I'm going to make sure in the future, I have plenty of time for my hobby! ;) Well, for that I have to make tons and tons of money, and I will. With Amway being with me, I'm sure I will be able to do that.

Nope, I'm not crazy. I'm saying this because I, personally believe Amway is freaking worth it. I'm not gonna talk much about it, if you are reading this, and you're wondering, just go find out by yourself, ask anyone whose an Amway user, they're loyal for a reason, because Amway is loyal to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e of us, that's why. Go find out yourself. Or if you're curious, I will be updating a lot more about Amway in the future, too. For my future reference when I look back! ;)

One thing I'm sure is that, I will not leave, or even give up of Amway, this great partner of my life. A company which is willing to share it's share with you, and you getting a factory price, at the same time, you could get back your own money each time you purchase and item, if that's not good enough, then I don't know what is.

Not only that, when you decided you don't wanna work, or you can't work anymore, you can pass your position to your spouse, or even your next generation, let them continue your glorious achievements, instead of starting all the waaaay back from 0%. If that's not good enough, I don't know what is.

I love Amway all because of their simple philosophy: Freedom, Reward, Family, and Hope. It's the Founders' beliefs.

Well I hate to discontinue this but I guess it's really time for me to go to bed, I have to go to BTC tomorrow in the morning! damn! I won't have enough sleep then.

So in the end, I'm here to remind myself that I have to keep moving on. Stop for awhile to take some rest is good sometimes, but I can't take this break any longer. Like the arrow story that I have always told myself. If an archer is going to shoot an arrow, it had to take time. I will be patient, and I will keep moving!

It's good to take it out, really. I don't even know who would be reading this but I can't really be bothered right now. I'm just typing whatever I wanna, and it's for ME, myself. Although, shoot me if you have any doubts or opinion! ;)


Sunday, October 06, 2013




     如上图:丁伟(左),内蒙古包头市巨凯集团董事长,资产53亿,现如今和夫人兼职从事安利事业,今年即将参加营销精英海外研讨会。 韩宗佑(右),世界伍佰强职业培训师,只要在华南落户的伍佰强企业基本上全部接受过他的培训,多家上市公司的企业顾问…2012~13财年新晋安利中国营销总监。恭贺韩宗佑老师   

  张彩虹,陕西省西安宝天集团总经理,资产35亿,创利税8000万,先生是集团董事长,夫妻俩因为身体健康亮起红灯而接触纽崔莱,进而了解安利事业,今 天会场聆听张总分享,感慨万千!人这辈子,努力很重要,选择更重要!勤奋的双脚要踏在正确的道路上!一次正确的抉择胜过千百次的努力!

著名女作家沈思源 著有《我的太阳之子》等,也是媒体公众人物。以下摘自她的微博:

      有朋友对我走进安利不太理解,并給予我诚挚的忠告!我无比的感恩!因为他们担心我作为一个公众人物也许会因此催生他人对我的误会。如果诚实地道来,其 实我曾经对安利也有很多误解。觉得世界上有那么多事情可以做,为什么偏要去选择安利!但是因为我尊重差异的存在,我依然与几个安利人成了朋友。直到有一 天,我真正地走近他们,我发现他们身上那些闪亮的品质,彰显出人性的光芒!他们乐观、积极、友好、向上,并且乐于帮助他人。我看到一些原本因为贫穷而没能 接受教育的农民通过安利,竟然成为了一名营养学的专家。原本忙于传统事业而失去了健康的人们,因为安利而重新生机勃勃。原本那些平庸的人们因为安利而焕发 出生命的光彩……我感到好奇!于是我决定更深地走进他们。                                                                                                                                    

      当我了解越多,越被他们感动和震撼。我也深深意识到,人性的高贵不是因为你从事了什么职业,而是你生命的火花是否真的被点亮,你内在的灵性是否被真正 的唤醒!正如佛好,但并不是所有的信佛人都好!这不是佛的问题,而是人的问题。是 人自身有没有真正觉悟的问题!                                                                                                                                                              

      所以请朋友们放心,相信我是以一颗坦诚和觉知的心在从事每一件事情,无论我写书,做公司,还是在大家看来,我是如此不可思议地进入安利,我都问心无 愧。我只想告诉大家:无论我从事任何职业,我都在做同一件事,走进人的灵魂,帮助人们获得心灵的健康和身体的健康。就像我先生创立了PM人体自然恢复,我 之所以全力以赴地支持和付出,也是由于这个原因。我始终坚持一点,如果觉得这件事是对更多人有益的,那么就去做,有一天,人们终究会理解!再次真诚地感 恩!   ---摘自著名女作家沈思源微博



     如上图:照片最左边就是陕西汉中身高只有一米一的金坤老师, 三年前被朋友邀约参加纽崔莱健康跑活动走进安利环境,并且从此每会必到、紧紧跟随老师、跟随会议!  今天已经是安利公司的高级主任,并在一次外出跟随老师学习的时候认识自己的另一半,老婆传统行业非常优秀,身高近一米七,就是照片上金坤旁边穿白色裙子 的大美女!他老婆说为什么会选择坤哥?因为他虽然只有一米一的身高,但是他身上的坦诚以及心中内在的梦想的力量比很多一米八的男人还要强大很多很多!人因 梦想而伟大,绝对因选择而成功!相信永远比不相信多一次机会!


      如上图:轮椅上的臧琦    (安利的奇迹) 2004 年,她成为安利中国高级营销经理(钻石)级,买下了自己的房子和车子,带领着一群手脚健全的人们,学习如何运用命运的翅膀,创造奇迹。今年四十岁的臧琦, 因为使用安利的雅姿和纽崔莱营养补充,加上她使用的营养早餐和净食方法,如今,皮肤非常好,身体也很健康,并找到了非常爱她的先生。过着非常幸福而骄傲的 生活。 藏琦,让我们真真实实地知道,只要有梦想,有信念,就一定可以实现。没有任何借口。




   如上图示:这是一位70多岁的阿姨, 透过安利事业做到了营销经销,年收入过40万。有80岁的常青树,也有20岁的朽木。










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