Sunday, February 24, 2008


OMG!!! Guess what? I'm blogging again!!! Yesh, I am. LOL! Currently sitting at Wywy restaurant nearby my house, there's wireless connection so yeah, use it sometimes when I'm really going to die out of boredom. Wells, been hiatus for like... 3 to 4 months eh? = =" Guess this blog is somehow gonna die soon if I still leave it like this... Might be blogging when I'm free and online, but not all the time though~ 'malas...' .__.""

Oh wells, guess what? I'm now taking my driving lessons, ever since... December, ...last year...? = =" With no doubt, I kept failing my law test, yes, I FRIGGING FAIL MY LAW TEST FOR 3 TIMES ALTOGETHER NOW!!!! X___X lols, yeah, funny... = =" I took English ones for my law test, but it was kinda tricky (should say it's broken...), that the choices of the questions are most likely the same... (it's all multiple choice for law test.). Yes, gay... = =" (Or should say me luck was really bad...? = ="") One of my friend took the same question as I, and then he passed for the first time, and some more I kinda helped him... But I failed!!! O.o" wth~???? And I'm here for the forth ones~! Rawrrr~~~!! Oh well, wish me good luck, really...

Oh Gay~! Not to forget something really really important~ (not really lol... XDD) Our (My) Grandpa just celebrated his 91 year old birthday on 19th February, 2008!!! XDDD Let's greet him a belated birthday after so long... XDDDD

You know... a REALLY nice cake, REALLY!!! XDD Evon paid for it, Aik gave the idea, and I bought it~ XD Look, how lovely! big foot standing under the coconut tree with the lovely umbrella~! Oh, and two pink balloon (one was taken away by Julian~), how lovely~ hmmm~ XD





Lol, and he blew the candle without making any wish~ how disappointing~ haiisss~~~~ this Kiat arh~

We celebrated this gay's birthday at escapade that afternoon around 1:30 (He just woke up... = =") Then we let the birthday boy decide the main menu for that day's lunch. Sushi Party Set B, which cost 50 bucks each, that wasn't expensive. And then out of no where there's this waiter asked us that whether we would like to order their special offer for the day, sashimi, not sure how much, Aik said just give a try and Kiat was like 'whatever lar~', so we ordered the sashimi, two of it, it was quite nice though. After our sashimi and one set of sushi, and we began with the cake ceremony. XD Stewpiak Kiat sliced cake like as if he was cutting the wood... Sorry no presentation because the video is with our Mr. Andy Lian~ XD

After everything, we took a look at our receipt and tried to count how much should each of us pay for the lunch, but guess what? It was 92 dollars altogether!!! O.O All of us like, wtf did the waiter do? So, Andy called the waiter to ask about the price, one of the waiter/waitress there told us, each sashimi cost 21 dollars, and so it was 92 dollars with the sushi set. Oh wells, we all ate it, so what to do? (Aik should have asked it's price... stewpiak Aik... = =") However, Kiat never managed to pay no matter how he stuffed his money to Andy. XD After that, he kept saying that he wanted to find out who was the guy who made us ordered the frigging sashimi... But oh wells, it was over anyways~ XD Sabarrr larrr Kiat~~~ XDDD

Later on, we went to the mall, and spent two hours at the pool area, I was sitting there like a doll while they were playing pool, quite fun watching them playing like fools though~ XD Julian stroked every and each ball into the hole in one of many rounds, rare and funny part it was. XD Went to arcade after the pool. Nothing much after that, other than I played KOF like crazy with Andy and Julian~ XD but I lose at the end... = =" Gay! Oh and Kiat went home arond 5~ (so damn early~ TT___TT), said that he was gonna help out at home or something so yeah. Sent him off and I went home around 6. Oh gay, played the mario racing thingie~ XDD

Oh wells, guess this should be the end of this blog entry eh? Bare me, I know my English standard really went down pretty much after so long hardly practice my English language. And Oh, Last but not least, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO NOOBKIA! XDD Oh, I made some nicknames for him~ LOL XD and owh~ this grandpa is actually 19 year old this year~ hehehehh XPPP all the best for your year 19! x3

Ciao~ =3