Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bear paw paw~

Went to eat Bear Paw with Yee Meng, Novie, my egi and our lovely guest, Jesher, at Setapak near Genting Klang after all the activities in the college yesterday. I thought it would be something like a Malaysian traditional food or creation or something, but ended up it's actually some street food from Taiwan! Interesting enough, they were showing the food channel where they have recorded the Bear Paw interviews, so they were showing all the ideas and inspiration they got, and also the price of that cutie Bear Paw. Apparently it's freaking popular among the girls because of it's cute biggie paw on top of the bread! XD

This is the traditional style~! bread and the pork...!! *droooooools*

I used to eat this when we're eating together with my father's family in a Chinese restaurant in Taiwan where they serve a lot of  traditional food! They're just freaking yummmyyyyy!! And yesterday's Bear Paw reminded me of this! *drooooools again~~~~~*

Tadaaaaa!! This is the Bear Paw photo taken by Novie!! Too bad my camera was with Teng, or else I would have already taken a looooot of photos of this cutie paw!! XD

It cost me RM$9.9, kinda costy thought~ :( And from what I saw from the food channel which they were playing in the shop, the Bear Paw is only TWD$50!!! Which is less than RM$5 to be exact!! Omg I'm missing out so much of Taiwan's food!! I definitely won't be able to forgive myself if I don't get anything for myself to eat again this time I go back to Taiwan! XD

This is all of us together!! Novie from the far left, Yee Meng, me, Egi, and Jesher! :D

And after that we went to Festival City Mall to get ourselves some snacks and juice for tonight's Moon Cake Party with Andy, Noell, Yee Meng, Novie, Jesher, Egi and I~!! Too bad there weren't any photo taken because MY CAMERA WAS WITH TENG! Dammit! -.-

Alrighty righty~ This is all for today! I will be updating again soon~

Ja mataaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, August 21, 2013








Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random mood~

I haven't really been eating at Alibaba, a cafe/ restaurant/ mamak right outside of the car park in our Heritage condominium.. 

I feel like I have to blog but I have no idea about what.. I have been thinking of a lot of things these days but when I finally sit down properly and decide I wanna blog about something, My brain would suddenly go blank and have no idea about what to say, random things would just come popping around in my brain and I just couldn't put them in proper phrases. I guess I should just start jotting things down when they come running around in my mind~ for now I'll just let it settle~ 

Lunch, here I come!

Yes~ my lunch is at 4pm today because I woke up daaaaaaaaamn late today and yeah~ Nasi Goreng Ayam and Teh O Ice Limau!! As simple as that~ nanana~~


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random coke~

I don't usually drink coke, and no, this is not mine but I saw the cute butterflies flying around on the cover I just feel like taking a picture of it. Sadly, my phone's camera has lost its focus function, so everything close up looks so damn blur and the background is just... Clear, or at least it looks ok~ meh~ >.<

Well, I've been thinking for awhile now, I wanna save money and get myself an iPhone 5, or maybe Galaxy S4, but well I guess I shall wait for the new iPhone to be released so I could compare before I jump to any conclusion of getting myself anything unnecessarily... Maybe I'll just wait till my phone die for real, then I'll get myself a new iPhone... First of all, I have to save enough money for that xD But I really really do look forward to the iOS 7!! It's really much, much better than the old one I'm using now~ lalalalala~

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Review on Night Essence of EDN (Envie De Neuf)

Before I come back to KL, my mom gave me this night essence which she said would sooth the pimple at night, which I never thought I would use since I hardly has pimple problem. But this day has come! For I don't know why!!! O.O Pimples are evil... veeeeeeeery evil!! Because whenever I have them, they're just freaking PAINFUL! Zzzzzz~ Alrighty, I'm not gonna talk more and I'm just gonna upload pictures and tadaaaa~ XD

As you can see, the pimple was daaaaaaaaamn huge on the first day!! It was originally really small, I didn't think it was a big deal and thought it will go away in one night, but god knows how the hell it become bigger and bigger and it hurts whenever I touch it with my itchy hand! Well, slowly it became better as time goes by. Of course, by applying that essence.

This is not bad, I guess? As I'm sure nothing is "SUPER" or "GOD LIKE" medicine, so time is surely needed for things to get better. I have a normal skin, so I'm not sure if it suits whoever have a sensitive skin, I would suggest you to consult your skin doctor before trying on the product. :)

Good day!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Step by step simple eye shadow tutorial~

Well, I'm posting this, is not because I'm so good at doing it that I wanna post things on my own, it's only because I really suck at it so I'm posting a picture of step by step of how to draw your simple eye shadow... I'm so bad at it I would just pat one or two colours and that's it... LOL anyways I really suck at matching the colours and things!! XD I wish I could do better... maybe I just need more... practice? o.O



原文網址: 眼影怎麼畫?

Items received!

Weeks ago I bought 2 facial brushes from Taobao out of curiosity, since many say that it's nice and kinda effective (although it will take time), and most importantly, they're having promotion so I could get them in cheap price! :D Sooooo~ I decided to give them a try, and also together with some other stuff, and taadaaaa~ I've just received my stuff today!!! weeee~~ (was supposed to received it by yesterday but the stupid Malaysia postman didn't come... zzz So they come again today and yay I got them! :D)

These are what I got~ 

Shopping Trolly (RM$24)
A Trolly?? Yes... for my Boyfie's freaking huge multi-effect, and surprisingly the trolly is even big enough for this huge thingy!! o.O

Laptop Fan (RM$10)
Got myself a laptop fan because my Mac get hot easily and I don't like it when it's hot, I feel like it could blow up anytime, literally. -.-

And tadaaaaaa~ here it is, the facial brushes that I bought, they're so small and cute and damn soft when you rub them on the face!! The first brush is wider in radius, it's for large areas like cheeks and forehead and neck, wherever you wanna! :P And the second one, yes it looks small and it IS small, it's for area like nose, because, well, it's really small and your nose is small too~ XD anyways they're not pricy, in fact, they're really cheap, as I mentioned the shops were having mid year sales!! :D Lucky! ;)

Facial Brush, big
(RM$12, when I check from other place it'd be selling at the price of RM$80+ X_x)

Facial Brush, nose area. (RM$12)

I'm just really excited so I really wanna share this :P anyways you're welcome to drop a comment or question, I will be updating with the effects of the brushes then! :)