Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random coke~

I don't usually drink coke, and no, this is not mine but I saw the cute butterflies flying around on the cover I just feel like taking a picture of it. Sadly, my phone's camera has lost its focus function, so everything close up looks so damn blur and the background is just... Clear, or at least it looks ok~ meh~ >.<

Well, I've been thinking for awhile now, I wanna save money and get myself an iPhone 5, or maybe Galaxy S4, but well I guess I shall wait for the new iPhone to be released so I could compare before I jump to any conclusion of getting myself anything unnecessarily... Maybe I'll just wait till my phone die for real, then I'll get myself a new iPhone... First of all, I have to save enough money for that xD But I really really do look forward to the iOS 7!! It's really much, much better than the old one I'm using now~ lalalalala~

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