Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Something amazing o.O

Guess what? I'm blogging!!! Well, it's not something to be surprised about, not like I haven't been blogging for centuries. But the thing is, I'm doing home work/project! Well, it's not the normal project that I would do... this time I'm doing... MALAY PROJECT!!! Yes, for those who know me well enough, I barely even 'touch' bahasa melayu stuff~ o.O But now I'm doing it!!! What a scene... I must screen shoot it! xD

I know there're LOTSA mistakes!! Just laugh it out loud!!! XD

Yea, we have to look for some media permata thingie~ then make questions out of it...

Yes! This is so super rare that I, would do such thing! xD But yea, in order to not fail my first half year, I should do something to the mark, though I know it's kind of too late for it. = = but yea, I'LL WORK IT OUT! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~!

Monday, June 01, 2009

YUI -「again」~Live Recording Version~ Music Video

New single release from Yui for the first time after her return from hiatus. Features intro theme to the anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist.” Limited edition includes bonus DVD featuring music video for “again.”

Well, I thnk it's kinda lagging but I can't find this video in Youtube since most of it says it's been deleted due to Copyright properties. And I feel like as if I've fallen in love with her AGAIN when I hear her singing~!!!Photobucket

(YUI – again Single Regular Edition)

(YUI – again Single Limited Edition)

And here's the MTV edition of 'again'

Enjoy~ =D

Here's the lyrics of both Kanji and translated version of the song~! =D

夢の続き 追いかけていたはずなのに
曲がりくねった 細い道 人に躓く
I thought i was running after something carried over from my dreams,
Yet i'm stumbling into people on this narrow, winding road.

あの頃にみたいにって 戻りたいわけじゃないの なくしてきた空を
分かってくれます様に 犠牲になった様な 悲しい顔は
It's not like i want to go back to the way things were back then,
I'm just searching for the sky i've lost.
I hope you understand.
Stop making that sad face as though you were a victim.

罪の最後は涙じゃないよ ずっと苦しく背負ってくんだ
白いノートに綴った様に もっと素直に吐き出したいよ
Sins don't end with tears,
You have to carry the pain forever.
who am i waiting for, in this maze of emotions
with no way out in sight?
I want to purge myself more simply,
As if writing in a blank notebook
What is it I want to escape from?
... is it reality?

忘れちゃいそうな 夜の真ん中
まだ人生長いでしょ 懐かしくなる
"What am i living for?"
In the middle of the night, I could almost forget.
I can't put up with playing it safe.
... I've got nowhere to go home to.
There's still so much in life to remove this feeling.
(I'm on the way)
I even welcome this pain
for the things i miss

謝らなくちゃいけないよね ああ ごめんね
うまく言えなくて 心配かけたままだったね
I have to apologize for this. Ah, I'm sorry.
I can't say it well. I'm just causing worry.

あの日抱えた全部 明日抱える全部
分かってくれます様に そっと目を閉じたんだ
Everything that I embraced that day. Everything that I will embrace tomorrow
I will not arrange them in any order.
I hope you understand. I closed my eyes
but I could still see things I do not want to see.

いらない噂にちょっと 初めて聞く発言どっち
深いハートが苛立つ様に 体ん中燃えているんだ
Unnecessary rumors that I hear for the first time, so what?
"Face it and you will be friends"
Don't tell lies like these.
My heart being agitated from deep inside,
a burning sensation runs through my body.
Actually I'm expecting something
from this thing called "reality".

叫びたくなるよ 聞こえていますか
だから強くなりたい 進む為に
It makes me want to scream that we're alive
For things to come true. Can you hear me?
I can't put up with playing it safe.
... I've got nowhere to go home to.
I'm always grateful for kindness
That's why i want to grow stronger,
(I'm on the way) march on.
I welcome friends and foes.

どうやって次のドア開けるんだっけ 考えてる
目を覚ませ 目を覚ませ
How do I open the next door? I'm thinking.
I can't take back this story that has begun.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.

I still have too long a life ahead
to get rid of these feelings, right?
I want to try doing over
the things I've left undone
Shall we go AGAIN?

叫びたくなるよ 聞こえていますか
だから強くなりたい 懐かしくなる
It makes me want to scream that we're alive
For things to come true. Can you hear me?
I can't put up with playing it safe.
... I've got nowhere to go home to.
I'm always grateful for kindness
That's why I want to grow stronger,
(I'm on the way)
I even welcome this pain
for the things i miss

Sooooooooooo very much looking forward to it~! x3

again RE+LE (2009.06.03)
--> 1st Opening Theme, "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" anime

Yes! It's finally 1st of June and YUI-san's new Single is coming up in 2 days time!! I can't wait for it~!!! (like as if I can buy her single.. = ='') Well, for now, I only have 3 editions of her "I Loved Yesterday" album o.O I bought one of them and darling gave me one of them, the other one was given by Fun. =D A coincident indeed. xD I was still very NYAPPY to see YUI-san's albums!!!Photobucket

Any way, I know I'm kind of slow now since everybody outside already got the information about her latest single.

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Staff Diary (2009.05.27)
Translations by Kippei

One week until release!!

Good evening everyone!
How's everyone getting along?

At last,
after almost 1 year,
next week, will be the releasing
of the single 『again』 ~!


Today, the official sample of 『again』
is completed!

This is how it will be up for sale at the shop!
Such will be the packaging for the singles.

The 1st pressing of the Normal Edition with original Fullmetal Alchemist sticker enclosed inside!

そしてこちらは、Music Videoと、
“Plya You”サイトで流れていた高校生との
And then, the Limited Edition pressing
that comes with Music Video and
High School Student Collaboration Movie that was streaming in "Play You" site.
Everyone, please tell us your impression/thoughts next week!

When thinking about this coming week,
somehow, we are feeling excited...
By all means, please take care of us again.
Till then,

New YUI-net Mobile Wallpapers for June 2009

Yes! This is regarding the prizes in store that was mentioned in the Top of the YUI-net site and in the latest Staff Diary.

YUI-net will be accepting "again" stories - stories based on this lines: 「もう一度、やってみよう!」 or 「もう一度、挑戦してみよう!」, which roughly translates to "We have to continue again!" or "We have to defy again!" (not so sure with this.

More details on Teo-san's blog:
In order to win, one must get a copy of again CD. There will be a special post card thing inserted in the CD. This is the form for joining. Fill out the form and write down your again story. Something that you have decided to try it out or do it again, and send it back to SONY.

Prizes at stakes are:
50 Rolling star-like again White Wristband - remember this was similar to the one used by YUI during the Rolling star promotion and was even on her guitar during one of her Ms performance. :D

150 Personally signed Guitar Picks - I like this! I want one! :D It even has again pictures!

and it will be "aired" in the new YUI Radio. Isn't that sweet? :D


and even new YUI MOVIE Show! Still regarding these "presents"...Weeeeee
Information above was copied from YUI Stalker. Cos I'm kinda lazy to redo a post since there's already a sorted ones~ xDD