Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sony Music Anime Festival

Just so you know, YUI performed at the Sony Music Anime Festival in Tokyo last night in Japan. I don't have any video or media from the performance…yet…but I can tell you that she performed in the 'Bleach' section of the Festival, and that there were quite a many big name bands and Bleach seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) there, including Home Made Kazoku, High and Mighty Color, Younha, Uverworld, and of course, YUI! And Gin's seiyuu was there! See, I was there in spirit. x3 (Hitsugaya and Ichigo's seiyuu were there also, but who cares about them… XP ) Anyway, there will be another 'night' of this Anime Festival in Osaka in June, so YUI will be performing there as well.