Sunday, November 21, 2010

Don't DRINK TOO much!

Two glass of water - After waking up - Helps activate internal organs
One glasses of water - 30 minutes before meal - Help digestion
One glass of water - Before taking a bath - Helps lower blood pressure
One glass of water - Before sleep - To avoid stroke or heart attack

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I bought a wig! LOL!

LOL yesh! Just as the title above! I bought a wig! For $35 dollars. Lol~ Unnecessary indeed. But I kinda calculated, if I were to grow my hair long, and if I want to have a natural curl, that would take up to $100+ exclusive the amount of cash I need to pay for trimming my hair. Okay then, I shall show to you readers my WIG! XD


Oops, doesn't look like my head? BUT IT'S CUTE RIGHT? HAHAHAH!
was feeling bored this afternoon so kinda played with my wig on my... bear piggy bank~ XD

Okay this time is for real!

What what? It's really my wig! but... Gaga Lady style? HAHAHA!
Well, just for fun~ XD it's the fringe of the wig, weird indeed =OO

Okay la let's get serious this time~ XD

Yay~ thank you very much!
and of course, the picture was edited! Lightings only.. blabla~

Ngaha~ that's for all the randomness~ Gonna off to studeh! XD


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

倪安東 - Sorry That I Loved You (HQ官方版MV)

A nice song to share with the viewers of this blog out there. Enjoy! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010







来週の日曜日 きっと 行きますね~(笑)








Friday, November 12, 2010











。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。たぶん ね~~~~



Monday, November 08, 2010

Ohhhh noooooooooooooooooooooo~!

大変!今週の木曜日 試験がありますが、まだ勉強しませんです~!






Die die dieeeee~! Exam will be on this Thursday and I haven't studied a bit! D: I tried not to play my computer so much but in the end I would play my guitar instead! hahahah~! XDDD Brrrrrr~ Imma gonna study this time! -.- looks like there's a loooooooot more to study! hahahah!! *dies*

Saturday, October 30, 2010

i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant~! DDDD:

Oh noooooooooooooes! YUI-net has published new goods that will be on sale starting on November 2~3. I want the parka and the towel so badly!!!!! DDDD:


“Budokan Room Key” Key Holders


White Frisbee

Credit: YUI News
Source: YUI-net
Go to the forum for more details!

Friday, October 22, 2010


ZOMG I have to go to class soon and I'm so freaking lazeh!



I've finally learn to play YUI's Sea! And I've done some lyrics in Japanese, gotta have to rearrange it and double check the grammar as well. Woooo~ will ask my Japanese teacher for help for sure! Meheheheh~! Hopefully I can really make a song out of it! XD

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesh~ just feel like being an otaku for awhile...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally! YUI's Rain, best quality available online!

Yesh! YUI's Rain, best quality is FINALLY available online! Enjoy! :DDD
and of course, Lyrics too! X3

Kanji Version:













Romaji Version

Machiawase no yoru
Kagami no jibun ni

Shiroi KOOTO
saenai kao
Hontou wa kitaishiteru
TAKUSHII ga tsukamaranai mama
Kokudo zoi wo isoida

Kasa ga nai nante yoku aru koto
Zubunure ni natte aruita Xmas
Kitto aare no sei nimo dekinai janai ?

Jibunkatte ni egaita SUTOORII
Honno sukoshi no shiawase dake de ii no
Anata wa konai

Tokei wo kinisuru
hito wa nigate yo
Ushinai tsuzuketa
kioku ga yogiru

kako wa nakusenai
Itsumademo nagekanaide
Tokubetsu janai wa
nando kurikaeshitemo
Onaji basho de
mayou kara

Uso wa nai satte uso wa yamete
Shinsou nante wakaranai EPISOODO
Kizutsuku koto nimo nareteiru
Mujun datte zenbu uketometa
Subete wo kowasu yuuki nante nakatta
Anata wa konai

SHOU UINDOO naranda mirai ni yumemiteita
ano koro no youni
bonyari to utsutta KYANDORU ni akogareta
sayonara dane

Kono ame ga itsuka konayuki ni natte
Kanashimi wo sotto tsutsumikomu toki
Atarashii kibou ni deau no

Otona tte chotto
samishigari dakara
naitatte iin da


Translation Version (Not 100% correct but they had done their best! A BIG Thanks to them!!! :DDD)

On the night we arranged to meet
The realization dawned on me
Questioning my reflection in the mirror

With a white coat on
And a glum expression
I had in fact been in high anticipation
Hurrying along the highway without being able to get a taxi

Not having an umbrella is a common thing
Walking along soaking wet on x'mas
Surely the blame cannot be put on someone else?

A story which I created by myself
Even a teeny bit of happiness would have been fine for me
You won't be coming
That I know
Silent night

Checking the time repeatedly
I'm terrible at people relations
That lost memory flashed across my mind

No matter what I do
I can't get rid of the past
Don't keep sighing

It's nothing special
Because no matter how many times I try again
I get lost at the same place

Quit lying that there are no lies
That incident in which the truth was not known
I've gotten used to being hurt
Even if it's a contradiction I accepted it all
I just didn't have the courage to destroy everything
You won't be coming
A lonesome silent night

I dreamt of that promising future displayed in the show window
Just like back then
Adoring the vague reflection of the candles
So this is goodbye

When someday this rain turns into snow
And slowly consumes this sadness
I'll be greeted by new hope

I have always enjoyed the holy night
Adults tend to be a little lonely
So it's okay to cry
A new beginning, silent night

Original Source :

おかえり(Instrumental Version)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Road Construction

Road Construction
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman
Friday, September 10 2010

"The crooked places shall be made straight And the rough places smooth; The glory of the LORD shall be revealed, And all flesh shall see it together..."
(Isa 40:4-5 NKJV).

I don't know about you, but I hate road construction. I live in a growing city and it seems like there has been ongoing road construction for years. Everything is a mess, you can never plan your trips because of delays, and sometimes you get caught off guard when traffic signs are placed in unusual places and the natural flow of traffic takes you off the main road onto bumpy surfaces.

Recently one of our main local roads discovered a sink hole in the middle of the road. The road was closed for more than a year. We had to take alternative routes that were inconvenient and it took longer to get places.

Sometimes God takes us through our own life re-construction project. Our lives get disrupted, we can no longer depend on the things we did before, and we don't have control over our circumstances or timetable. God is doing major construction.

However, even in the midst of the re-construction the glory of the Lord is revealed in that place. For some, it is the first time they've ever seen the hand of the Lord in their life to the degree that this process allows them to experience Him. It is a process they would never choose to go through voluntarily, but it is an experience they value for the rest of their lives because the glory of the Lord was revealed in the process.

Once the process is complete, things begin to flow better. Just as the new roads allow you to drive on a smooth, more spacious area, so too God paves a way for you to move into an expanded place with Him. Isaiah tells us: "He will also send you rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the food that comes from the land will be rich and plentiful. In that day your cattle will graze in broad meadows" (Isa 30:23-24).

Be patient with God's re-construction project. You will like the finished project.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

太陽風暴 / Solar storm is coming~ prediction...

美國宇航局(NASA)最新的“太陽動力觀測衛星”等多個衛星,週日均錄得這次太陽風暴,各國天文工作者目睹一場劇烈的太陽“耀斑”爆發。耀斑下的太陽黑 子,足有地球大小,這次爆發隨後引發太陽表面更大範圍的太陽風暴,向上億公里外的地球噴發出大量帶電粒子,形成一股強烈的太陽風。

科學家20日在倫敦一場國際會議中 警告,2013年地球可能遭受威力比擬100枚氫彈爆炸的太陽風暴侵襲,屆時太陽表面劇烈的閃焰爆發,可能導致全球大停電、通訊及網路系統中斷、飛機無法 起飛、食物供給出問題、網際網路中斷,從家用冰箱到汽車衛星導航器的各種東西都會受到影響,地球恐因此陷入癱瘓。

太陽風暴是指太陽黑子活動高峰階段的劇烈爆發活動,通常每隔 11年就會進入活躍期,爆發時太陽表面會產生巨大閃焰,太陽黑子則會釋放大量帶電粒子,與地球磁場撞擊後會產生磁層搖晃,猛烈的磁層搖晃就是地磁風暴。大 規模太陽風暴約百年發生一次,科學家預測下次高峰期將出現在2013年。





A major solar storm slated for 2012 could shut down America . Like the Y2K bug and other claims, the major solar storm in 2012 could become the end of civilization as we know it. Of course, these things rarely take place as they are based on myths and folklore, however the threat of solar storms is very, very real and based on science.

Solar storms are a pretty routine event, as they are typically met in the earth’s atmosphere with magnetic fields that lessen their impact.

According to “In early September in 1859, telegraph wires suddenly shorted out in the United States and Europe , igniting widespread fires. Colorful aurora, normally visible only in polar regions, were seen as far south as Rome and Hawaii .”

That was before the modern day accoutrements such as electricity, cable TV, phone lines, and the internet were so crucial to our society. If the same thing happened now, our electrical grid and communications system could suffer major damage.

Of course, the story about these major solar storms in 2012 may be criticized as modern day Armageddon theories. There are many who don’t likely believe the story claiming it’s just another way to scare people into thinking it’s the end of the world. However, these major storms have happened before making their possibility based in reality rather than fiction.


More informations may be referred here :

thing is... is it gonna be 2013 or 2012 kan? = =?? oh well, if the time really comes, let's just send letters to each other then~ xDDDD

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is short, please be appreciated with the things around you...




If today was the last day of your life, what is the thing that you want to do the most?

Do you wanna quarrel with your loved ones?
Do you wanna keep track of how much you have sacrificed for the people around you?


Do you wanna do something good to your loved ones?
Do you wanna do something special for the people around you?
Do you wanna give good memories to people you know so they would remember you even if you were gone?

You should treat every day as if it was your last day.

I've just received a heartbreaking news last night, that is, one of my friend had just passed away. I was really shocked to hear that, and for a moment I was even doubting it.

He was with two of his closest friends before he was gone. After they reached Miri, they went to eat somewhere. He fainted while having dinner with friend J and friend M, but very soon he gained back his consciousness. After the dinner, they went to buy clothes because his clothes got dirty when he fainted. Once they reached the hotel, he felt dizzy, so he lied down to rest. By then, according to friend J, his breathing was very strange. They asked him if he was okay, I'm not very sure if there's any reply from him but sooner they went down to the lobby to ask for help. Not sure how long did the ambulance took to arrive the hotel, but when they reached the hospital, if I'm not mistaken, there was no sign of life of him. They tried to perform CPR on him, perhaps about half an hour. In the end, he's not coming back anymore. His father and brother went to Miri the next morning.

Seriously, life is really unpredictable. Eventhough he's just one of my not-very-close-friend, it's still a shock, not to mention about how would all of his closest friends feel, sad? depressed? and yes, he has a girl too, how is that girl feeling right now? I'm just... well...

Went to his house tonight, since I know his brother, and one of my closest friend is the girl of the brother. I saw his picture on the table the moment I stepped into the house. I could hardly keep my eyes away from the picture, it feels so... unreal... that's all I can say... I suddenly feel like crying when I saw his brother. He was trying to be strong... though he even said that, he's not so sure if he would get use to living without his brother at home... God... I can't even imagine if I were to live without my brother one day, as in, if he was dead.

Our father in heaven... Please... let him rest in peace.

Life is short, so please, appreciate it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love is.

L O V E is, Expect the Best, and Endure the Worst.

Back to Dreamz.


今天晚上, 終於說服了自己不想回去Dreamz 的那顆心,


我終於發現, 自己很愛逃避
遇到困難, 我通常都會以逃避來解決

最近, 在學著怎麼面對問題
因為, 自己,

所謂, 愛人如己...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jennifer Warnes - The Song of Bernadette

There was a child named Bernadette
I heard the story long ago
She saw the queen of heaven once
And kept the vision in her soul
No one believed what she had seen
No one believed what she heard
But there were sorrows to be here
And mercy, mercy in this world

So many hearts I find, broke like yours and mine
Torn by what we’ve done and can’t undo
I just wanna hold you, come on let me hold you
Like Bernadette would do

We’ve been around, we fall, we fly
We mostly fall, we mostly run
And every now and then we try
To mend the damage that we’ve done
Tonight, tonight I just can’t rest
I’ve got this joy inside my breast
To think that I did not forget that child
That song of Bernadette

So many hearts I find, broke like yours and mine
Torn by what we’ve done and can’t undo
I just wanna hold you, won’t let me hold you
Like Bernadette would do
I just wanna hold you, come on let me hold you
Like Bernadette would do

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hachiko - A Dog Story

This morning (or afternoon?), I was waken up by this middle-loud background music of a movie. My parents were watching a show in the living room (Oh yeah, it's Hari Raya, nobody goes to work~ :O), it's named "Hachiko - A Dog Story". I thought it was interesting because there's this cute little dog in this movie, it's a breed call Akita, a Japanese breed dog. Somemore, it's a very heart warming story. :]

I recall I like this dog a lot, one of the dog breed that I'd love to get when I have a house of my own. x3


The movie Hachiko A Dog' Story is based on a true story that took in first half of the 20th century in Japan. We may learn more thanks to Wikipedia:

In 1924, Hachiko was brought to Tokyo by his owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. During his owner's life Hachiko saw him off from the front door and greeted him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya Station. The pair continued their daily routine until May 1925, when Professor Ueno didn't return on the usual train one evening. The professor had suffered a stroke at the university that day. He died and never returned to the train station where his friend was waiting.

Hachiko was given away after his master's death, but he routinely escaped, showing up again and again at his old home. After time, Hachiko apparently realized that Professor Ueno no longer lived at the house. So he went to look for his master at the train station where he had accompanied him so many times before. Each day, Hachiko waited for Professor Ueno to return. And each day he didn't see his friend among the commuters at the station.

The permanent fixture at the train station that was Hachikō attracted the attention of other commuters. Many of the people who frequented the Shibuya train station had seen Hachiko and Professor Ueno together each day. Realizing that Hachiko waited in vigil for his dead master, their hearts were touched. They brought Hachiko treats and food to nourish him during his wait.

This continued for 10 years, with Hachiko appearing only in the evening time, precisely when the train was due at the station.

The people of Japan was so touched by this heartfelt example of a dog's devotion for his owner that a statue a bronze statue in Hachiko's likeness was erected at Shibuya Station:
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
So I've decided, if I happened to go to Japan one day, I will surely visit this place, Shibuya Train Station~! :DDDD

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ladies Night at i-Lotus

Just got home from dinner with Mary awhile ago. It's called the "Ladies' Night", organized by St. Andrew Church at i-Lotus. They invited pastor Joyce, a Singaporean to the dinner. Surprisingly, unlike some of the Singaporean, she's rather friendly and cheerful. The way she had her speech on the stage wasn't really like she's giving you a lesson, it was more like she's telling you some stories from some of her experiences. She had fun with the audience, make jokes, she didn't pay too much attention to her broken English, it wasn't very bad, we had fun listening instead because it's the way she tells her stories, it sounds really funny~ =b

She's a wife of one, mother of two, and recently she had just been promoted to GM! Isn't it so great? Oh, don't get me wrong, GM refers to Grand-Ma! :DDDD

She shared with us about a story about she was once going through one of the lowest period of her life; she was feeling very down, and suddenly she developed some kinda sickness where her feet is all swollen. The doctors told her that this disease can't be cured. She was very anxious, she asked God why was she getting this kind of sickness when she has so many things to take care of. She's a pastor's wife, she has two kids, and she's also a grandmother! She prayed to God to cure her sickness, she even told God she's going to keep silence for 8 days.

In the 8 days, she went out station to the Seven Fountains Retreat Centre in Chiangmai, Thailand. This morning, she woke up very early, the sky was still dark. She walked into the cool of the garden at Seven Fountains Retreat Centre, with a heavy heart. Instead of the usual bird songs at that time of day, she was met by clusters of brightly coloured butterflies flitting among the many flowering bushes in the garden/ She stood in front of one particular hibiscus bush and studied closely two purple butterflies chasing each other round and round the scarlet blooms. She was envious of them. And all of sudden, she heard a voice asking her "May I have this dance?" in a soft, gentle tone. She startled, there were nobody else in the garden except her at this hour. As she turned to look, the echo came again "May I have this dance?". She knew right away it was God talking to her, she protested, "My heart is broken, my spirit is weary, and I have a real pain in both my heels. You're asking the impossible, Lord!" and then the voice came again, "Look at the butterflies. They have such short lives and yet they are dancing for Me and with Me every morning."

She looked again, and her eyes were suddenly opened to the reality of the scene. The butterflies were not playing a chasing game, they were dancing. In her ears, she could almost hear the heavenly chorus accompanying their graceful flight. Now, not just the two butterflies were swirling, twirling and flitting in a hilarious dance of great abandonment before their Maker. These insects with flimsy wings and flimsier lives were rejoicing in dance before their Life Giver.

She laughed out loud, "Yes, Lord, teach me to dance!"

My tears were playing games with my eyes when I hear this part, but I had to keep calm cuz I didn't wanna cry in front of so many people! Though I guess nobody really cared. :OOO

And stories follow after. I feel very sleepy, so won't be continuing until the next update. :DDD

Keep no records of your Love, because that's the way God Loves you, and He wants you to Love others like how he does for you.

That's what pastor Joyce told me before we left. :]

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Suddenly, the thoughts of future came rushing inside of my head.
Suddenly, the memories of the past flashes through my head.
Suddenly, everything happened just in a few seconds time.

Perhaps I sounded like I was going to die for a moment, but nahh, just some random thoughts flashed through my brain~ Worry not, I'm sitll as healthy as a cow~! :O

What was I thinking? Oh yeah, the future. Talk about money, I don't have much now. I want to buy things, I want to study aboard, I want to pay my own fees, I want to support my family; but for now, I only have enough for my own from working. How I wish I could get a job with high salary, so I could pay for my own things while supporting my family. =s Mehh.

About the past, was the time I used to spend with my dear friends, my dear family, my cousins, and my dear bf (:O). If I happened to leave this place to somewhere else to study or to work, will I still be able to contact them very often? In this case, I'm talking about my friends. =b I'm sure I'll miss the time when we used to talk in my car and gossiping about others until late night, the time we used to argue about small little things such as jealousy, the time we used to hang out just to catch up with each other's lives, and lots more. Aiyaa, not trying to sound emotional here but just some random thoughts~ XDD

Bah, that's all for nao if not someone's goona say I sound very emotional here again! xD

hona mata~!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh my poor feet~ :OOO

Lol, intro of the post today is TA-DA! my FEET! XDDD oh yes, it's being wrapped with Chinese Medicine inside. =O

Did I ever mention my feet was really painful few days ago and it was even swollen last night! omg man~! But somehow I ignored it until last night, well actually, this morning. I was with the girls at Huei Yin's house until 5 in the morning, it was when the Malays woke up to eat their breakfast to start their day for puasa! Lol, that's not important. XD

Anyways, I finally went to a massage at I-don't-know-where-is-it this afternoon, should be somewhere in Gadong or Menglait if I'm not mistaken. XD

When to Josephine's birthday party last night, it wasn't a wonderful ones, but whatever. I cancelled Aaron's tuition to go to Jo's party early. Mehhh, carrying this stupid feet around looks foolish~! -.-'' Meet Pam and Seng up at Seri Qlap Jolibee then went to Jo's house, before that, I went to the bank to withdraw some cash for use~ XD (patrol fee baa!!!)

After the dinner buffet, Jo seemed to be really busy walking around to entertain and play with the others (drinking, and all, you get the idea~), well, it's her party anyways. =O She didn't have the time to entertain or play with us. Hmm.. so, Irene, Gretson, Pam, Seng and I and 2 of Jo's friends were there inside the house, talking, taking pictures, and... yeah that's all. .__.''

Finally, she decided to cut the cake and sing her Happy Birthday song at 9 and almost 10 ish. 0.O and of course after the cake, we ciaooooooo liao~! XD Before that, there seemed to be a little argument inside, mehh, dogs, can't expect much. =s

After the party, I went to the mall to pick Ling and Huei up~! Wanted to pick Teng up at Mei Fang but well, it was too late since she passed by my car before I even reached Mei Fang. So yeah, we did a big U-turn to go to Sing-U-Me to pick her up, then went to somewhere in Bandar to stop to chitchat for a bit. After awhile, around 12 something, we decided to go to Huei's house so we can at least drink water or go to toilet, oh and, eat. XD HEHEHE~ talked a lot last night, and finally, Ringu chan decided to go home at 5, basically before the sun rises. XD

Hmmm~ that's for the day. Just feel like recording things here so I will remember it whenever I wanna. To prevent short-term memory? Heheheh!! xpp

Hona, mata~!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

BBQ party at Kuan's~

Nyaha~ just woke up, couldn't remember any dreams that I dreamt last night. Which is boring~ cuz I like the feelings of recalling dreams~ it's like I was in a wonderland, not unless it's a nightmare! =OOOO

Anyways, went to Kuan's BBQ party with Pamela and Seng last night before or around 8pm, I followed their car there cuz I did not know how to go to Kuan's house and I is takut I'll get lost! DDD: But after we arrived, only did we know that his house was actually quite easy to spot, just that it's quite far~ :OOO

Lol, by the time we arrived Kuan's house, the party wasn't ready yet, and it looked like they have just brought the charcoal out and only about to start the fire. .__.'' So nevermind~ we waited there until 9 something, and Pamela suddenly wanted to see Kuan's doggy, Norman. So we went inside, but Norman seemed to be shaking a lot (or was it shivering? o.O) cuz Kuan said it's afraid of thunder.. (Oh yesh, did I mention it was drizzling and thunder last night? =b) hmm~ that was something interesting~~ o.O Heheh~ so yeah, I THINK, after awhile we went upstiars, to Kuan's house to play with Norman~ xD Until most of the people came, and until the BBQ was ready to be served! :DDDD

I guess we took some pictures last night with Lina and the other girls, but PamPam seemed to be shy shy~ :OO lol I should have introduce them to each other, now I kinda feel bad about not doing that. -.-''

Meow~ a short entry, at least I try to update! HEHEHE! xpp

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A new face to my blog~ :O

Indeed~! Let's welcome the new face of my blog! XD *applause* Notice that I haven't been designing my own layout for quite awhile now. I found this layout through my friend's blog, find it very nice, so I looked for it's html on blogskins and edited the html~ spent the midnight doing it, well, basically from 3 until now. XD (Vin, Don't scold meh~! :OOOO) The blog layout originally looks like this, but I changed the table on the left side into transparent ones, and changed the post body to this colour~ well, that definitely took me quite awhile. XD I was being stubborn, and thanks to that I finally manage to get the effect that I wanted~! Though I had to sacrifice my beauty sleep, and I'm going to a Chinese tuition with Jana at 2 later in the afternoon. :OOOO

Registered Tumblr few days ago, not really sued to it thought I kinda like the function of the photo slide shows. You can choose to upload many pieces of pictures, and when you're done, uploaded, you can now see the pictures in slide show mode. Which is pretty interesting. Maybe blogger should have that function as well~ :D after all, guess I still love blogger. XD

Jya minna, Imma gna hit the sack!
Good night Morning~! x3

Sunday, August 01, 2010

ohisashiburi desweets~


It's been awhile since I last blogged! Well, almost 3 months, that is. =b I've been wanting to update everyone about my church camp trip but it has been saved as a draft until now~ and I didn't feel like updating until that post is posted~ =O well now, if I still don't update my blog with anything I would be very very very lazy to blog~ XD

Lack of inspiration. To what? Everything.

Well, almost everything.

I wouldn't say my life sucks to the max, in fact, it's still quite peaceful without too much ups and downs in life. Though recently I've been feeling like as if I wanna leave this place as soon as possible (yesh I wanna leave this place as soon as possible! :OOO). If I spend most of my sweet teen time here in this Brueni-the-Very-Peaceful-Country, I'm gonna be super duper regretful when I grow up~ D; But few things that make me susah hati when I thought of leaving is my family, and my lovely friends here~ D;

P/s: I don't really feel like going to vocal class that much anymore. =s well, not that the people there is treating me badly or what, it's just that the atmosphere isn't right anymore~ :O But I'm still holding on~ =]

Heard that Brunei's government has lowered the salaries of people who work in the government sector because they(or Sultan) think that they have been pampering the local too much until they're too lazy to work! Their working hour? 8 in the morning to 3 or 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Oh, please don't tell me that's fair enough because, you will know... They go to work at 8, sometimes they like to be late and give excuses to explain themselves, "Oh my house is quite far from here" "Oh there was this traffic jam so I'm late" and blah and blah and blah~ :OO and go for a tea break around 10, come back before 11; lunch time from 12 to 2, and off from work at 3 or 4 or 5 sharp. Steady? I couldn't agree more, I guess? The thing is, in a way it's quite good because the people here would start working hard, but still, it takes time~ especially for lazy people! :B

Anyways, guess that's all for now, will update as soon as possible! =DD

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Judgement Day is around the corner...?

Heard that, Judgement Day is just around the corner. Believe it or not, it's up to you, really. I had to admit that I don't wanna believe it because there are still lots of things that I haven't achieved, there are still lots of things that I want to get. Selfish. I know. But there is much evidence from the Bible, I had to believe it even though I don't want to.

雖說 盡信書,不如無書

At this moment, I'm listening A-mei's new song(well, not VERY new but at least it's in her latest album). Enjoy~ =]

Hona mata~ =]

Some songs to intro~ =D

Imma gna introduce this song to everyone out there~ (well, to those who are reading my blog right now~ xD) I was thinking of which song I should upload onto my blog when this song suddenly caught my attention. This song was sang by Justin Bieber - One Time. Saw that many girls are very obsessed with this little boy but I r not! xD I r just like the way how he sings his feelings out of his heart so bravely (well, though it's only a song~ xD).

Here's another song's MV. 『想你就写信』by 浪花兄弟

I kind of like this song, very China feel~ I think~ xDD or I should say, I like the style of the song, don't really know how to explain, guess it's just sound like some traditional music? Okay, maybe that makes me sound old now.. = =''' ah nvm la! Just ENJOY IT!

hona mata~! x3

Monday, May 17, 2010










Saturday, May 15, 2010





Yellow Generation - LOST Generation

Kanji Version

枯れ葉咲き乱れ 紅い青空の街並
突然なんだ いつだって現実は

君は履き違え 暗い朝焼けの人影
怱然なんだ 今だって ふと悪夢

分かってはいるけど 焦るよ 参るよ
だけど この空白を埋めなければ

さあ 世界中のありとあらゆる穴を埋めに行こうか
さあ 体中のありとあらゆる鼓動 上を向こうか

夢は覚醒し 深い水溜り 固まり
静寂なんだ 何処だって喧噪は

今は抱けなくて 浅い睡眠薬二錠
脆弱なんだ 一瞬で筋肉は

分かってはいるけど 悩むよ 怖いよ
だけど この体 運ばなければ

さあ 地球上のありとあらゆる隙間 満たしに行こうか
さあ この時代のありとあらゆる情報 飲み込もうか

危機感 虚無感 喪失感

さあ 僕達のありとあらゆる砂漠 水注ぎに行こうか
さあ ありとあらゆる花を 咲かせに行こうか

さあ 世界中のありとあらゆる穴を埋めに行こうか
さあ 体中のありとあらゆる鼓動 上を向こうか

そして ある日 ロストが失われるその日まで
ロスト ロストジェネレーション


English Version

The dead leaves bloom in the red open market
"Why did it come to this...?"
Reality is always so sudden

I mistake a shadow in the dark sunrise for you
"Why did you go there...?"
It's so sudden, even now, a sudden nightmare

I know that it's not natural for things to happen in order
But I'm worried, I'm annoyed
But I have to fill that vacuum
Or nothing will start
There's nothing to do but fill it with words

Come on, shall we go fill all the holes in the world?
On a journey to find out who we are
Come on, shall all the body's heartbeats look up?
Support everything that went before
Let's walk to a world of indivisible fractions
Lost generation

A dream awakes, a deep puddle, a bundle
"Why was it that day...?"
Everywhere the noise is silent

Unable to hold you now, I take two light sleeping pills
"Why did you disappear...?"
In an instant muscle is so frail

I know that humans can forget things
But I worry, I'm scared
But if I don't carry this body
I won't be able to finish anything
I'll just have to overcome it with a song

Come on, shalle we fill all the world's cracks?
Until we can see our own existence
Come on, shall we swallow all the news of the times?
Looking at a reality that's not real
Let's run into a world of lost multiplication
Lost generation

Crisis, nothingness, loss
All of this can be turned into power
Until the day we feel complete

Come on, shall we pour water on all our deserts?
Until we realize what's important
Come on, shall we make all the flowers bloom?
I feel we can do it now
I hate the world without you

Come on, shall we go fill all the holes in the world?
On a journey to find out who we are
Come on, shall all the body's heartbeats look up?
Support everything that went before
Let's walk to a world of indivisible fractions

Then one day, until the day when lost is lost
Lost generation

Friday, May 14, 2010


向蔚藍的天空 展翅飛翔

嚮往的天堂 總有一天






才發現 這些年

Thursday, May 13, 2010

untitled~ =O (lazy to make one! xD)

Hahah~ Gawd, I'm starting to slack again! I don't feel like doing anything these days... not even practising on my song.. =s this is Baaddddddddd~ Nooooooooooooooooooo! This cannot be continued~~~

Woke up around 12:30pm today, it's late! SUPER LATE! I don't like waking up late because it makes me feel like I have missed some parts of my life. =s what a waste. And what's worst is that, by waking up so late makes me feel like I don't wanna do anything, not even going out, not even go to work, not even studying... darn..~ Shikarishirou, Min~! Arggggghhhhhh~

Btw, went out with miss Mary at night, Jack dropped her at the Kiulap mall and then we went to shabu shabu for mango icecream since Mary suddenly crave for it and I wanted to try it too, but... NO MORE MANGO FOR TODAY! okay fine, we ordered another one, which is kiwi ice. Well, it wasn't bad~ but according to Mary, it still lose to mango ice~ xD very lazy to upload the pictures but ah well~

After this, we went to a place at kota batu for another limteh session~ HAHAHA! damn eng la tonight! wooots~! what a night~ Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I didn't go to Japanese class tonight, darn, lazy~ T.T

Oh and~

Saw this car the other day at my mom's workshop, cooL~! never knew Hyundai coupe can be this Sexy also! Wooooots! xD but damn low la the bodykit~ =s

Jya, mata ne~ x3

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wow~ what A DREAM!

OMG I DREAMT ABOUT MILO VENTIMIGLIA!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGG!!!! well it's not like I saw him in person but still OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol it's weird indeed to dream about something like this, but dreams are random, what can you say? :D

I can't really recall how this dream started but it feels like I was studying aboard. That one 'fateful' day, for some reason, Milo came to visit our school, of course, his manager was with him as well. There were many people chasing after them for photo taking and signatures. Ringu and I(Ringu was there, omg! O.o), we wanted to take a photo with him as well, but as we approached him, we found that Hyin and Tenga(Omg they're there also?!?!?!) were missing! So we humbly asked if he could wait for us to look for the other two girls, he was okay with it and went to the side to rest for a little. So I ran off quickly to look for Hyin and Tenga, but I can't find them anywhere... = =''' So ended up only Ringu and I will be taking photo with Milo~ (Too bad~ Hyin and Tenga~ XD) I turned around to look for someone to take a picture of us, Yu Cheng was just right in front of me, I called for Yu Cheng and did a gesture, he came. XD awww He's so nice even in my dream~ XD

For some reason, after the phototaking session we ended up in a audio/video room. Yes, I mean Milo, his manager, Ringu, someone... I think it was, Yu Cheng? and I~ XD Milo was sitting beside me, there's a pathway between us, we talked while watching the video (I think it was some kind of education video and that). After awhile, he told his manager that he was feeling exhausted he wanted to rest for awhile, but his manager said no, he can't, because soon he has to leave to airport. He sighed. His manager went out, Milo started talking to me about things like online, and asked if I play any. I thought for awhile, and told him I do have MSN and I play facebook as well. I suddenly had the urge to ask him for his email, but his manager came in, then he has to go~ D: sad~

Then later, Ringu, Yu Cheng and I were walking around in the school and ended up in a hall, again another education talk. I was so bored I turned around to talk to the person who was sitting behind me, and I saw Milo walked pass the back door of the hall. After the talk, Ringu and I went out, I saw Milo, who was now carrying few luggages, walking towards us. Ringu said she wanted to go look for Hyin and Tenga, and went away. Milo and I walk to a place to talk. I felt like I can't miss this chance to ask for his email, so I did, Yeshhhh I did itttt!!!~ XD then he agreed, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was so happyyyy that I juuuuuuuumped!!! Hahahahh!! XDD I took out my phone, wanted to ask him to save his email, but my phone was so laggy that it made me so panic!!!! But he's still waiting patiently beside me~ Suddenly, Shanice and Chong Sing Mei(wow?) came, I simply greeted them and didn't feel like talking to them any more. Well, since Milo was there, and I didn't wanna feel awkward, so I introduced them to Milo. He just smiled at them, didn't talk more~ :O anddddd~ the door bell in my house rang... and... I woke up~! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! I DIDN'T SAVE HIS EMAIL!!!! omg~ well, it's just a dream... BUT IT'S STILL VERY VERY SAYANG!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG~~~~!!!! DDDDDDDDD:

突然的一次 Milo 榮幸參訪我們學校,
好多人找他們簽名, 拍照等等
轉過身 看到友振 就叫他幫忙啦~
拍完照 我們不知道為甚麼就跟他一起去播放室看影片
他就坐在我旁邊 所以聊得比較多
我們聊了一會 他跟他經理說他累了 想休息一會
但他經理卻說不可以 我看他真的好累的說~
後來,他經理出去了一下 我又跟他聊了一會
我想了想 說我有玩 msn 和 facebook
原本想跟他要電子信箱的, 他的經理卻剛好走進來說要走了
我看到Milo拿著行李走過來 然後把行李放在一邊
小菱說要找慧瑩和淑婷 就離開了
我就又和Milo聊了一會 天啊~!超開心的!
我突然間想到 這次一定要跟他要到電子帳號!
我鼓起勇氣問他 他竟然答應了!
我開心的跳了起來 他也笑了
我拿出手機 打算叫他記在手機裡
但不知怎麼的 我的手機好像卡住了
突然, Shanice 和 周欣瑩 走了過來
我原本不想裡他們 但是看在Milo在 我就向Milo介紹
然後,我家門鈴響了 我醒了.......... 超鬱悶 T.T

For the sake of not forgetting my dream so QUICKLY, I typed it in Chinese version first, then type an English version once~ Woooots~ It makes me wanna watch heroes again! xDDD which reminds me I haven't been watching heroes for awhile now, will catch up to it soon! :D I R suki Milo~! Wooooots! xD

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Random random~

Was being really bored in the class of Business Practice, well I did try to listen to his class but every time when I tried to listen carefully, my mind seems to fly off somewhere else... is it me or his way of talking is just tooo.... not attractive? xD so I kinda drew something on the note while my lecturer was happily explaining his class~

Sketch was done in 2-3 min~I think? xD

Clearer view of the sketch. A boy with a sunflower~
Random, indeed.
Oh, I just Loooove sunflower~ x3

I feel like there's an urge to buy a new acoustic guitar these days, I really gotta start work/ practice on new songs or my skill will really rust~ well, since I'm already not so good~ D= (Of course I wanna practice on YUI-chan's new song too!! x3) Saw one the other day, it's cost 400, which I'm not sure if I can afford to buy it(well, most likely not now, I guess. =s). ahhhhhhhhhh~

Hona, mata~!

Saturday, May 01, 2010



*looks at Vin*

This time, her single is decided to put on a title call 'to Mother'. Yes, Yui-chan is such a gentle person, I just couldn't help but love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! x3

『to Mother』

First Pressing
¥1,575 (tax in)

Regular Edition
CD Only
¥1,223 (tax in)

Promo Picture:

1. to Mother
2. Tonight
3. GLORIA ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. to Mother ~Instrumental~


*Regular Edition:

HMV Japan
CD Japan

*Limited Edition: !!Fast Selling–Preorder ASAP!!

HMV Japan
CD Japan

News articles:

YUI、ニューシングルは大切な人に向けた「to Mother」

YUIがニューシングル「to Mother」を6月2日にリリースすることが発表された。

2010年第2弾作品となる本作のタイトル曲は、ピアノの音色が印象的なナンバー。YUIは「最近は応援歌などを歌わせて頂く機会が多かったのです が、今回は、もっと自分自身の事や大切に思う事について考えて書いてみました」「タイトルを直訳すると『母親へ』となりますが、母親はもちろん、広い意味 で、聴いてくれる皆さんにとって『偉大だ』と感じるものに想いを重ねて聴いてもらえたらと思います」とコメントを寄せている。




このタイトルを直訳すると「母親へ」となりますが、母親はもちろん、広い意味で、聴いてくれる皆さんにとって「偉大だ」と感じるものに想いを重ねて 聴いてもらえたらと思います。

早く聴いてもらいたいです! 楽しみにしていてくださいね!!


MV here

As usual, her song never fail to send a chill down my body~ =3

Hope y'all will like it~

P/s: Yui-chan seems to get thinner~ T.T


Hona, mata~!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Woooooo~~~ going to work soon! I didn't realise my msn was on until I woke up just now~ = ='' forgot to turn it off~! Hahah! anyways, again, I'm going to post some random pictures since I don't want my blog to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo dead~ XD

Well, here's my little student who gives me headache most of time~ XD ahah~ but she's quite adorable indeed~ =]

Ahaha~ cang cang~! Cute right? She looooooooooooooooves to sketch random sketches during the class~ I have no choice but to play with her, or she'll bea song! then won't longer concentrate in class~ which will make me more pek cek la! XD ahahah~

hona mata~ x3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


送上我從台灣歸來時的照片~ ^^

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Favourite quote for Today~ =]

Beneath Touru-kun's feet, is a room full of dirty laundry, so much that there isn't even a room to turn around.
So, what should you do?
Furthermore we don't have a washing machine at the moment, so you have to wash each one, one at a time.
You don't have any option.
Can you really clean them all?
That choice...
would it really make you happy?
Whenever you think about it you feel insecure, but the time is passing you by.
Well, what should Touru-kun do?
Firstly, you start with the clothes closest to your feet, washing them one by one!
Have a clear view of your goal is important, but if all you do is look to the future, then those clothes around your feet will block your path forever, correct?
The "Present".
"Today." What's important is thinking about what you've done today.
And if you gradually wash the clothes one by one, it would turn out to be so easy, you would feel bored, because God is watching over each and everyone of us.
When you feel the uneasiness begin to well up in your heart, then have a good rest.
Read a book or watching TV.
Or just sit around and have instant noodle with everyone else!

* When you're overwhelmed with too much things, solve things little by little begin from whichever nearest to you, then slowly to the furthest, just like how Shigure tell Touru to.

Recently I've been re-reading Fruits Basket's manga, I still think it's very nice though I've read it when I was in Form2. Comparing to last time, this time I have stronger feelings when I re-reading it again. I feel like as if all the characters in Fruits Basket are teaching me many many lessons about 'life'. Touru once said, "people won't know what's the purpose about life unless they look for it." Sometimes, even if you've tried your best, the world would still turn it's back on you, but please remember, there must be a place or corner where you might not be able to notice, someone will be silently praying for you, rooting for you. =]

Oh mai mai~ such thing as beautiful as this was being typed by me! Amazing isn't it? XD

Not to mention, the manga is so touching that I keep crying whenever there's some sad sad part~ D'= Or perhaps it's me that being too sensitive (emotional)? XD A-rarara~

Kyo-chan daisuki~!!!!! XD (Kyo: DON'T CALL ME KYO-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

O-hisashiburi desu~!

Minna-san konnichiwa~! It's been ages since my last post isn't it? XD Sorry for the lack of blogging! Hahaha~! Just feeling rather lazy, and I know my English standard has really degraded a lot, I guess. Ma- nee~ xD

Recently I've been catching up with few manga and animation serious, I've already done watching "Kimi ni todoke" (君に届け, Reaching you) by Shīna Karuho, on PPStream. Actually I started watching this anime in English subtitle but well, for some reason, the torrent download in Brunei isn't working very well (yes, even until now... = =), so I changed and watch on PPStream, though first I wasn't very used to the Chinese subtitles since I've been watching it with English sub. Ma-. So the ending of the animation wasn't as satisfactory... since they just go to the temple on the New Year's Eve and just go back home... while left everything lingered in the air... So I ended up reading the manga instead! WOOOOTS! I've finished chapter 45! Other versions 'cept Japanese version of chapter 46 isn't out yet, so I was so desperate that I even read chapter 46 in Japanese! Surprisingly I could understand most of it! Though it was indeed tiring reading them, cos I have to read words by words carefully since I'm not so good in Japanese yet. T.T NEVERMIND! Make this as an achievement! xDDDD

Well, another series of manga was this korean manga titled "The Bride of The Water God" (하백의 신부 "Habaek-eui Shinbu") by Yun Mi-kyung. It's a story about a village girl named Soah being sent to the water God as his bride because the village has to sacrifice a beautiful girl to him to calm down his bad temper. Well, the story is quite interesting though it gets a little messed up later on, but yea it's still nice la! xD recommend recommend~ xp though some parts are kinda confusing whether what they had done that lead to something happened (ie, a knife pop out of nowhere while somebody holding it, and somebody gets hurt, and you dunno where the wound is, and him/her just keeps on bleeding... ._.''). anyways, no, this manga doesn't have it's anime version. Maybe they should tell the Japanese animation company to make it for them, since the art style is reaaaally not bad! :D I was attracted to the art style at first. Since I'm so caught up with "Kimi ni Todoke", I wanted to see something with similar art style~ x33

Alright, I'll end here fer terday! XD

Hona mata!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

攝取維生素C 生食新鮮蔬果“尚青”

攝取維生素C  生食新鮮蔬果“尚青”

當維生素 C缺乏時,通常會引起微血管出血、皮下有瘀班或出血點等壞血症狀,還有貧血、呼吸短促、嬰幼兒生長遲緩、傷口癒合不良、疾病抵抗力差、易感染、牙齦紅腫、關節疼痛…等臨床症狀。根據中華民國每日營養素攝取建議量表對於維生素C的建議量,便是以防止壞血症及維持體內維生素C儲存量為主要考量:


90 %維生素C攝取量來自蔬菜與水果。以下食物皆內含維生素C,而且在台灣可得:


雖然市面上有許多維生素 C補充劑,其高劑量、單方所帶來的副作用多為噁心、嘔吐、腹瀉…等腸胃不適的症狀。所以,千補萬補不如生食蔬菜水果來得天然、豐富、無副作用。

參考資料:蘋果日報2010.1.22「藥妝店調查 維生素C發泡錠最熱賣」、衛生署食品資訊網、維基百科