Saturday, April 24, 2010

Favourite quote for Today~ =]

Beneath Touru-kun's feet, is a room full of dirty laundry, so much that there isn't even a room to turn around.
So, what should you do?
Furthermore we don't have a washing machine at the moment, so you have to wash each one, one at a time.
You don't have any option.
Can you really clean them all?
That choice...
would it really make you happy?
Whenever you think about it you feel insecure, but the time is passing you by.
Well, what should Touru-kun do?
Firstly, you start with the clothes closest to your feet, washing them one by one!
Have a clear view of your goal is important, but if all you do is look to the future, then those clothes around your feet will block your path forever, correct?
The "Present".
"Today." What's important is thinking about what you've done today.
And if you gradually wash the clothes one by one, it would turn out to be so easy, you would feel bored, because God is watching over each and everyone of us.
When you feel the uneasiness begin to well up in your heart, then have a good rest.
Read a book or watching TV.
Or just sit around and have instant noodle with everyone else!

* When you're overwhelmed with too much things, solve things little by little begin from whichever nearest to you, then slowly to the furthest, just like how Shigure tell Touru to.

Recently I've been re-reading Fruits Basket's manga, I still think it's very nice though I've read it when I was in Form2. Comparing to last time, this time I have stronger feelings when I re-reading it again. I feel like as if all the characters in Fruits Basket are teaching me many many lessons about 'life'. Touru once said, "people won't know what's the purpose about life unless they look for it." Sometimes, even if you've tried your best, the world would still turn it's back on you, but please remember, there must be a place or corner where you might not be able to notice, someone will be silently praying for you, rooting for you. =]

Oh mai mai~ such thing as beautiful as this was being typed by me! Amazing isn't it? XD

Not to mention, the manga is so touching that I keep crying whenever there's some sad sad part~ D'= Or perhaps it's me that being too sensitive (emotional)? XD A-rarara~

Kyo-chan daisuki~!!!!! XD (Kyo: DON'T CALL ME KYO-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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