Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back from cave? xD

Ellow buddies!! Finally, Chinese NIU year is approaching in less than 24 hours! =D To be honest, this year's CNY isn't as lively as it used to be, many of my friends and cousins only did their CNY shopping last minute. It feels like the time's moving on too fast that we didn't notice that things are just around the corner~! Anyways, a Happy New Year to everyone!!! =D

School was reopened at 5th of Jan and I only got back from Taiwan at 12nd. I kind of missed lots things but I've submitted most of the works to subject teachers already! I have to work harder in this year in order to score great results to get into LKW! =] I think my chance of going there is high because my parents aren't against it at all. Which is good for me. =D

Life's been normal, nothing much happened in the school except for I'm getting annoyed with my new classmates. They're not so bad, but every time they play with each other, they will raise their voices unconsciously and we could barely hear what teachers were trying to say/teach in the class, and that seriously slow down the process!! x_X I hope as time goes by they will learn to be quiet, sit still in the class and listen to the teacher!!

This picture was taken by the day I got back from Taiwan. Nice scene isn't it? x3 You might be amazed and say "Taiwan is snowing????" NOO You're wrong!!!! It's not snow but clouds! I doubt you have ever seen this sky full of clouds, have you? These clouds are actually the cold pressure (I don't know what you call it in English but in Chinese it's called han liu.), and this is why Taiwan could be so cold that the temperature could drop to 6 degree C. It was really cold and troublesome because you have to wear thick clothes so you won't catch a cold.

When I arrived KK from Taiwan, it was kind of drizzling outside the plane (or what it raining heavily? I don't know, because the rain drops evaporated very fast!!! O.O), Hahaha, alright I guess that's all the pictures I took because I got sick the next few days after I got back to Taiwan, and I think it was because too much food feed by my gramma!!! Each day my gramma would want me to eat more than I used to in Brunei, and then the 3nd or 4rd day I started to felt a little uneasy from my stomach, it was as if there were needles poking from inside of my stomach. I thought I was just a little bloated so I didn't cared much, and the next day I felt sick and vomited when my grandparents, aunt and I were on the way to my cousin's house. That was real bad, luckily the taxi driver prepared some plastic bags in his taxi, or else I'd have vomited in it. = ="

I went out with Pam yesterday to shop for her CNY clothes, those clothes she chose were all very nice! =D Oh and I had a haircut again at Pam's aunt's saloon, because I didn't liked my messy hair. = ='' Though it took an hour for my hair to be done, she was very good afterall. =D Once my haircut was done, we went to Korean restaurant at Kiulap to have our lunch there, yumm yummm~! x3 After the lunch, we went to shop for things that we wanted, and then Wingz and Pam dropped me at my uncle's house, because I promised Mary yesterday that I will bake Oreo cheese cake with her!! It turned out great! (Mary: Of course larr!! Who made it oneee???) (*points at Miss Mary Ong*)

Oreo Cheese Cake!! Too much powder so Miss Mary decided to put the rest on top. Doesn't look too bad lar~ xD

Little cousin Nelvin, curi makan the honey complex!!! O.O

Honey complex that we made! x3 It's more than 100+! Feel free to eat yo!!!! xDD

Alright this will be the last picture and the MOST delicious one in this entry! Ginner before CNY! xD (New word by Burt! Dinner before CNY! XD) Mom cooked them all! So nice!! =D Oh please don't drip your saliva!! wipe 'em off!! =O


Thursday, January 01, 2009


Note: This is Min's entry from the 1st of Jan, 2009, which she asked me to help her blog since she's off to Taiwan already. (Kevin here btw.)


Oh mai.. I wanted to blog at 12A.M but it was too late for it when I came home last night, I mean, this midnight. xD I was having count down at my uncle's place, but ended up I played Nintendog until 12A.M = =" (Rawr!) So I didn't really join the count down but I DID wished everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! though~ xD

And anyways, here's a nice New Year's banner (or should I say, Niu Year? =X) for everyone!

Hope everyone will have a prosperous and blessed New Year this 2009, for those in Form5, good luck with your 'O' Levels! Let us enjoy our final year together, study hard/smart and reach for our dreams!


Happy New Year 2009 everyone. =O Min's gonna be away for sometime since she's off doing some errand in Taiwan. So her blog is gonna be in temporary hiatus status for the time being. Tag her so she won't feel so left out when she's back! XD Ciao~