Thursday, January 01, 2009


Note: This is Min's entry from the 1st of Jan, 2009, which she asked me to help her blog since she's off to Taiwan already. (Kevin here btw.)


Oh mai.. I wanted to blog at 12A.M but it was too late for it when I came home last night, I mean, this midnight. xD I was having count down at my uncle's place, but ended up I played Nintendog until 12A.M = =" (Rawr!) So I didn't really join the count down but I DID wished everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! though~ xD

And anyways, here's a nice New Year's banner (or should I say, Niu Year? =X) for everyone!

Hope everyone will have a prosperous and blessed New Year this 2009, for those in Form5, good luck with your 'O' Levels! Let us enjoy our final year together, study hard/smart and reach for our dreams!


Happy New Year 2009 everyone. =O Min's gonna be away for sometime since she's off doing some errand in Taiwan. So her blog is gonna be in temporary hiatus status for the time being. Tag her so she won't feel so left out when she's back! XD Ciao~

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