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Late to Greet? Either ways, a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

Although I'm like 2 days late to greeting, but I'd still like to wish a Merry Christmas to all! =D How was life throughout this year?? I believe some of you out there must had a rough year, put down all your worries and enjoy the last few days of this year! =] Cheers everybody!! =D

I always loved Christmas, but for some reason, Christmas in Brunei is underrated, so you don't really feel the Christmas atmosphere. No worries! One more year till I leave this country and I'll have my Christmas celebration anywhere I want and more festive and lively!!! xD (How 'bout a santa claus cosplay? XD) Oh yes, my Gaia avatar also join in the play! xD I call it 'Dark knight santa', PLEASE! DON'T SAY I'M LAME!!!! (From everybody : Laaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeee*echoing* Me: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *voice fading away...*)

Alright, hope everyone out there is enjoying the last few days of this year. A Christmas banner has made for EVERYONE whose viewing this blog. ^-^ Lastly here, a Merry Christmas to all!! =D

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Art Of Racing In The Rain~

I've been stuck at home this few days due to the lack of transportation for going out to the outside world because my mom sent her car to the shop for repainting. Well, at least I went out with Cheng and Pam last night to korean restaurant for some gim bap and K songs at Happy Arcade. xD That was quite fun~ Before that, on Monday night, Siaw Tan, Kevin and I went to Li Wen's birthday party, it wasn't that bad too. I should post the photo some other day? xD I hope someone won't kill me just because I post her photo on my blog? =O Hahaahh just kidding~ XP

Anyways, I remember before Evon went back to KL again this month, she passed some books to me and asked me to read 'em. I was kinda surprised that she even handed me some chic's books? Yes, you heard me, chic's books, 'The True Naomi Story' and 'The Model Wife', and I'm not even sure if I would read 'em. xD She plucked another book from the bookshelf, titled 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven', which kinda caught my attention, it kinda reminded me of the book I bought in Taiwan, '我在雨中等你'. Direct translation should be 'I'm waiting for you in the rain' but the original title of the book was 'The Art Of Racing In The Rain'.

Introduction of the Book:

Author: Stein, Garth

Publisher: Baker & Tayl

Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: a philosopher with a nearly human soul (and an obsession with opposable thumbs), he has educated himself by watching television extensively, and by listening very closely to the words of his master, Denny Swift, an up-and-coming race car driver.

Through Denny, Enzo has gained tremendous insight into the human condition, and he sees that life, like racing, isn't simply about going fast. Using the techniques needed on the race track, one can successfully navigate all of life's ordeals.

On the eve of his death, Enzo takes stock of his life, recalling all that he and his family have been through: the sacrifices Denny has made to succeed professionally; the unexpected loss of Eve, Denny's wife; the three-year battle over their daughter, Zoe, whose maternal grandparents pulled every string to gain custody. In the end, despite what he sees as his own limitations, Enzo comes through heroically to preserve the Swift family, holding in his heart the dream that Denny will become a racing champion with Zoe at his side. Having learned what it takes to be a compassionate and successful person, the wise canine can barely wait until his next lifetime, when he is sure he will return as a man.

A heart-wrenching but deeply funny and ultimately uplifting story of family, love, loyalty, and hope, The Art of Racing in the Rain is a beautifully crafted and captivating look at the wonders and absurdities of human life . . . as only a dog could tell it.

I did a research on this book in English version cos I want to introduce this book to people whose reading my blog. This is a book for the soul, telling a story from what a dog feels inside itself and how hard the little dog tries to listen to everything the master spouts at it. Anyhow, because I read the book in Chinese version, so I had to drop some Chinese words here~ xp

從狗的觀點以及想法 去看人類的世界

因為是一隻狗 即使他很想說些什麼
也只能用著動作或是叫聲 來表達自己的心情以及情緒


所以在這本書中 除了藉由狗的觀點去看主人的世界






很輕鬆 卻也很貼近每個人心裡的書

This novel is really worth reading. =]

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Congratzz!!! =D

PMB results just came out yesterday, Kiat told me about this. He told me Evon had passed her PMB examination!

Congratulations to my dear EVON!!!!!! X33333 Let's celebrate once you're back! =D

Btw, I think I'm kinda attached to Nintento's product, DS. I have found the latest version of it online, which is DSi. Omg the white colour version just look soooo niceeeeeeeee!!!!! O.O I WANNA HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rolls on floor and cry*

Picture source from :

I might be going back to Taiwan in the beginning of next year, yes, I know, school will be reopen by then, it's just for few days, anyway. I'll see IF I could either get myself a phone or DSi! XP Of course, only if it's out in Taiwan. =b

I hope my entry wouldn't get deleted this time...? = ="

Saturday, December 13, 2008

sickening fact...

Some adults just couldn't pass up the thought of 'once a failure forever a failure', and this is sickening me... Sometimes I just don't understand how could those people just happily decide the future of those who failed just once when one is trying to get their heads together and working out hard on things? Or rather, some adults just expect their children to do all what they expected and if they don't, they gna shake their head like as if they have eaten some pills that make your head shake non stop. = = How awesome is that?

I feel like calling a freaking 'stop' to this fabulous world.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today, which is a month away to Christmas, is no one but MY LOVELY DYDY'S BIRTHDAY!!!



All the best wishes to you and may your dream come with a blast~ =D

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Random stuff~




Just feel like writing this little poem out of a blue, have been living lifelessly after the exam finished. I guess I should start to work on something before I go really insane... = ="

Went to visit Kevin's family last night, they are still as cheerful. Hopefully everyone out there are in the pink of health, take care. =]

Friday, November 21, 2008

Laugh Away!


No, I'm not that slow, I just like this picture of YUI-san a lot! and that's why I decided to make a layout of it. =D

Yui's new song has released few days ago, which was 12 of November. I just downloaded it because I had forgotten about it due to the peeling up of exam's stress. Thanks for that. = =" So yea, Yui-san's "My Short Stories" has released!!! XD Let's enjoy the new creation of hers! =D


01 I'll be


03 Last Train

04 Winter Hot Music

05 Jam

06 Skyline

07 Free Bird

08 I wanna be...

09 Oh My God

10 Cloudy

11 Driving today

12 Understand

13 crossroad
14 It's happy line

15 Why me

DISC 2 《初回生産限定盤付屬》

Music Video + LIVE CLIP

01 I'll be

02 Understand
03 Jam
04 Opening
05 No way
06 Daydreamer
07 Street live at Sapporo
08 Namidairo
09 Am I wrong?
10 Street live at Sendai
11 Love is all
12 Tomorrow's way
13 Street live at Hiroshima

14 Good-bye days

15 Ending

Kanji I'll Be

I’ll be 君のこと
旅立ちを きめたんだね 
Together いつだって応援してるよ

部屋にこもってるだけじゃ 駄目さ

気持ち取り戻してOh Baby Try

笑顔って “Play You”

I’ll be キミ色に 
ぬり 変えて行けばいい
まよう こともそりゃあるけど差
Together いつだって応援してるよ


見つけだせるからOh Baby Try

笑顔って “Play You”

I’ll be 君の事
旅立ちをきめたんだ ね
Together いつfだって応援してるよ

まもれる 勇気を
きみのなかにそだていぇ 湯君だ

I’ll be ささいなしつぼうを
人生わ すててた 門じゃない らしい

I’ll be 君色に
Together いつだって応援してるよ

Romaji I'll Be

I’ll be kimi no koto
Omoi dashite itanda
Tabidachi wo kimetanda ne
Together itsu datte ouen shiteru yo

Moshi kujikesou ni nattara nee
Heya ni komotteru dake ja dame sa

Machi wo aruite
Kyou no you na
Kimochi torimodoshite Oh Baby Try

Nando datte “Play You”
Yaru shika nain dakara

I’ll be kimi iro ni
Nuri kaete yukeba ii
Mayou koto mo sorya aru kedo sa
Together itsu datte ouen shiteru yo

Moshi kodoku ni makesou nara nee
Suki na uta wo kiite mite hoshii

Hito gomi ni
Mitsuke daseru kara Oh Baby Try

Egao tte “Play You”
Chikara ni narun dakara

I’ll be kimi no koto
Omoi dashite itanda
Tabidachi wo kimetanda ne
Together itsu datte ouen shiteru yo

Itsuka dareka wo sotto
Aishite yuku toki
Mamoreru yuuki wo
Kimi no naka ni sodatete yukun da

I’ll be sasai na shitsubou wo
Kurikaesu tabi ni kitto
Yasashisa ni fureaeru
Jinsei wa suteta mon ja nai rashii

I’ll be kimi iro ni
Nuri kaete yukeba ii
Mayou koto mo sorya aru kedo sa
Together itsu datte ouen shiteru yo


Chinese Translation I'll Be

I'll be 突然想起了關於你的事
Together 直到何時我也會支持著你

吶 在心情低落的時候

把像今天一樣的心情奪回來吧 Oh Baby Try

不管多少次也會 "Play You"

I'll be 重新再填上屬於你的色彩也沒關係
Together 直到何時我也會支持著你

吶 如果有快要輸給孤獨的感覺
希望你能夠 聽聽自己喜歡的歌曲

我也一定會把你找出來 Oh Baby Try

露出笑容吧 "Play You"


I'll be 在微小的失望不斷重覆的旅程中

I'll be 重新再填上屬於你的色彩也沒關係
Together 直到何時我也會支持著你


English Translation I'll Be

I’ll be thinking
About you
You’ve decided on your journey right
Together You have my support no matter when

If there ever comes a time when you feel like giving up
Don’t simply coop up in your room

Walk on the streets
Oh Baby Try to find that feeling
Which you felt on this day

Try over and over again “Play You”
Because there ain’t any other choice

I’ll be You just have to
Paint it into your own color
Though there will definitely be uncertainties
Together You have my support no matter when

If there ever comes a time when you feel like you’re losing to loneliness
Listen to the songs that you love

Even if you are
Lost in the crowd
You’ll be able to find it Oh Baby Try

Because a smile will “Play You”
Become your strength

I’ll be thinking
About you
You’ve decided on your journey right
Together You have my support no matter when

The time when you find yourself slowly
Beginning to love someone
The courage to protect that someone
Will grow in you

I’ll be Each time you look back
On those little disappointments definitely
You’ll be able to feel the gentleness
It seems life is not something to be thrown away

I’ll be You just have to
Paint it into your own colour
Though there will definitely be uncertainties
Together You have my support no matter when

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drops In The Ocean

Drops In The Ocean by The Storm

As we walk in the morning light
always looking for forgiveness
in our hearts

As we hide in the garden ever after
we will never give a reason
there is always something better

But I know
that there will never be someone quite like you and I
you promise
that no one never will come between the two of us
the two of us

I'll be there through all of your worries
i will stand through all of your tears
Just when you think that hope
it has left you for another
don't you cry, baby don't you cry

Some might say we are breaver than brave
but it's a matter of believing in your heart

It's such a shame
that you don't know what you're missing
'till it's gone
I've been told that nothing will last forever

But I know
that there will never be someone quite like you and I
you promise
that no one never will come between the two of us
the two of us

I'll be there through all of your worries
i will stand through all of your tears
Just when you think that hope
it has left you for another
don't you cry, baby don't you cry
Sited from BaboonKiat again. xD

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm finally done with my flash video project o.O"

Oh yes, I'm finally done with my flash video project, kindly take a look on it~ please don't complain too much since I'm only a beginner for doing this kinda thing lol!! xDD

Tian Kong Flash Video

I went out with Pam today for K songs at the happy arcade in the mall. We woke up around 1(did I mentioned I slept over her place last night? xD), showered then decided to go to Chung Hwa first because I had to hand in my flash video project to my teacher for today is the deadline and my teacher will be submitting our result to the office on 21st, I seriously hope that I WILL PASS!!! Oh man... that's not funny if I don't make it to form 5...

Oh, Pam followed me to the school too, she said it's been awhile since she last stepped into Chung Hwa, she was amazed by the great change of her old school, meh, not so Great lar but yea. xD So right after I handed in my project, files and papers to teacher, we went straight to lee loy fat to makan rojak because Pam was starving to death... = ="" And no, she didn't even tell me she was kinda suffering from gastric... this girl arhh... = ="" so we tarus Vroooooooom~ go makan!! xD

Rojak and the toufu thing... yummm yummm~ I miss it! I miss it! I miss it!!! XD Hahahahah!! Anyways, like I mentioned earlier, we went to K songs after makan! xD to the mall, yes, the mall, again. Where else can we go other than that... place. *wind blows by, bird flew by* OK! So, when we reached there, Pam got a message from Manzy saying that she was in the mall with Chris and some of their friends, and Ang was in the mall with Seng and Bong, dunno gay what~ HAHAHAH JK! XDD okok~ so Pam was so WOW RUNNNNNNNNN tarus when she heard 'Ang'~ XD She planned to shock him that she stick her face onto the escalator glass when he was coming down... woots... he was... indeed, shocked. LOL! XD

Right after seeing Ang, we went to look for Manzy and Chris, talked for a while and then go to the Happy arcade, as usual, room2, 5 dollars~ XD Well, not exactly a 'room' but more like a box instead. xD We went into the box and I turned around to close the door, and got freaked out by the 'creature' that was sticking on the door, Manzy! LOL! XD I didn't know she was just behind me!! ahahah!! xD She came in to say HI then turned around to go out to play her games to win some tickets~ XD how cute she is man!!! XDD

After we sang about 4 songs, Pam and I decided to add another 5 bucks to sing, Manzy and Chris gave another 4 bucks since they wanted to sing as well, so we have 10 songs to sing now! Hahah xD Manzy, Chris, Pam and I took turn to sing with each other, that was... fun because while we're singing, Manzy and Chris keep annoying those who are singing... = =""

Right after K-ing songs we went to Kern in Qlap to lim teh with Manzy and Chris, Pam called Kel along, we talked until the sunset and it was kinda drizzling outside, the sky was in purple yo~! Hahahah xD After the lim teh, Pam and I decided to go to Just Toy for nasi katok!!!! XD Lol! omg man, bea sien eh we eat~ xD We went back to Pam's place after dinner, I was planning to sleep over Pam's place for another night but she was too tired that she fell asleep after awhile she showered.

Kiat started to annoy me to go out lim teh around 10 because Andy asked him to bring him home from the mall, omg man, Kiat is officially Andy's driver now HAhahahahh!!! Just too bad He doesn't get paid... Okay I was just kidding... XD I was thinking if I should go due to the fact that I was kinda lazy since I just got 'home' awhile ago... So I jokingly asked him to pick me up from Pam's place. Surprisingly he asked where is Pam's place... I was like O.O "are you really going to pick me up???" "gimme the address and I'll think about it..." wtf xD bea tahan this guy... = =" We talked a lota shits from meeting at big and small tiong hin to mamih... and end up we decide to meet at Manggis Hua Ho because that's the easiest place that I can find... I suppose Kiat almost got heart attack because of my dumbness eh?? = ="" serve you right. xD

After he picked me up from Manggis mall, we headed to Cheez Box at Gadong to pick Andy up, and lim teh-ed there. I forgot how long did we sat in Cheez Box, I remember Kiat sent me back to where I dropped my car at 12:00am then I was home 15-20 minutes later, woots! I was driving at 120km/hr HAhhahahah, damn, my car was shaking like hell... = =" But I just like the feeling of speeding... with loud music~ meh~ I should maintain my car next time when I have the money. =D

Alright, this is the entry for today. Hopefully Pam is doing well now yea? =D *hugs* It was fun sneaking out with Manzy, Chris and Pam for nasi katok the night I reached Pam's house. They were actually celebrating Kel's birthday. Happy belated Birthday 1811 to Him yo! =D Sorry, no photo blogging for today cos I was too lazy to carry camera everywhere to take picture~ xD

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A small test~ what will you think of when you're feeling down~?

What in the list below would make you feel better when you're sad?

A_ 一棟奇幻的別墅 ( a dreamy villa )

B_ 可以揉成各種形狀的雲 ( cloud that you can rub into several shapes )

C_ 生意盎然的森林 ( very lively jungle )

D_ 可愛的小動物 ( cute little animals )

E_ 油桐花 ( Tung Flower )

F_ 發出七色光芒及美妙音樂的音樂盒 ( a melodious music box which gives out a rainbow-like shine )

A_ 一棟奇幻的別墅: 你的內心是童話的,就算遇到挫折也不會傷心,很懂得安慰自己,也懂得體諒別人。 ( Your heart is like a fairy tale, you wouldn't be sad whenever you're in a pinch, you know how to console yourself and understand others.)

B_ 可以揉成各種形狀的雲: 你非常懂得自我安慰及自拔,但有時候反而非要等到事情一發不可收拾時,才知道有多嚴重,是個心情落差很大的人。( You know well enough how to pull yourself up, but sometimes you only realize how bad things can get after they happen. You're an emotional person.)

C_ 生意盎然的森林: 你是個十分愛鑽牛角尖的人,平時因為會自卑而把自己偽裝的很勇敢,內心卻非常脆弱,所以也是個容易嫉妒,想要報仇,卻又悲觀的人物。( You are very stubborn, you usually act brave and confident but you know you're not. you get jealous easy, often think of vengeance but yet have no confidence in yourself.)

D_ 可愛的小動物: 你可以馬上感受到開朗,但遇到非常重大的打擊時,想到可愛的小動物只會讓你感到更悲傷,因為你只是個把美好的事物當成實驗品,但真的失去時卻又搥胸頓足的可憐蟲。(You'd be cheerful, but when something really bad happened, thinking about cute little animals might only make you feel sadder. That is because you're those whom take everything wonderful as an experiment, and only feel sad when things are gone.)

E_ 油桐花: 你一開始會感到自己很悲哀,但可以慢慢的穩定下來,想想新奇又美好的事物,因為油桐花的花語是「情竇初開」,是個理性的人。(You might feel sad in the beginning, but you'd feel better as time goes by. Think about the wonderful things in the world, because the meaning for Tung Flower is "love shall begin", you're a very rationalistic person. )

F_ 發出七色光芒及美妙音樂的音樂盒: 你很自愛,也懂得對別人好,當你傷心時絕對不會自卑,是個會把哀傷、空虛、及嫉妒化為動力的知足的人。(You're responsible to yourself and also learn to be good to others. instead of feeling inferior when you're down, you'd change every shred of negativity into motivation. You're easily pleased. )


Friday, November 14, 2008

Lullaby by The Storm lyrics

Lullaby by The Storm

How could I fail to see
The world that falls right down on me
Without warning

And suddenly, my malady
The wrongs starts coming down on me
Without warning or mercy

Like a lullaby
In the dead of night I
Give myself to you~

Do you ever cry
In the middle of the night
The way young lovers do~

Do I burst, do I dare
To leave my soul just everywhere
For you to find it again~

Like a lullaby
In the dead of night I
Give myself to you~

Do you ever cry
In the middle of the night
The way young lovers do~

Sited from BABOONKIAT (happy? XD)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I had just done this flash project for my friend, just trying to see if I can post it up. Enjoy yo~ xD it's just a little birthday card? = =? Sapa birthday~ take it away and happy happy lar~ Hahahahha!! XD jkjkj !! xp


Sunday, November 09, 2008

你最近還好嗎 歌詞 + 歌曲下載

你最近還好嗎 by S.H.E


天有點冷 風有點大 城市寧靜而喧嘩
這一個冬天我得 一個人走回家

問自己習慣了嗎 沒有你每到夜裡回聲變得好大
有沒有什麼好方法 讓寂寞更聽話

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裡掙扎
你說會記得我 還記得嗎
你最近還好嗎 忙碌嗎累嗎心還會痛嗎
如果真不得已忘了我 快向快樂出發


昨天遠了 明天還長 回憶模糊但巨大

問自己習慣了嗎 沒有你每到夜裡回聲變得好大
有沒有什麼好方法 讓寂寞更聽話

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裡掙扎
你說會記得我 還記得嗎
你最近還好嗎 忙碌嗎累嗎心還會痛嗎
如果真不得已忘了我 快向快樂出發

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裡掙扎
你說會記得我 還記得嗎
你最近還好嗎 忙碌嗎累嗎心還會痛嗎
如果真不得已忘了我 快向快樂出發

Download: 你最近還好嗎 MP3 (Right click and save target.)

Oh my house is burning down~ burning down~ burning down~...

Oh Yes, there must be a reason that lead to this title. I just woke up, and now I'm going back to sleep, but before that, I have to say... My house was ALMOST burnt down. O.o Amazing huh? = ="" I was half awake just now and lying immobile in my blanket, I thought I was still in my dream because everything just seemed to be really smoky, yes, you heard me, smoky = =" I was looking at the ceiling when my brother suddenly opened my door and looked at me in amazement . "Wow... You're still sleeping..." I looked at him, perplexed, "Why shouldn't I sleep?" I thought... and an acrid smell of something burnt was lingering in the air that finally woke me up from my sleep. I went to the kitchen, the cooking pan was crazily splitting great billowing clouds of smoke. amazing~ = =

I quickly opened every windows and doors to let the smoke out of the house, called my mom and came up to check. Man, she left the things burning and went down to work... = ="" according to what she said, she forgot she was actually heating something, OMG FORGOT! If my brother and I weren't at home I suppose my house WILL be on fire now. For that my song will really come true... damn... those songs should be banned from now on... = =" (and I thought I started it...?? = ="") So, my mom teased me, "Wow~ if it wasn't your brother, I suppose you will only wake up by the time your ass gets burn eh?"

damn... still boleh joke... = ="

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I guess this should be the most memorable birthday of mine in my whoooleeeeee life as I was surprised by my classmates during today's school recess time. It started whereby Pei and Wen Yih asked me to go to library with them to borrow some books, though actually Pei told me to go to the library because she returned the books late, so she has to pay money as punishment. However, she told me that she had pay it in the morning, so she wanted me to go to library to borrow some books with her. I agreed to go since I had nothing to do during recess time. Thought they're very suspecious indeed~

While looking for books Pei and Wen Yih wanted to borrow, I remembered about Liau Zai's creation, so I asked the librarian if they have her books in the library, but Pei and Wen Yih dragged me out of the library when I was waiting for their answer, Pei said she was having gastric and wanted to eat. So I jokingly asked if she wants me to treat her, 1 dollar. XD I followed them to canteen, and errr... I kind of saw that there was bunch of people standing at the edge of canteen whom I'm familiar with, MY CLASSMATES!!!!!! OMG, I HAVE A REAL BAD... feeling..? Nahh, not that bad actually, more about embarrassed I suppose? xp

When I reached the area where they were standing, they started singing happy birthday song to me that everyone in the canteen was looking at our corner as if something silly just happened, and IT WAS REALLY SILLY!!!! LOL!!!! I was standing there out of bewilderment while all I can think of the next thing I could do was turned around and run!!! However, I didn't managed to because the back gate of canteen wasn't open, so I had to turn around to face everyone, once more. A brilliant idea flashed through my mind and I sat down beside Jia Min pretending singing happy birthday song to her~ XD LOL! That was stewpiak I know!!!! = =""

People were asking me why didn't I cry, taken aback by the abrupt question they asked, I got no idea as well~ xp Perhaps it's just that I'm not someone who sheds tears easily in front of others? O.o? I DUNNO! XD So finally, we sat down to have our 'breakfast'~ xD

Jia Min gave me few birthday gifts today, a photo bookmark, and a set of nail polish with a great DIY card, I was so touched! Thanks so much Jia Min! =D Evon passed my gift to me when the bell rang. It's an egg-like thingie and a seed that she gave to me, looked like I have to plant the seed then? xD Hahahah!! Omg I'm so lazy to upload the pictures of the day now~! SOrry Buddeh! Hahahah~~ I might just upload the pictures of my birthday gift tomorrow? x3 hopefully I'm not that lazy kakakak!! xD

I went to had a dinner with Mary last night at a Chinese restaurant at Kiulap and Pizza Hut in the mall with my parents tonight. It was both great~! Though I shall not claim birthday gify from my parents since they bought me a new espeed now~ kekekekke!! Thank you Mami Dad!!! XD Anyways, I shall sleep now, I've been blogging for don't-know-how-long until now, it's 1:57am in the mid night. I'm exhausted, yet feeling rather fresh because of the amazing celebration today. Thanks people, I have nothing else to say but I appreciated everything today! =D

May God bless you all!

Night! =D

Friday, October 24, 2008

Exam fever will be crawling sooon!!!!!!! O.O

Finally, the schedule of final year exam was given to us by yesterday; it is going to be 2 days earlier than we expected; first day of the exam will be on the 6th and end on 18th of November, there will be some off days in between 12nd to 17th of November, therefore I will have more time to revise my POA and Geography~! XD

I’ve been copying/ doing/ and photocopying my home/ class works recently, am I not hard working enough???!!! (riiiight~~~~ -.-“ ) XP I thought of sticking my exam schedule on the wall might make me rajin enough to study because I’ll be sick of worrying about my exam since the schedule is just right above my monitor… .__.”” I’ll see how is that going to work out for me… = =””

We had three days holiday last weekend, and I had a sleepover at Ling’s place with Huei Yin, I didn’t planned to sleep over actually, but we were talking until really late and I was too lazy to drive home (distance between Ling and my house is just less than 5 minutes… .__.), so I decided to stay over for one night since the girls wanted me to *Shy~* XD So Huei Yin painted my nail in bronze the next day, this is how it looked like. XD

Rant zone.

Below here, I’m going to write something about someone, if you know me well enough, you might know what/ who I’m referring to, be quiet about it if you do, be curious if you don’t, and I will not tell you who that person is. XP I have my own reason doing/ saying things, I don’t hate one for no reason; therefore if I dislike you, which will definitely mean that you have done something awesome (heh…) to me or to the world.

To that ‘someone’, if you happened to read my blog (I doubt he would), I’m telling you, I dislike you being whoever human you are. Even thought you had told the whole world that you respected someone and I very much due to some reason, I wasn’t glad enough as I heard my name was being spitted from your mouth, I felt disgusted being respected by you. = =* What you have done wouldn’t make me like you more, the effort turned opposite instead. By that, you’re not showing any sincere but telling me how loser you are. Get away from me, LOSER!

If you know me well enough, I wouldn’t gossip nor even discuss about anyone if they did not done anything wrong. So, if you know who you are, think what you have done to the whole world. You’re just too stubborn to even admit your mistakes, WAKE UP VAINSM! You sing like no tomorrow each and every day even if the whole world is telling you to shut your mouth up. I never had any complaint about anyone who sings bad because I thought there are always spaces for improvement, however, like I have mentioned, you are just too stubborn to be appreciated counsels from others, so we might just pass you up. C’mon man, learn to respect yourself. = =

No, I haven’t done my rant yet, if you’re tired of reading this damn thing, just ignore them and click on the [x] on the top right of your screen, don’t be shy, you’re always welcomed~ = =

To be honest, I dislike plastics, who doesn’t? I dislike them for them being so nice to one and gossip about them at their back, not to mention those so-called best friends. If you can even turn your back at them and telling others about each others’ weakness, what ‘best friend’ are you referring to actually? Fake isn’t it? Fucking fake man c’mon. So anyone out there, if you’re a plastic, please step out of my life, I would not like to meet any of them ‘cause I’m sick of people like YOU. *points at you*

No doubt that actually more than 99% of human in this world are plastics, what I’m saying is that at least be a good plastic, will ya? Believe it or not, even husband and wife could be plastic to each other, how fake could it be? Meh, I’m just releasing some loads here, nothing to be worried about.

Now, bastard, if you’re reading this, scroll up and down and see how long this post is, it’s long enough like I never complaint about anyone like this before. I can’t even put on a proper smile on my face when I see you, which means you’re not worth for me to put on a smile, now you can see how worst you can be. I will not mention too detail, just in case you actually know who I’m talking about, I have to note that, I’m not afraid of letting you know, it’s just that if you actually know what happened you might only be really ashamed.

Can you actually count how many real friends do you have around you? Apparently you have none, pathetic for you, even if you do, they’re only using you and backstabbing you as you’re really much of a loser; or maybe they might think you’re fun at first, and then find out you actually have the ability of ‘loser’ in you. Though I admit I’m not much better, but I’m at least better than you. Most of the time, you tell jokes without second thought which hurts people feelings, a LOT; and you’re saying me telling you things without second thought? Hah, you haven’t really heard me talking without a second thought, do NOT regret, that’s gonna pull your face off if I did that. Go to your corner and draw circle by yourself ba! BYE! XP

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

School days... Zzz

Looks like I haven't been blogging for 10 days now everysince the day after school reopened. meh~ nothing much to do these days except watching my Taiwanese series, '18 stop or not', a funny and common Taiwanese series indeed. I haven't had anything done after the school term holiday, I still owed teacher lots of homeworks/class works ~ xD damn GG man~ xD I'm feeling so lazy to do anything~ = =""

Don't know what else to blog ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~ so lifeless = =""
sides from this, someone has been bugging me to beg for his ex's forgiveness, WUT? want apologize go apologize yourself man!!! If she doesn't wanna accept then that's your business lur~Lalalalalaa XP siennn~ For those who never appreciated the simple things around you, when something is gone, then it will never come back to you; appreciate when you can, or you'll regret like @#$%^& when it's gone.


CIaoooooo~ xD

Oh yea, let's see and compare the pictures below here, don't you think they just looked alike? xD

DON'T THEY JUST LOOK ALIKE??? XDDDDDD Hahahahah!!! One of the most HANDSOME-EST dude, Tong in our school (girls call her prince (?????) lol~) and my friend's friend in the next picture... the one with white clothes, Mr. Adam~ XD HAhahahha!! xD

Okay I'm really off to continue reading my Vapire Knight manga now~ CIAO! XD

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Yoo everybadeehh~~ yea I'm not asleep yet, damn sien. I was supposed to be sleeping right now though, but I just felt like blogging as I saw some old pictures that I just copied from my phone to my PC just now. Memorable. =]

I missed you so. =3

Didn't get to sleep over Pam's house the night before yesterday because mom didn't allowed, saying that school is opening so don't want me to go out too often, mehh~ So I went online and chatted with Pam and some of my friends.

Went out with my GirlFriends last night to the Jerudong beach (aha~ my mom scolded me for that~ X_x say I kepoh wanna bring people here and there~ blehhhhh! X_x), once in a bluemoon, who cares? XD It's not like we can always go to the beach at night, though it's dangerous but yea, just like the feelings of sea breeze blowing on my cheeks at night. We talked about some funny facts which I'm not gonna mention here~ x3 Our Lam Teng Teng arhh~ Nyahahaha~ XD

Pictures of the trip to KB to have our news
Chong Kai and etooo, forgot his name! XD
when we went to KB for the news paper competition.

Teng wasn't being cooperative... = =""

Oh gay~ guess what? My mom ordered fried rice for me for dinner, there was chilli padi in it?!?!?!?! I go all gila after eating the fried rice~ omg = =""

He was forced to take picture with me (???????????) Lol! XD


I don't know why I'm blogging like this now, Im probably influenced by Pam's blog stylo? XD HAhahah~ mehh~ once in awhile~ sorrey lar~ kekekek xp just feel like making a memoir of my old memories, though these memories are not as old but it feels like as if it's been a long long time now... =]

I didn't made this entry just to let people think how poor I am, I'm not poor, at least I don't think so. I just missed them a lot. =]

We were once so closed. =]
Ju was damn cute by then. x3

The crazy times we used to spent with each other. =3

Could it still be the same after number of years? That questions me sometimes and make me feel even more depressed. =( I appreciated the time we always use to spend with each other, however as time goes by, things change, we change, everything has to change. Could we still remain the same? Sometimes I wonder, IF I was ever considered a part of yours. Or am I just a clown who brings cheer to everyone and left silently when nobody notice...

I don't know, a lot of flashbacks when I found these pictures on my cellphone. A depressing entry I've had here no? I'm just being random. Don't mind me too much. =]

Girls and I, talked about our fears last night when we finally climbed up to the top of the rocks. Teng, you did a great job. ^^ Nobody is afraid of nothing, we'll always be there by your side. =]

Hyin stuffing fish to Teng's mouth!!! XDD

Day dreaming of our princes~? *-*

Lamo's See, Hear, Talk no evil!! XD and a *WTF* face Hyin holding the cam~ XD

I missed the old bunch of '12 dragonz' together that time, though the name of the groups has changed now lol~ I missed when Manzy, Burt, Greg, Kevin and I went to hiking together at Shah Bandar that long time ago which I don't quite remember when was it. XP

Oh yea, just a random picture here. Let's see our grandpa's face now. XD

Pam said he looked like monkeyy!! HAHahahah!! XD

Oh my god, it's really a risky thing posting his picture up here o.O Hopefully he won't visit my blog all of sudden~ HAHAHAH!! XD or he's gna chokeslam me to death~ o.O




Just being a bit low at this moment. Not much to be worried about~ ^^

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Just feel like blogging for awhile before I go~
yeaps~ going out with Pam again~ xD Seriously I don't know what can we do in Brunei now ahahahahha!!! nothing in Brunei baaaaaaa!!! Fun got function today worr~ so cannot go out with us~ Omg I'm starving too now~ Pam told me she was going to die of starvation~ HAhahahah!! xDD omg~ KFC we gonna eat later~ hmmm~ sleeping over Pam's house tonight, gonna go out with my GirlFriends tomorrow to the snow house~ mehhh = ="" I hope my stomach would be okay with it this time. BAaa~! Ciao for now~ I might not be online tonight~ don't miss me peeps~ XP Tan, I'll try to get my photoshop installed and submit the website to you as soon as possible.

Good day everyone. ^^

Thanks for Nini for the award~! =D

I just hope that I'm being trusted.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I miss you? Why am I missing you all this sudden? o.O Aiya don't miss you lar!!! you go bang wall larr!!! SHOOO SHOOO!! XDDDDD stewpiak sotong... = =" I GO MISS MY CAT ALSO NO MISS SOTONG LAR MWAHAHAHAHHAH XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

= =""

Anyways, I have been going out these few days, oh wait... ALMOST THE WHOLE HOLIDAY OKAY??? WOA SO DAMN TIRED~ but come to think about it, if I were to stay home for the whole day, I can die out of boredom man~ X_x

So yea~ went out with Fun and Pam yesterday, damn I miss you both so badly now. = =" Fun picked me up around 12:40pm at noon, then we went all the way from our house Sengkurong to Muara to pick Pam up afterthat. XD Before that I was wondering if it's okay for our vampire cat (Fun)to go out this early or not? xD It was a super sunny day after all~ We decided to catch a movie called 4bia, I have already booked the ticket the day before it. The movie is showing at 2:45pm. 4bia wasn't as scary as I thought though~ There were actually 4 stories in that movie, I liked the first one the most, somehow. The forth story was disgusting. = =" Meh, Pam and I almost bite Fun's arms off! XD

After the movie, we went to had our dinner at fusion. Wingz called Pam up and then shown up next few seconds and sit beside Fun. I doubt Fun has ever seen me that annoyed before~ xD .

I shall continue some other time~ malas ahhh bloggingg!!! xDDD Anyhow I should upload some pictures of Mei Mei's wedding and pam and my outing~ ^^

Little angels~? Mitel and Ling~ x3
the 5ive little angels~

took in Empire's toilet~ MWAHAHAH XD


awwwwwwwwww Ling is such a pretty girll~~ x33

Who else can get prettier than this? xD Our Mei Mei and her husband!! =D

awwwww~ Now i'm in love with Mei Mei~ *Ooops?* XD

Pam kai dy, Pam and ME! XD lol ._."
Pam pam~, Pam kai dy and CCK~

I become the mami cua kai kai~~ XDDD

gou fei? xD HAhahahaahhH!!! XD

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New friends~ xD

Mama mia~ woke up around 8 this morning cos I had to go to Jia Min house with Mei Mei as she doesn't know where Jia Min house was. Actaully I only woke up by the time when Mei Mei called me... how embrassing~ = ="" 8 in the morning man!!!! It's already kinda early for people like me having holidays now~ xp HAhahah ok whateva~ = =

So, Mei Mei brought me to Jia Min house because she wanted to take a look of some of her stuffs for her wedding use tomorrow, after that Mei Mei brought me to Xin Yu Mei for breakfast (Thankew teahcerrr!!!! xD), I had errr, Cha Xiu Bao and holic and some siew mai and siao long bao, it's been awhile that I haven't eat siao long bao man~ But I still love having siao long bao at Taiwan's breakfast shop early in the morning. xD Hmmmmmmmm~ delicious~ *drolls~* Oops~ xQ

After having breakfast, Mei Mei and I went to met up the photographer from our school, Mr. Simon Chin, he's suppose to take shots for Mei Mei for the wedding tomorrow. =D Right after that, Mei Mei sent me home and went to meet up with her stylist later on.

When I reached home, it was around 10 plus and I thought it would be too late for me to sleep again since I will have to go out with Pam later. I was too jobless that I went online to look for visual styles for my window xp and logon screen to download, yes, super bored I know~ X_x I was actually trying to kill some time, though I found some interesting graphics kekekek!! xD

Oh damn, I need photoshop!!!! My photoshop CD has corrupted as the paper on the CD got pealed off itself. Hmm... currently downloading Photoshop CS3... hopefully I would be smart enough to use it... = ="" Rawrr!!!

1:20pm!!! Getting ready to go out! Hahaha~ okay, Fitness Zone called me up when I was about to start the engine, that wasted me for about 10 plus minutes... = ="" Thanks for that I was late when I made it to Cheeze Box to meet up with Pam and her classmates... = ="" Grrr~

There were, wavy, ah kong, kevin, and Linda? Forgot her name, sorry!! xpp anyways, they were really fun and friendly~ cute and all those, wavy and ah kong were so funny that they keep fighting with each other... hmmm~ xD I ordered for one cup of peach green tea, it was nice though~ =D $2.80. nice nice ^^

After having lunch at Cheeze Box, the 4 classmates of Pam has to go home, so appearantly left Pam and I. I didn't felt like having lunch at Cheeze Box just now so I asked if we should have some french fries at jolibee, Pam was okay with it though she was already very full~ Kekekekek xpp

She told me something about the friends who I met just now, some stories and all that. Interesting~ xD I kinda forgot what we did after having those french fries, all I know was we went to Happy Arcade and sing like mad again just to wait for her kai dy to done with his movie~ xD oh gila~ I'm not gonna tell you how much we spent in the dummy kbox in Happy Arcade~ sot liao us~ xD

So yea~ I meet new friend again~ HAhahah~ Comy and CCK~ lalalala~ funny friends they are. I guess I should really sleep now~ too tired~ Hahahah xD 12 something for now. Hmm~ Gonna wake up around 6:30? To go to Mei Mei's house for the wedding tomorrow~ Haahha~ Ba night peeps~ xD will post pictures up once I'm not too lazy... I'm so lazy to do photo blog these days... forgive me larr~~ ahahahah!! xD

Monday, September 22, 2008

just woke up~ X_x

I just woke up about half an hour ago, took a shower and all that, gonna get ready to go out again. I actually didn't planned to go out this often during the term holiday this time but something just keep me occupied that I hardly stay at home the whole day... o.O I love my computer more than outside leii~~ HAhahahh!!! (ok I feel like a 宅女 now... = =)

Our Chinese teacher, Mei Mei is getting married in this week, very fast isn't it? It's on the 26th or 29th if I'm not mistaken. Her wedding will be held in the St. George's church. We have to go there later for the wedding rehearsal. Don't know what it would be like. I might take some pictures about it and post it up tonight IF I'm not too lazy~ xD Oh yea, I haven't upload the pictures of when Liwen, Mary and I were in the gym. Together I'll post it up tonight, IF I'm not TOO lazy! XD Bye peeps~! xD

Sunday, September 21, 2008

heading out again??????

Oh yea, heading out again, but no, not to the Fitness Zone first. I'm going out with Liwen to have lunch at don't know where with her god-brother later around 2 but I shall go and pick her up at 1:30, I mean I shall get going at 1:30 but not 2!!! Hahahah~ cos I was always late~ xD

I think I might be going straight to Mary's house after the lunch and then later on go to the yoga class at The Mall around 6? Or maybe we'll reach there around 5? But not too late I guess, cos I'm too lazy to find parking in Gadong~ Hahahah XDD

Mary said she wanted to have dinner at fratini, what a nice idea, but but but... exercises + fratini? errr... are you sure we gonna lose any fats or are we gonna gain fat? = =?? NEVERMIND LAR~!!!! I'll just go for it mwahahhah!! Good luck to me in Gym lol~ xD

Saturday, September 20, 2008




Bored mann~~

Yes! I'm blogging again!! Ahahah~ Yesh, I'm just too bored. Just woke up not long ago, like, an hour plus? xD (you called that not long ago? ((to me marrr~~~~ XDD)) riiight~)

Oho~ going out with Baka Ringu-chan later mwahahah!!! And I suppose I would see Andy, Shiau Wen, Wendy and Kiat at the mall later at night since they're going out later too? Gezz~ Actually I was supposed to go out with them last night but they changed to the date to tonight, and Ling, Teng had already booked me for today before the holiday started. Haiis~ So yea~ whatever lar~ go out with them yam cha nia~ nothing special also~ xD I'm not so close with Shiau Wen and Wendy, it's gonna be awkward if I go out with the two girls, more over, I don't really like Andy's attitude, so it's better for me didn't go out with them tonight, Mwahahahh!!! XPP

Anyways, since I'm going out with Ling themo later, I might not be coming home that early tonight. Don't miss me peeps~ Mwahahah!! XDD

(Oh yes, Fitness Zone~! Wait for me!!! I'll be coming tomorrow!! Mwahahah!! XDD)

Oh yea~ for y'all information, my shoutout box turned out to be like this, I've made a screen shoot of this. This is why I can neither tag nor see my tag. I might going to reformat my PC once again unless I find away to solve this problem. Ciao peeps~!! xD

Friday, September 19, 2008

Geezz~ tiring day~ = =

Yo peeps~ since I'm not able to tag now, I might just keep blogging (maybe? xD or maybe awhile later I'm gonna be on hiatus again~ Akakakak~ xD). Didn't planned to go out today but my brother asked me to bring him to the mall with my cousin, Seng along, so yea, went out since 10 something in the morning until now. Geez~ I hate staying outside the whole day actually, I always wanted to come home just now but I was too lazy to drive.

Fitness Zone called me up few days ago, an officer/trainer named Dolex said that I was invited to the Fitness Zone to try out the 3 days free trial. Oh wells, he said that it was my schoolmate, Chin Kim Lun who preferred me on their list, then he pointed the finger to Mon when I Bla-ed him~... xD Oh yes, I was kind of interested with the Yoga class~ somemore there're Suana and lots more of spa fecilities, why not give a try? Oh and, I might be joining also~? You never know right? xD I'll give a one month trial if I'm interested with it, and then I'll see if I should continue, since we got nothing much to do in Burnei and I always wanted to keep fit eh? (Someone said that keeping fit = eating = become rounder... RAWRR!!! bite you arhh!! XD)

I invited my cousin, Mary to the Fitness Zone also, she said she was kind of interested with the Yoga too, and the huge swimming pool at the Fitness Zone at Qlap is nice as well, the gym area and fecilities these should be better there than in The Mall since there is only very limited place there in The Mall (the spa room in The Mall Fitness Zone is like a bathroom... isn't it err... disappointing? Doesn't seem like you would enjoy enough? XD). So yes! I might be joining the unlimited time with the pastport membership, which means I can use it in both in Qlap and The Mall. Nice right? XD But the cost will be higher of course~ =x

Mehh... enough about Fitness Zone, I hope I won't meet our grandpa there anytime~ = ="

So~ Baka Ringu-chan called me up 4 hours ago and we talked until now... *WHAT?* it's like, 1:40am now? XD HAhahah!! Omg~ yes, we talked that long, I suppose? We're too jobless, aren't we? xD Lol! SO~ I've been blogging but couldn't be able to blog properly cos I was talking with her on the phone, OH YES, I DID A LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!! By singing in the phone to baka ringu-chan? XD HAHAHAH yea, sart? = = Oh! And, my goodbye days is good!!! She said, it was quite nice~ since I just learnt it not that long ago, like, few days ago? MWAHAHAH!!! XD Yo~ enough about the gibberish~ let's sleep now~ I'm sleepeyyy mannn~ = =


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reformated my dummy PC~

Alright~ Like what I have mentioned in my entry title, I had just reformated my PC few days ago, so I'm still trying to install some useful software into my computer, though I guess I kena virus liao...? = =? this happened yesterday I suppose? Cos the computer worked really well before yesterday, Oh wait, before the night falls, yes. And it's like... a bit cacat now...???? = =""""

MOREOVERR!!! I CAN'T SEE MY SHOUTOUT BOX!!! WTHHH IS WRONNNGGGG~?!?!?!?! I asked some people if they could see my shoutout box, they said YEA and Kevin said he can still tag tag tag tag and tag~ = ="" pissed~ RAWR SO DUDE!!! COMMENT TIME NOW MWAHAHAHHAH!!!! Left message for me in my comment box under every entry... = ="" or I won't reply you on my shoutout box, since I can't even see what you guys typed riiiiiiightt??? XD Lalalalala~

So yea~ end here~ BYE FOLKS! XD

Friday, September 12, 2008

Boring weekends~

Nothing much to do during weekends eh~ so damn sien~ = ="" oh man, too bored too bored too bored~ Hahahah!! xD zOmg I've got another music mixing project to do, this time is for the teachers' day, one of the dance performance. Aha, guess what? The music I'm doing this time is basically base on the 70s to 90s, which is Ye Shang Hai, Ka Men, Blue Suede and Dancing Queen, oh lord~ are we walking backwards? xD Hahaha! Oh wells, the songs are nice though, I'll be editing them to make them sound like an old radio, that would make the music sound more retro as i'm adding the effect of tuning to get the correct frequency on a radio.

Hmm~ wassup recently?

Went out with my friend, En-chan last night, whose going back to Taiwan soon on next Wednesday, the flight schedule she's taking is kinda funney you know? She has to take the flight around 5 or 7 early in the morning to KK, and then wait for 6 hours from KK to Kao Hsiong, Taiwan. Sad huh? Just like the time when I went back to Taiwan and the time when I got back to Brunei. Damn sad. = ="

We decided to have our dinner at blues cafe in Gadong, suppose to meet at 5:30PM, and I only got my butt out of my chair right at that time, Aha~ That is, I kinda drove a little too fast... and almost crashed a car, but thank God I managed to press the brake hard enough in time~ = ="" Oh wells~ never mind about that since I'm still alive here right??? xDDD So, I found a parking which was near to the blues cafe, looked around in blues cafe and guess what? SHE'S NOT EVEN THERE YET RAWRRR!! O.O A late queen she is... = ="" called her up and she told me she just came out. Oh wells, can't blame her, cos it was her mom made her late for the date~ meow~ xD

So I waited until she came (actually I thought of a lot of things to nag at her once she arrived but everything vanished when she got her butt there~ xD), had our dinner and talked about some funny topics including ghost stories, yes! ghost stories~! She told me there was this star name Huang Zi Rong, who can actually communicate with the spirits world, happened to experienced some funny and exiting stories. Wanna know the stories? XD Lemme share one of her stories with you~ xD There was once when she was drinking pearl milk tea, there was this spirit staring at her drink... Finally, the spirit started the talk...
Spirit : What are you drinking actually?...
Zi Rong : Pearl milk tea? o.O
Zi Rong : Not REAL pearl of course... =)
Spirit : Then what is it? o.O
Zi Rong : It's made of jelly...
Spirit : WHAT? Then why not call it jelly milk tea??? How can they trick customers like this??? This is bad bad bad! Those selling pearl milk tea shall go to hell floor 18!!!

Aha-aha~ what a... cute spirit ehh?? xD I suppose this spirit was dead before people invented pearl milk tea... It might be a really honest person when it was alive eh? o.O

So, after the dinner, we went around in Gadong, to the Mall to look for CDs (she wanted to buy some pirated CDs cos it's way cheaper here than in Taiwan since pirated CDs are illegal there~). We went to have some drinks in Ahan Thai cos we were too thirsty after talking too much of non sense~ xD After Ahan Thai, we decided to come to my house to take her anime and then played my guitar for awhile, then send her home around 10 something. We were planning to go to the beach first before sending her home, but my mom insisted my dad to send her home, so Oh wells~ never mind~ we still have Saturday~ said en... .__.""

I'm still a bit confused about if I should go back to Taiwan to study since it would be half price there if I go back to study, but the percentage of me going to LKW to study is higher. Oh wells, I still have 1 more year to think of it, nothing to be too worried about it~ =]

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long time no blog~

Geez~ Don't really feel like blogging somehow~ .__."
Maybe it's because of that I haven't been blogging for a long time? .__."
Every time when I blogged for a period of time, I would stop for a period of time too~ hahah~ which is... weird? I don't know why I have this kinda habit of blogging. Oh wells~ who cares~? xP Oh, maybe the readers cares? Kekekekek!!! Sorreyyy Peeps~ xp

People has been telling me to blog, or saying my blog is dying! (you know who I'm referring to~ xD) anyways~ Ok fine! Here I am to blog now!!! hahahahh~~

Though nothing much happened these days, except for I've been watching "Princess Returning Pearl" (還珠格格) these few weeks, season 1 and 2, 72 chapters altogether~ mehh, I feel like buying the third season too!! But oh wells, I think I might just go download it from the internet, though it might be blaaaaadey slow, and I'm sure about it... = =""

Perhaps I should end the entry here? xD Not to worry, I'll try to keep my blog alive~ won't die one larr!! hahahah xDD

It's like 01:33 AM now... I should sleep ehh~ xD Night folks~ =D

Have a nice day yo~ x3

Friday, August 22, 2008

Camera and Video Cam for sale~

Hey~! Look in side here~! You, yes, YOU! I'm helping my dad to sell off the camera and video cam, anyone interested in it? =] Here's the pictures and information will be written below. =]
Note : It's not used yet. And they're still new in the market, at least not more than one year. =]

Premier DS-5067P Pink Angel0 - $120

Effective Pixels: 5-megapixel image resolution: static images: 10M: 3648 x 2736 (FW interpolation) / 8M: 3264 x2448 (FW interpolation) 5 M: 2560 x 1920

Video files: 640 x 480 (24fps) / 320 x 240 (30fps) audio video storage media: 16 MB built-in memory (13.5 MB can be used to store images)

Support SD / SDHC memory card (up to 4 GB)

File format: video format: JPEG; video format: Motion JPEG

Interface: USB connector power: two AAA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries)

Size (X-X high-thick): About 90 mm x 55 mm x 18 mm (excluding protruding parts)

Weight: about 82 grams (without batteries and memory card)

Premier DV-5061S, Video camera. Simply Perfect. $150 (Free 2GB SD memory card)

Image sensor: 1/2.5" CMOS sensor

Effective pixels: 5.0 Mega pixels

Image resolution: [Still Image]
8M: 3264 x 2448 (FW interpolation)
5M: 2560 x 1920, 3M: 2048 x 1536
1M: 1280 x 960, 0.3M: 640 x 480
[Video Clips]
720 x 480 (25 fps), 640 x 480 (25 fps), QVGA: 320 x 240 (25 fps)

Recording media: 64MB internal memory
Supports SD/SDHC memory card (up to 4 GB) (optional)

File format: Image format: JPEG; video format: MPEG4, ASF

Lens: Aperture: F3.1

Focal Length: 7.5mm

Focus range: Macro: 60 ~ 100 cm

Normal: 100cm ~ infinity

Shutter speed: 0.5(s) ~ 1/2000(s)

LCD monitor: 2.36" full color LTPS-TFT LCS (115K pixels)

Self-timer: 10 sec delay, 2 sec delay

Exposure compensation: -1.8EV ~ +1.8EV (in 0.3 EV increments)

White balance: Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent1, Fluorescent2, Cloudy

ISO: Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800

Interface: USB connector, A/V OUT terminal, earphone jack

Power: 2 x AA size batteries

Dimensions: Approx. 106.5 x 59 x 30 mm (without protruding parts)

Weight: Approx. 130g (without batteries and memory card)

These are the informations I can get for you guys. For further more informations please contact Thanks. =]