Sunday, October 05, 2008


Yoo everybadeehh~~ yea I'm not asleep yet, damn sien. I was supposed to be sleeping right now though, but I just felt like blogging as I saw some old pictures that I just copied from my phone to my PC just now. Memorable. =]

I missed you so. =3

Didn't get to sleep over Pam's house the night before yesterday because mom didn't allowed, saying that school is opening so don't want me to go out too often, mehh~ So I went online and chatted with Pam and some of my friends.

Went out with my GirlFriends last night to the Jerudong beach (aha~ my mom scolded me for that~ X_x say I kepoh wanna bring people here and there~ blehhhhh! X_x), once in a bluemoon, who cares? XD It's not like we can always go to the beach at night, though it's dangerous but yea, just like the feelings of sea breeze blowing on my cheeks at night. We talked about some funny facts which I'm not gonna mention here~ x3 Our Lam Teng Teng arhh~ Nyahahaha~ XD

Pictures of the trip to KB to have our news
Chong Kai and etooo, forgot his name! XD
when we went to KB for the news paper competition.

Teng wasn't being cooperative... = =""

Oh gay~ guess what? My mom ordered fried rice for me for dinner, there was chilli padi in it?!?!?!?! I go all gila after eating the fried rice~ omg = =""

He was forced to take picture with me (???????????) Lol! XD


I don't know why I'm blogging like this now, Im probably influenced by Pam's blog stylo? XD HAhahah~ mehh~ once in awhile~ sorrey lar~ kekekek xp just feel like making a memoir of my old memories, though these memories are not as old but it feels like as if it's been a long long time now... =]

I didn't made this entry just to let people think how poor I am, I'm not poor, at least I don't think so. I just missed them a lot. =]

We were once so closed. =]
Ju was damn cute by then. x3

The crazy times we used to spent with each other. =3

Could it still be the same after number of years? That questions me sometimes and make me feel even more depressed. =( I appreciated the time we always use to spend with each other, however as time goes by, things change, we change, everything has to change. Could we still remain the same? Sometimes I wonder, IF I was ever considered a part of yours. Or am I just a clown who brings cheer to everyone and left silently when nobody notice...

I don't know, a lot of flashbacks when I found these pictures on my cellphone. A depressing entry I've had here no? I'm just being random. Don't mind me too much. =]

Girls and I, talked about our fears last night when we finally climbed up to the top of the rocks. Teng, you did a great job. ^^ Nobody is afraid of nothing, we'll always be there by your side. =]

Hyin stuffing fish to Teng's mouth!!! XDD

Day dreaming of our princes~? *-*

Lamo's See, Hear, Talk no evil!! XD and a *WTF* face Hyin holding the cam~ XD

I missed the old bunch of '12 dragonz' together that time, though the name of the groups has changed now lol~ I missed when Manzy, Burt, Greg, Kevin and I went to hiking together at Shah Bandar that long time ago which I don't quite remember when was it. XP

Oh yea, just a random picture here. Let's see our grandpa's face now. XD

Pam said he looked like monkeyy!! HAHahahah!! XD

Oh my god, it's really a risky thing posting his picture up here o.O Hopefully he won't visit my blog all of sudden~ HAHAHAH!! XD or he's gna chokeslam me to death~ o.O




Just being a bit low at this moment. Not much to be worried about~ ^^

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