Thursday, October 02, 2008


Just feel like blogging for awhile before I go~
yeaps~ going out with Pam again~ xD Seriously I don't know what can we do in Brunei now ahahahahha!!! nothing in Brunei baaaaaaa!!! Fun got function today worr~ so cannot go out with us~ Omg I'm starving too now~ Pam told me she was going to die of starvation~ HAhahahah!! xDD omg~ KFC we gonna eat later~ hmmm~ sleeping over Pam's house tonight, gonna go out with my GirlFriends tomorrow to the snow house~ mehhh = ="" I hope my stomach would be okay with it this time. BAaa~! Ciao for now~ I might not be online tonight~ don't miss me peeps~ XP Tan, I'll try to get my photoshop installed and submit the website to you as soon as possible.

Good day everyone. ^^

Thanks for Nini for the award~! =D

I just hope that I'm being trusted.

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