Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I miss you? Why am I missing you all this sudden? o.O Aiya don't miss you lar!!! you go bang wall larr!!! SHOOO SHOOO!! XDDDDD stewpiak sotong... = =" I GO MISS MY CAT ALSO NO MISS SOTONG LAR MWAHAHAHAHHAH XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

= =""

Anyways, I have been going out these few days, oh wait... ALMOST THE WHOLE HOLIDAY OKAY??? WOA SO DAMN TIRED~ but come to think about it, if I were to stay home for the whole day, I can die out of boredom man~ X_x

So yea~ went out with Fun and Pam yesterday, damn I miss you both so badly now. = =" Fun picked me up around 12:40pm at noon, then we went all the way from our house Sengkurong to Muara to pick Pam up afterthat. XD Before that I was wondering if it's okay for our vampire cat (Fun)to go out this early or not? xD It was a super sunny day after all~ We decided to catch a movie called 4bia, I have already booked the ticket the day before it. The movie is showing at 2:45pm. 4bia wasn't as scary as I thought though~ There were actually 4 stories in that movie, I liked the first one the most, somehow. The forth story was disgusting. = =" Meh, Pam and I almost bite Fun's arms off! XD

After the movie, we went to had our dinner at fusion. Wingz called Pam up and then shown up next few seconds and sit beside Fun. I doubt Fun has ever seen me that annoyed before~ xD .

I shall continue some other time~ malas ahhh bloggingg!!! xDDD Anyhow I should upload some pictures of Mei Mei's wedding and pam and my outing~ ^^

Little angels~? Mitel and Ling~ x3
the 5ive little angels~

took in Empire's toilet~ MWAHAHAH XD


awwwwwwwwww Ling is such a pretty girll~~ x33

Who else can get prettier than this? xD Our Mei Mei and her husband!! =D

awwwww~ Now i'm in love with Mei Mei~ *Ooops?* XD

Pam kai dy, Pam and ME! XD lol ._."
Pam pam~, Pam kai dy and CCK~

I become the mami cua kai kai~~ XDDD

gou fei? xD HAhahahaahhH!!! XD

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