Thursday, September 25, 2008

New friends~ xD

Mama mia~ woke up around 8 this morning cos I had to go to Jia Min house with Mei Mei as she doesn't know where Jia Min house was. Actaully I only woke up by the time when Mei Mei called me... how embrassing~ = ="" 8 in the morning man!!!! It's already kinda early for people like me having holidays now~ xp HAhahah ok whateva~ = =

So, Mei Mei brought me to Jia Min house because she wanted to take a look of some of her stuffs for her wedding use tomorrow, after that Mei Mei brought me to Xin Yu Mei for breakfast (Thankew teahcerrr!!!! xD), I had errr, Cha Xiu Bao and holic and some siew mai and siao long bao, it's been awhile that I haven't eat siao long bao man~ But I still love having siao long bao at Taiwan's breakfast shop early in the morning. xD Hmmmmmmmm~ delicious~ *drolls~* Oops~ xQ

After having breakfast, Mei Mei and I went to met up the photographer from our school, Mr. Simon Chin, he's suppose to take shots for Mei Mei for the wedding tomorrow. =D Right after that, Mei Mei sent me home and went to meet up with her stylist later on.

When I reached home, it was around 10 plus and I thought it would be too late for me to sleep again since I will have to go out with Pam later. I was too jobless that I went online to look for visual styles for my window xp and logon screen to download, yes, super bored I know~ X_x I was actually trying to kill some time, though I found some interesting graphics kekekek!! xD

Oh damn, I need photoshop!!!! My photoshop CD has corrupted as the paper on the CD got pealed off itself. Hmm... currently downloading Photoshop CS3... hopefully I would be smart enough to use it... = ="" Rawrr!!!

1:20pm!!! Getting ready to go out! Hahaha~ okay, Fitness Zone called me up when I was about to start the engine, that wasted me for about 10 plus minutes... = ="" Thanks for that I was late when I made it to Cheeze Box to meet up with Pam and her classmates... = ="" Grrr~

There were, wavy, ah kong, kevin, and Linda? Forgot her name, sorry!! xpp anyways, they were really fun and friendly~ cute and all those, wavy and ah kong were so funny that they keep fighting with each other... hmmm~ xD I ordered for one cup of peach green tea, it was nice though~ =D $2.80. nice nice ^^

After having lunch at Cheeze Box, the 4 classmates of Pam has to go home, so appearantly left Pam and I. I didn't felt like having lunch at Cheeze Box just now so I asked if we should have some french fries at jolibee, Pam was okay with it though she was already very full~ Kekekekek xpp

She told me something about the friends who I met just now, some stories and all that. Interesting~ xD I kinda forgot what we did after having those french fries, all I know was we went to Happy Arcade and sing like mad again just to wait for her kai dy to done with his movie~ xD oh gila~ I'm not gonna tell you how much we spent in the dummy kbox in Happy Arcade~ sot liao us~ xD

So yea~ I meet new friend again~ HAhahah~ Comy and CCK~ lalalala~ funny friends they are. I guess I should really sleep now~ too tired~ Hahahah xD 12 something for now. Hmm~ Gonna wake up around 6:30? To go to Mei Mei's house for the wedding tomorrow~ Haahha~ Ba night peeps~ xD will post pictures up once I'm not too lazy... I'm so lazy to do photo blog these days... forgive me larr~~ ahahahah!! xD

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