Friday, September 12, 2008

Boring weekends~

Nothing much to do during weekends eh~ so damn sien~ = ="" oh man, too bored too bored too bored~ Hahahah!! xD zOmg I've got another music mixing project to do, this time is for the teachers' day, one of the dance performance. Aha, guess what? The music I'm doing this time is basically base on the 70s to 90s, which is Ye Shang Hai, Ka Men, Blue Suede and Dancing Queen, oh lord~ are we walking backwards? xD Hahaha! Oh wells, the songs are nice though, I'll be editing them to make them sound like an old radio, that would make the music sound more retro as i'm adding the effect of tuning to get the correct frequency on a radio.

Hmm~ wassup recently?

Went out with my friend, En-chan last night, whose going back to Taiwan soon on next Wednesday, the flight schedule she's taking is kinda funney you know? She has to take the flight around 5 or 7 early in the morning to KK, and then wait for 6 hours from KK to Kao Hsiong, Taiwan. Sad huh? Just like the time when I went back to Taiwan and the time when I got back to Brunei. Damn sad. = ="

We decided to have our dinner at blues cafe in Gadong, suppose to meet at 5:30PM, and I only got my butt out of my chair right at that time, Aha~ That is, I kinda drove a little too fast... and almost crashed a car, but thank God I managed to press the brake hard enough in time~ = ="" Oh wells~ never mind about that since I'm still alive here right??? xDDD So, I found a parking which was near to the blues cafe, looked around in blues cafe and guess what? SHE'S NOT EVEN THERE YET RAWRRR!! O.O A late queen she is... = ="" called her up and she told me she just came out. Oh wells, can't blame her, cos it was her mom made her late for the date~ meow~ xD

So I waited until she came (actually I thought of a lot of things to nag at her once she arrived but everything vanished when she got her butt there~ xD), had our dinner and talked about some funny topics including ghost stories, yes! ghost stories~! She told me there was this star name Huang Zi Rong, who can actually communicate with the spirits world, happened to experienced some funny and exiting stories. Wanna know the stories? XD Lemme share one of her stories with you~ xD There was once when she was drinking pearl milk tea, there was this spirit staring at her drink... Finally, the spirit started the talk...
Spirit : What are you drinking actually?...
Zi Rong : Pearl milk tea? o.O
Zi Rong : Not REAL pearl of course... =)
Spirit : Then what is it? o.O
Zi Rong : It's made of jelly...
Spirit : WHAT? Then why not call it jelly milk tea??? How can they trick customers like this??? This is bad bad bad! Those selling pearl milk tea shall go to hell floor 18!!!

Aha-aha~ what a... cute spirit ehh?? xD I suppose this spirit was dead before people invented pearl milk tea... It might be a really honest person when it was alive eh? o.O

So, after the dinner, we went around in Gadong, to the Mall to look for CDs (she wanted to buy some pirated CDs cos it's way cheaper here than in Taiwan since pirated CDs are illegal there~). We went to have some drinks in Ahan Thai cos we were too thirsty after talking too much of non sense~ xD After Ahan Thai, we decided to come to my house to take her anime and then played my guitar for awhile, then send her home around 10 something. We were planning to go to the beach first before sending her home, but my mom insisted my dad to send her home, so Oh wells~ never mind~ we still have Saturday~ said en... .__.""

I'm still a bit confused about if I should go back to Taiwan to study since it would be half price there if I go back to study, but the percentage of me going to LKW to study is higher. Oh wells, I still have 1 more year to think of it, nothing to be too worried about it~ =]

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