Monday, September 22, 2008

just woke up~ X_x

I just woke up about half an hour ago, took a shower and all that, gonna get ready to go out again. I actually didn't planned to go out this often during the term holiday this time but something just keep me occupied that I hardly stay at home the whole day... o.O I love my computer more than outside leii~~ HAhahahh!!! (ok I feel like a 宅女 now... = =)

Our Chinese teacher, Mei Mei is getting married in this week, very fast isn't it? It's on the 26th or 29th if I'm not mistaken. Her wedding will be held in the St. George's church. We have to go there later for the wedding rehearsal. Don't know what it would be like. I might take some pictures about it and post it up tonight IF I'm not too lazy~ xD Oh yea, I haven't upload the pictures of when Liwen, Mary and I were in the gym. Together I'll post it up tonight, IF I'm not TOO lazy! XD Bye peeps~! xD

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