Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reformated my dummy PC~

Alright~ Like what I have mentioned in my entry title, I had just reformated my PC few days ago, so I'm still trying to install some useful software into my computer, though I guess I kena virus liao...? = =? this happened yesterday I suppose? Cos the computer worked really well before yesterday, Oh wait, before the night falls, yes. And it's like... a bit cacat now...???? = =""""

MOREOVERR!!! I CAN'T SEE MY SHOUTOUT BOX!!! WTHHH IS WRONNNGGGG~?!?!?!?! I asked some people if they could see my shoutout box, they said YEA and Kevin said he can still tag tag tag tag and tag~ = ="" pissed~ RAWR SO DUDE!!! COMMENT TIME NOW MWAHAHAHHAH!!!! Left message for me in my comment box under every entry... = ="" or I won't reply you on my shoutout box, since I can't even see what you guys typed riiiiiiightt??? XD Lalalalala~

So yea~ end here~ BYE FOLKS! XD

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