Saturday, April 18, 2009

being occupied with tons of things~

Hii peeps~ Apparently I haven't been blogging for some times due to my laziness and well, works are piling up like... insane... = =" For now, I still have biology project in hand, MIB group presentation (though it's not so important, =x but well~ I think I shouldn't keep on behaving like this since it's still gonna be written in my result sheet *sighs* = =). I've just done with the powerpoint slide show for the class performance on Monday, Chinese script for stage play competition on 1st of May (lots of preparation is needed), and two of the perfomance on 5th of May. Apparently I have to revise my subjects for the coming exam as well, though I could hardly concentrate on revising ONLY.

I have to say sorry to baato sensei, for I haven't been attending the class very frequently since this month, I didn't purposely skipped it but things aren't going very smoothly that I had to choose to sacrifice some of the lessons... I do admit there're time I feel like slacking off.~ =x But I'm trying not to since mid year is near, and more are coming after the mid year. I know!!! Getting worst. o.O Perhaps it's really time for me to learn what's being 'stressed'~?

Well, aside from going insane with the piling up of works, I was inspired to do CG (computer graphic), and it ended up like this. Not very nice though, but well, this is my errr... first and second time doing a CG? xD Considered not bad, I hope? xp

My first try on SAKURA-CHAN, was just trying out the colouring.
This picture was extracted from Cardcaptor Sakura's manga! =D
If I'm not mistaken, I guess I did this quite awhile ago?

My second try, this time was the sketching and colouring.
Random character. (You do notice she doesn't have eye brows no? = ="")
Did this quite awhile ago also.

Third try, based on my avatar on gaia.
Not very good, but I'm getting used to the tools in illustrator d! xD
I think I'd need a tablet in order to do better in this. o.O

btw, opinions are appreciated! =D

Moreover, I just found out that my guitar had became 'fat' due to some reason. = = The body had bent to an unbelievable shape.
Freddy: You know what? (points at guitar's 'body') Please tell me what happened to your guitar...
Me: ...

It was bent due to the expansion of the wood, it's not so obvious though, it's just like a woman was pregnant for 3 months... How stupid of me 'cos I left it in my car under the hot sun in a super fine weather, and it's... hopeless now. I'm so... sad... = = Even though I've always been thinking of buying a new guitar, but well, I don't think I have the money to do it. So from now on, I'll try to save up my money, bit by bit, to buy myself an idea guitar with low price, hopefully there's any out there. =]

Ja, koko wa di-enddo dseu~
minna-san, mata ne~ =D