Sunday, September 24, 2006

Continue the previous entry~

Lol~ Seriously, I don't knowhow to continue that entry with SOOOOOOOOO many picture on it~ Maybe it's kinda hard to blog anymore with that many pictures in and somemore it's on mozilla? Sometimes I really find things hard to do with in mozilla ^^" But yeah, for internet surfing, I still like mozilla~ hahahahah XDD

Anyways~ Continues the entry!!! Kekekekek! And I just saw one DARNNN mini skirt online, and it's soooooo cute!!! But Hey! never expect me to wear that. = ="

Yesh! this is the mini skirt that I'm talking about. Really cute isn't it? O_o EROs~ Stop Looking!!! XDDDD Jokes~ She really got the pair of nice legs~ o_.; Well! XD

Hora hora!!!! This is also one of the cutest to me!!! Hey! Wipe your saliva!!! XD It's too cute and too pretty! XDD LOL! well, ._." I guess I really wanna buy it! LOL!!! XDDD so desperate larrr!!!! XDDD Ermm~ Am I a little too hyper or what? XD Still looking at the pictures of the socks~ I never know I can find this many!!! XDD Actually there're a lot more, but then I guess I'll just show up the cutest, just incase not many of you guys would it that much~ =b Lalalala~ XP

Socks...? My fashion entry!!! XP

Man I just feel like looking for soemthing for myself. And Yesh! socks! Tha'ts something that I've been waiting for quite awhile~ Lol~ wondering what it is? Okay I'm gna show you now!!! XDD Man It's sooooooooo cute until you can't breath!!!!!
It's sooooooooooo~~~~~~~ Cute!!!! from the picture below you can see how the model wear the sock. In fact it isn't really a sock, it's just something like you have to wear it like how you wear your pants, well I don't really know how you call it~ =b
It's is sooooohhhhhhhhhh cutee!!! x333~ Yesh, you wear it inside, cos there're holes there... ._." unless you wanna show your butt to others... = ="

And something I want is actually This ones!!!!! it's like a shorts/ pants, but it's actually something like socks? You wear it with skirt, so you don't have to worry someone will spy your panties~ WELL!!!! JOKES! XP

And if you're wondering how it's like with skirt, there're some samples below, and it looks REALLY SWEET!!!!! Isn't it? x33333

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Me sucks

Yesh, I suck~

This is the new blog layout that I made this afternoon, I know it suck. It's not sweet at all~ lalalala~ XP

I've checked those rated me, and I went to their blogskins, well, they suck too, and I will never change my font colour, cos it suck if I change. And I'll never change my background into white, cos that's stupid = ="

Story about Lolita~

Woots~ Vin just told me how Lolita came from and something, so I find it a bit interesting and went to find it on net. I got this result from research~ it's kinda interesting actually~ Take a look~ XD,
September 15, 2005 · "Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul."

That's the opening line of Vladimir Nabokov's groundbreaking novel Lolita -- the story of a 37-year-old man's emotional and sexual love affair with a 12-year-old girl.

When the book was first published 50 years ago, it was considered by some to be obscene, to others a masterpiece of fiction. Over the course of five decades, the "masterpiece" vote has won out, more or less -- but even two generations later, there's still a lot of debate.

Fans of the book say the racy nature of the plot is secondary to the true art of the words. It's written in the voice of a man driven to murder by his urge to love and control the young girl. Nabokov's prose alone can seduce readers into seeing the man's otherwise outrageous and criminal point of view.

Nabokov, who fled persecution in Russia and in Nazi Europe, was a professor of Russian literature at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. when he wrote Lolita, and many of the places described in the book are easily recognizable by residents today.

The author did a tremendous amount of research to get the details of American life right. "He would do things like travel on the buses around Ithaca and record phrases, in a little notebook, from young girls that he heard coming back from school," says Nabokov biographer Brian Boyd.

The germ of Lolita was created in 1939 -- a short story, in Russian, about a man who marries a woman to get to her daughter. It was not well received, but the idea never left him. A decade later, Nabokov took up the story again in America. And again, some of his friends were horrified.

The book was rejected by five American publishers, who feared they'd be prosecuted on obscenity charges. It was first published in France by Olympia Press, which put out some serious books -- and lots of pornography.

Nabokov didn't know that -- he was just relieved someone agreed to publish his book. And so Lolita debuted, clad in a plain green cover, in Paris, on Sept. 15, 1955. It was published in America three years later and was an immediate hit.

Within a year after the U.S. debut of Lolita, Nabokov left Cornell. He had earned enough money from the book that he could afford to stop teaching and write full-time, and he spent the rest of his life in Montreux, Switzerland. Lolita has so far sold 50 million copies; it has been translated into dozens of languages.

So, this is the result. I wish I could find that movie/ novel too~~~ XD But wait, it's a bit like into sexual thingie, maybe it's forbidden~? You never know~ ^^"

Reira Starring Yuna Ito - Endless Story

Again another song for my buddies~ x3 this time is a song which is quite soft and hmmm a bit of high pitch (I hope I spelled it correctly~ ^^"), well kinda like this song too~ x3 This song is sang by Yuna Ito, a quite pretty singer, but one of her pictures quite surprised me a bit, cos... she look a bit like Indian in that picture ._." Well don't get me wrong yeah~ I don't mean anything with that actually~ XP

Here is the translated version of the song =3


Lyrics: D.A.Thomas & ats Translation: Jonathan Wu

If you haven’t changed your mind
Then I want you by my side Tonight

I’m so tired of always having to bluff
Everytime I think about you baby, I feel so young
If I could just tell you I miss you
It is hard to say I’m sorry

You see, I want to sing this song, not for just anyone
but just for you
An ENDLESS STORY that goes on and on in this radiance
Always, I wanna show you, forever and ever

Memories of our time together
this way, they don’t go away

Once I knew that the warmth between us had disappeared,
gentle tears started to spread over my chest
This is not where it ends, I’m missing you
please don’t let go of my hand

You see, I wish I could sing this song, just for you
just one more time
An ENDLESS STORY of endless love
tell me why please tell me forever and ever

You see, I want to sing this song, not for just anyone
but just for you
An ENDLESS STORY that goes on and on in this radiance
Always, I wanna show you, forever and ever

You see, I wish I could sing this song, just for you
just one more time
An ENDLESS STORY of endless love
tell me why, please tell me, forever and ever

And Ofcourse, This is the Romanji version of the song~ Enjoy~ X3

if you haven't changed your mind
soba ni ite hoshiiyo tonight

tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no

osanasugitano everytime i think about you baby
imanara ieru imiss you
it's son hard to sayt i'm sorry

tatoeba dareka no tame ja naku anata no tameni

utaitai kono uta o
owaranai story tsuzuku kono kagayaki ni
always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

memories of our time together

kesanaide konomama don't go away

atatkaku tokedashite tashikameru no

yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
setsunai hodo ni i'm missin' you
kasaneta te hanasanaide

tatoeba dareka no tame ja naku anata no tameni

utaitai kono uta o
owaranai story taema nai itoshisa de
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

tatoeba dareka no tame ja naku anata no tameni

utaitai kono uta o
owaranai story tsuzuku kono kagayaki ni
always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Again, Trial~

Lol~ good thing here~ W-inds.'s Trial, I've finally found their MV!!! XDDD Enjoy here!!! XDD

MV is not as nice as expected, but yeah, still can watch lar~ XD

Nothing much happened today though, just feeling a bit tired, and headache somemore. Did a bit of maths in school(I finally know how to do that darn graph thing!!!! O_o;) , glad with it anyways. Thought I'll be working in the mall for the promotion thingie, but not, cos the person decided to look for my cousin instead. Lala~ Too bad~ $26 per day, quite much actually, Lol~ Well, anyways, more free time for me then~ XD Lazy to play trickster also... ._." It's okay I guess, Promised VIn to wait for him to start over his character~ Waaaasehhhhh~~~ How I wish finaly exam would come to an end soon! And then holiday is APPROACHING!!!! XDDD But yeah, time is like going so slow~ in fact it's fast like Wow~~~ = ="

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

W-inds. - Trial

Aight, found w-inds.'s new song, Trial, on the net, quite nice, but to me, it's really nice. LoL~ This is the Translated lyrics below. If you're interested, download it here~ ^-^

I may fall down, I may be in pain
But I'll get back up every time
No more tears; in the end, the tears I cry
Aren't a time to regret...but a time to be happy about

Sometimes the road to your dreams is anything but smooth
"Talent" isn't a precise concept and it can't be proved straight away

Nobody has left town without getting hurt
But I've decided that, even though there are no guarantees for tomorrow, I'm going to take a chance

I've started running towards my dreams
But it wasn't just for me
The reality isn't as sweet as I thought, it's hard
But I'm sure I'm stronger today
Than I was yesterday
No more tears, I just pretend to be string
And it quietly spurs me on

Unable to find the strength I need, comparing myself to other people
"Confidence" is a vague concept and it doesn't last forever

...How many times did I begin to give up and pack my bags?
But I couldn't make excuses to myself

Whatever the present is like, whatever the past is like
It shapes your dreams for the future
If you suck it up and get through it, you're sure to understand what it's all for
The rain will stop, the night will give way to the morning
The sky goes on forever
No more fears, all restrictions
Are just weaknesses your heart makes

I wonder if someday
I'll look back on these days with fondness hold my head high and tell my kids about it
I may fall down, I fall down
But I’ll get back up every time
No more tears; in the end, the tears I cry
Aren't a time to regret...but a time to be happy about


And this is the Romanji of the song, ^-^ Enjoy~ =D

Nando datte okiagaru yo
Taoretemo itakutemo
No more tears saigo, nagasu namida wa
Kuyashii toki ja nai...ureshii toki

Yume wo ou koto wa tokiori "kenjitsusa" to magyaku
"Sainou" nante futashika de sugu ni risshou dekinai

Daremo kizu tsukezu ni machi wo deta wake ja nai
Demo kimeteta hoshou nado nai asu ni kakete yuku

Hashiridashita yume e to, tada
Boku dake no tame ja nai
Genjitsu wa omou yori amaku wa naku tsurai kedo
Kyou no boku wa kinou yori mo
Sukoshi dake tsuyoi hazu
No more tears tsuyogari wa itsu datte
Boku no senaka sotto atooshi suru

Chikara dashikirenakattari dareka to kurabetari
"Jishin" nante ayafuya de zutto tamote wa shinai

...Nando, akiramekake nimotsu matometa darou
Demo iiwake dekinakatta yo jibun jishin ni dake wa

Donna ima mo donna kako mo
Asu no yume egaiteku
Ukeirete norikoete imi wa kitto mitsukaru sa
Ame wa agari yoru wa akeru
Kono sora wa hate shinai
No more fears genkai wa itsu datte
Fu no kokoro ga kizuku yowasa dakara

Itsu no hi ni ka konna hibi wo
Itooshiku omou kana
Mune hatte boku no ko ni tsutaerareru…sore kurai
Nando datte okiagaru yo
Taoretemo taoretemo
No more tears saigo, nagasu namida wa
Kuyashii toki ja nai...ureshii toki

Monday, September 18, 2006

LOha everyone~ x3

Lol~ Here I am to blog again~ XD Was thinking of blogging something else, but while I was waiting this site to load, I found something interesting(to me at least, they are~~~~ XD) I found some cute umbrellas that made in Korea, wanna have a look? Have Fun~XD

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lolita Fashion Style~

Woots! This is what I got from my friend's lolita magazine~ and there're really lots of kind of Lolita. I just uploaded to my wretch photo album. Have a Look yeah~ ^-^

Here you are and enjoy~!!! x33


Okay now~ My blog is now back to normal finally~ I just deleted some of the weird post, the first princess hour that I've posted, and the lava lamp ones. At first I thought it might be something wrong with the html in that post, So I deleted it. But it seemed nothing change after that, so I tried to save my first princess hour's post up, and then deleted post in my blogger. And now it's back to normal, so I'm not planning to post it here again. Well anyways, it's good to see my blog is back to normal again!! lol~! I don't know what should I make for my next layout, kinda lazy to change tho~ And sorry to Zy yeah~ Didn't make the blog length properly~ XP I'll try to make it normal kay? XP hope it's okay to wait ._." cos I have some projects to do nowadays, especially chinese ones.

I've registered the Chinese and the English Trickster. In chinese, it is 'Caballa Island', not bad I suppose. I feel like I'm playing Tales Weaver instead. Man I really miss it~ T x T How I wish I could join either Japanese, Korean, or rather English ones, But as what Vin told me, the English version Tales Weaver, they're like game system's protection is very high, so IF you did anything wrong, you'll get banned. 'Cause they don't wannna end up like Chinese's Tales Weaver, too many people making mistakes or spoiling the game.

Today, is Sunday, my grandfather is back from hospital. Too bad huh? You can't do much things when you're old. And then it seem like everyone is leaving you alone. You know what? I always seeing my grandfather walking around alone, eat alone, sitting in the living room and nobody talks to him. Sometimes I would talk to him, like asking whether he already had his diner or not. Sometimes I think, I hope that I could earn as much as I could, and then my next generation would have a peaceful life. But ofcourse, they have to save some money for themselves too.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hacker BOmb? O_o

Oh my godness~ I just saw this and I really really really wanna post it and show to all of you guys!!! I'm gna post this artical (spell correct? @@") and let you guys know. I was searching online for the 'teh bomb' that's one of my gaia commenter's page's character. So I was wondering what is that and went to look for it, and then this is what I found, some hackers might turn your computer into a bomb. When I saw that I was like 'Oh what the...?' Why do people nowadays LOVEEEEEE to play those hack thingies? Is it so fun to hack to others' PCs? And what about the poor ones? When their computer got hacked what can they do? gna by a new ones again? That's really frustrating, really. And the picture shows below, I suppose some of you guys know about this already, don't you?
Well, I hope none of this thing will happen to us and to everybody. Sigh..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Princess Hour~!!!! x333

Again~ Another Princess Hour, but with more and clearer information in it~ XD

**Lee Shin, Lee Yul, Chae-Kyong, Hyorin~!!! They're so cool!!!! x333 (man goong's the best ._." Yayyyy!!!!!!! XDDD)**

Cast: Joo Ji Hoon, Song Ji Hyo, Joo Ji Hoon, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jung Hoon, Kim Sang Joon.

A perfect boy from a noble bloodline, with good looks and a sense of unpolished beauty has to marry against his will at the age of 17. An ordinary girl from an ordinary family, with a clumsy character, average grades and average looks oversteps the prejudice and barriers surrounding her. The process how they fall in love with each other unfolds with excitement.Shin Chae-kyeong and Lee Shin, because they don't know each other well, go through numerous incidents in which they end up fighting. Chae-kyeong witnesses the scene where Lee Shin proposes to another woman to avoid their arranged marriage and this is how the two become fully aware of each other’s feelings. The story evolves from the fact that Chae-kyoung's grandfather was very close to the former monarch, whose wish was for her and Shin to get married. This gives some impetus to the otherwise unrealistic union of the two. As the drama progresses, many other 'fine-men, including Lee Yool, a cousin of the royal family, make their appearance. The story of the two characters, who keep quarreling about structural problems such as the rules of the royal household in the midst of the difficulties of being a prince and of the arranged marriage, will unfold in an interesting way. The show's fun lies in the episodes concerning the status gap that exists between a prince and an ordinary citizen. As more problems of status arise, the uniqueness of being a prince will be more greatly exposed, and doubling the fun of .When the king's illness gets worse, Crown Prince Shin receives an order to get married his arranged marriage partner. Shin realizes that there have never been personal choices available in the life of a Crown Prince, though he's only nineteen. Prince Shin proposes to his girlfriend Min Hyo-rin. Taking it as a joke, Hyo-rin shows her cute smile and takes off to practice for an international ballet competition. Shin doesn't hold onto her but just smiles faintly as she turns away and leaves?Chae-kyeong has a dad who stays at home as a full time house-husband after his business failed and a mom who works as an insurance consultant.Chae-kyeong's family, which was able to create happiness in the midst of difficult times, suddenly becomes in-laws with the royal household. To Chae-kyeong's parents everything seems much more like a dream, as they see that the arranged marriage grandfather always boasted of become realized. Chae-kyeong cries out loud, not willing to accept the fact that she has to get married at the age of nineteen, but Shin accepts the marriage, not caring about who becomes the queen.To him, she's not a person he'll ever love anyways and she'll just live in the palace like a doll. Meanwhile, Hyo-rin engages herself only in her ballet practice abroad without knowing about her boyfriend's marriage. Yool, second in line to the crown and the son of Crown Prince Hyo-yeol, who abandoned his position 15 years ago and left with his wife for England, comes back to his motherland. Upon hearing this news, the king instinctively senses the danger of Crown Prince Shin losing the crown and orders Shin to be careful of Yool. Shin just laughs at the fight over the crown and ignores the king's words. Chae-kyeong enters the Oon-hyeon palace, the palace of the new queen - bride, to get educated as the future queen. Shin, who visits the detached palace, is stunned by the beautiful presence of Chae-kyeong in her ceremonial dress.

English? or Chinese?? @@"""

Hmmmm well~ I've been wondering, whether I should play the English, or the Chinese version of the Trickster. Lol~ The Chinese ones look nice, but the English ones not bad too~ It sure looks like the online game that I used to play, it's Tales Weaver. It's a really nice online game that I've ever play, maybe it's just because of that I hardly play those RPG type online games? HmmM~ anyways~ =b I've alread registered the English version of the Trickster before I blog. It looks like something wrong with it though, I registered, but it told me to rejoin it again. But while I was trying to rejoin, it told me that the ID that I was trying to register was used. Hmmm~ Oh wait, I guess I can use it now~ Lol~ XP

Back to today, me, and the 12 Dragons went out(only some of the dragons) to the Mall, to watch movie. We watched 'Little Man' if I didn't mistaken it. A funny movie that is. Then we went to look for some prom thingie. Then waited for my mom to come then send Vin and Manzy to Qlap for tuition.

Hmmm, I guess this would be the end of this entry, don't feel well today, have no idea why, but yeah. Take care buddies.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


hmmmm~ it's weird, one of my teeth feel like coming off, and I hope it won't. Lol~ XP

Well, blog days after the GrACE, if you're wondering, it's Great Adventure Catholic Event. It wasn't bad though, I can feel the spirit in them. The worships, the happiness and all that. Well, I learn some new church songs, especially the "Tell the world", it's a nice song. =D People added up lyrics like 'Tell the world that *what?*' Lol~ XD Cool huh? XD

Back then, I had just done Manzy's blog layout, Mai-Hime. Hope it's nice though. =D But please forgive me for didn't ask for your premission then go logged in to your account!! Anyways~ I will not touch it unless you ask me to do something with it. I promise! bleh! =b