Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Again, Trial~

Lol~ good thing here~ W-inds.'s Trial, I've finally found their MV!!! XDDD Enjoy here!!! XDD

MV is not as nice as expected, but yeah, still can watch lar~ XD

Nothing much happened today though, just feeling a bit tired, and headache somemore. Did a bit of maths in school(I finally know how to do that darn graph thing!!!! O_o;) , glad with it anyways. Thought I'll be working in the mall for the promotion thingie, but not, cos the person decided to look for my cousin instead. Lala~ Too bad~ $26 per day, quite much actually, Lol~ Well, anyways, more free time for me then~ XD Lazy to play trickster also... ._." It's okay I guess, Promised VIn to wait for him to start over his character~ Waaaasehhhhh~~~ How I wish finaly exam would come to an end soon! And then holiday is APPROACHING!!!! XDDD But yeah, time is like going so slow~ in fact it's fast like Wow~~~ = ="

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