Monday, October 31, 2005

Kitty Oh Kitty

Well, a small problem here, sorry Zy... I can't take care of it every second now onward... cause my dad want the cat out from my room. He don't mind the cat staying our house but he DO mind the cat for sleepping in my room. Due to the reason that I'm kinda sensitive to those animal which grows furs *sigh* >< box =" =">
took with big eye~ I think it was looking at me at what am I holding? (a webcam!! xD)

Wow, ermm... why is it look so.. ganas? @@" well ^^"

This two picture is the recent picture of this kitty ^-^ hope this kitty could pass these few days ^^

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm back! =D

HALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (guess nobody would read xP) I'm back! =D the whole week exam, well, I don't know I can reach the result that I wanted to reach. I don't do well in my maths. Likely, I'd only done less than 10 or 5 of the questions (sigh). Afraid of failing... (sigh again) aiks, don't wanna think about it xP come lessee what I've done after my friggin' exams >_>" I did some photopshop thingie xD some animated things and some images, it wouldn't consider nice, but yeahh... I feel like sharing to you guys =D hope it wouldn't hurt your eyes~~~ xP

animated Rain... kinda satisfy with this =3
and somemore words one it.. well I don't feel lonely but this image makes me wanted to make it lonely xP

Dreamerrrr maybe you can't see the effect here, but click on it! and you'll see the effect i guess? =b it's not realy bad for me, kinda satisfy with it =3 hope you guys would like it too =3

Oh yes, I finally put this image here >_>" don't know what happen with the thing that I can't put it on just now @@" and yeahh!! this is an angel! xD thought it's kinda cute =3 so I put it with my background xD it's not animated btw~ there's nothing wrong if the image is not moving ^.^

I guess here'll be the end of this entry, and I'll go DA now xD hehehe~ hope these image is not dull to you guys =3 take care!!! xD