Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm back! =D

HALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (guess nobody would read xP) I'm back! =D the whole week exam, well, I don't know I can reach the result that I wanted to reach. I don't do well in my maths. Likely, I'd only done less than 10 or 5 of the questions (sigh). Afraid of failing... (sigh again) aiks, don't wanna think about it xP come lessee what I've done after my friggin' exams >_>" I did some photopshop thingie xD some animated things and some images, it wouldn't consider nice, but yeahh... I feel like sharing to you guys =D hope it wouldn't hurt your eyes~~~ xP

animated Rain... kinda satisfy with this =3
and somemore words one it.. well I don't feel lonely but this image makes me wanted to make it lonely xP

Dreamerrrr maybe you can't see the effect here, but click on it! and you'll see the effect i guess? =b it's not realy bad for me, kinda satisfy with it =3 hope you guys would like it too =3

Oh yes, I finally put this image here >_>" don't know what happen with the thing that I can't put it on just now @@" and yeahh!! this is an angel! xD thought it's kinda cute =3 so I put it with my background xD it's not animated btw~ there's nothing wrong if the image is not moving ^.^

I guess here'll be the end of this entry, and I'll go DA now xD hehehe~ hope these image is not dull to you guys =3 take care!!! xD

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