Sunday, September 15, 2013

First time to the house meeting~

Yeaaaaaaaap! It's today! The first time I go to an Amway's house meeting with Teng~ it was kinda fun~ with everyone discussing things of what we love, we share with our hearts. Well, it might sound weird but this is what I truly felt today, it was really a blessing to be able to meet many kind of people along the way, especially those who are kind to you, give chances to you and whatnot.

Today, some of us shared about why we chose to join Amway when there are so many other options to look at, explained the value that they have finally come to understand, and it was precious. People around us, they all have different stories, different opinion, and of course, different personalities. The more we sit down there together and talk, the more we understand, and appreciate each others' companion. 

Today, while Teng's father was talking about our "dreams" and targets, I have decided my target for this year, on Christmas day, is that I will buy myself an iPhone 5s as a Christmas present! ;D it's a pretty big deal for me because I could hardly save up such a big amount of money! And it would be around RM 3k for the latest iPhone, for sure. And yes, I'm gonna do it, and I'm not alone!!

This is the iPhone 5s model that I plan on buying~ the champagne colour~ ❤❤❤❤❤

Aside from that, I'm gonna make sure my parents will be able to eat Nutrilite easily as soon as possible, hopefully, also by the end of the year, and I also want to purchase eSpring, and yes, that would be my second target after iPhone 5s!! :D 

Now this is eSpring~~!!

Aaaaaaaaaand here's why I choose eSpring.

Well, there are so many other dreams I would love to achieve, but I have to make sure I'm able to achieve the smallest ones, that is, be a great daughter and get some reaaaaally good results!! I'm gonna get pass through this sem, and I'm thinking of learning more about Amway, Nutrilite, and Artistry, and everything... I'm gonna help those who needs help, but firstly I needa let myself learn more! 

Talking about dreams... I should really go to bed since its already 3:42am here... Good night people~~ xD