Friday, August 25, 2006


Hahahah~ guess what? I think I forgot to blog yesterday, hmmmmm. 'Cause I was watching a korean drama, hehehe ^^" too nice~ until I forgot to blog and upload the designs here... ._." It's not so perfect, but I hope that it's okay!! =b
And yes, this two is the dress that I designed. The left side is about how to make the dress. The right side is about like what it's like when you wear the dress. I got the idea from french maid's costume (spell correct? XP) I hope it look okay tho. Not really good, so you have to use your own imagination to imagine how Nice it is. Jokes! XP Not really sure it'd be nice tho, but I guess I'll give a try. Wait for my mom to bring my sewing machine back, then I can start to try to tailor a small version of this dress. I guess? Lol! Hope it come out well!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Darn~ dammy tired man~ And I got my maths test result today. It was really bad, I got 16 1/2 out of 100... Well, don't really understand the question and was lazy to do the questions also. Aight! I didn't expect my result is this bad, at least 30 something, I thought. Well, it's fine then, Vin taught me some of the questions, and he will be giving me some questions to do each week. Lol~

Well, something that's somehow annoy me is, I wanna try make my own dress. But yeah, Vin was right, he said that IF I make a mistake on the clothes, then I'll have to buy a new set of cloth again. Well, so we plan to buy the cloth first, then only we bring it to the tailor shop to make the dress. Well, I hope it end up well tho.=)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ellow Peeps~

Hola~ Guess what? I just created an account in IMVU. It wasn't that bad though. You create your avatar there and then you can do anything you like with your avatar. It's 3D, nice effects too. =D I created one, but it's not so pretty yet, I'll show you guys when I buy something for her. =b

Anyways, I have no idea why I'm so exhausted today. It's like I didn't sleep for the last night, but yes, I did. Maybe just not enough sleep I guess. Due to the reason that Joseph called me last night, and I guess we talked like an hour or so? And I went to bed after that. Well~

Waiting Vin to come home now, Hmmm~~ he's going to eat Sushi tomorrow at a new japanese restaurant if I'm not mistaken. Hmmm~ quite not bad huh? And I just remember my parents' coming back next sunday. Woots! It's so nice! Well, I miss my parents. But I'm worrying my grandparents. They're gonna be quite lonely there, eventhough my dad's sisters will be there take care of them. Well, hopefully they'll be fine then. My grandparents' getting older, more and more sickness coming up. Worrying it'd get worse if my parents leave them there, but they have to. Sigh...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Just came back from Vin's house, owh, I mean came back awhile ago, then chatted with him for awhile until he has to go for his tuition. And owh! My brother was at home just now, when I came back I was like, Woah! You're here?! Then now he's gone also. Hmmm~ Lonely here again... T x T Kinda miss my brother tho~ hahaha~ XD And owh! Ever since he went to my uncle house to sleep over there, his face is like, growing some disgusting things~ like pimple, but not pimple @@" then the right eye also bangkat~ no idea why... ._." Gna talk about it with my mom~ I told my brother come back to sleep this coming sunday~ hahahah~~~~ XD Then I won't be sleeping alone anymore!!! XDDD wooooooootssss! XD But not sure whether can or not... = ="

School today... wasn't that bad, despite that my maths test wasn't what good. Hmmm~ Too bad~ I did until like page 4, then others are all blank. Not I don't wanna do or I didn't listen to the teacher in the class. I DID, but the thing is, don't really get what those algibra thingie, well I know my spelling is wrong~ heheheh! XP I suppose I need to work harder for my maths start from now, and Geo too, well I suppose every of my subjuects needs to. Lol! I don' wish to fail anyone of them in my final exam. STUDY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr~~~~ I know I can study, but I'm just like too lazy to study when I'm at home. Sitting in the front of the computer, hands' typing, eyes' watching. Lazy to move my butt to hold the book. ._." Hahahah! Anyways, I'll work hard, I don't wanna end up like last year again, just few marks then I'll go up to the higher level of my secondary life. Grrr~!! I'm too old to be in secondary only now!!! STUDY STUDY!!!!! Blaaaaa~~ ._."

Relationship with friends in school, wans't that bad today, a lot to talk to with Siew Ling and MiTel~ (actually her name is Michelle, Siew Ling's sister, Siew Swian changed her name into MiTel... Anyways~ it's sort of a cute name also wart~~~ XDD) Drew something in the school, and then lazy to draw anymore~ hahahah!!! XD Well~ Vin made me his design partner, he's for design stuffs like poster and blablabla those things~ XD And I'll be designing blogskins for sure~ Lol! XD Price Offer ofcos!! THANKEWS!!!! XDD

Monday, August 14, 2006


Lol! Yes, singing! I have been singing these days, I don't know why, but my dad's computer can sing with the mic, and your voice will come out from the speaker, really nice for a person who wants to go to karaokae huh? XD I'll post it here yo~ hopefully it wouldn't be too bad to hear! XP

Right! This is the video! Lol! Hmmmm, 'cause photobucket don't support music I guess? So I just recoarded it with webcam. Hmmmm~ Sound a bit vain~ BUT yeah! What to do? XD I kinda like this song anyways! Wonder of Madeli, should be like this in English title. Hehehe~ School was okay today, nothing much. I wonder when my English is gna give us our composition essay. Hmm~

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Nothing too much happened today, remember? It's just sunday, nothing much would happen. People reach kianggeh; people leave kianggeh, normal life. Hehehe~ =b Chatted with Vin, Mon, Josh, and Roey, he was asking for a temporary job, and he's going to hunt for some job at Gadong tomorrow. Good luck! =) Well, see you guys with more things in the blog tomorrow then. =b G'NightZ! =D


Hmmmm, found this video quite awhile ago, feeling bored so upload it here. Heheheh~ feel free to download also yeah~ ^-^

And yeah, this song isn't that bad though, quite cool the song. ;) Hope you guys do enjoy it yeah~ =D Take care~! x3

Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Hair Style

Yeah! New hair!!! XDDD Hmmm wait, actually it's just new fringe style ._." Anyways, I took the picture with it again! XD let's see whether it's nice or not. Hope it'd be okay though~ =b
Hehehe, this is my new hair style, Oops, I mean fringe. Not much changes also I guess, it's just shorter than it used to be, and nicer than it used to be! hahaha! XD 'cause it's like, layer, but the previous ones, hmmm, not really. ._." anyways. a short blog here again! hope it's okay! XD I'll blog more other day! XD

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yo~ Peeps~

Lalalala~ was too bored to death. So I was planning post thing boring picture here. Hahaha! Took by my dad's webcam. Hmmm, not so bad tho~
Picture of after I bathed, hair still wait. Look like I'm with short hair huh? Hahah! XD Too jobless so took this picture. =b

Darn Thing..

Yooohooo, am back again! I was at my uncle's place for somedays, and now I'm not going back anymore, I guess. If you're wondering, their mental daughter, had done something bad to me, that's why. Now I'll show you the reason why.

First, I saw this. My brother told me that someone drew some dirty dots behind my star. Iwas like, huh? Who did this? Then he was like, Nehh your lovely cousin(Anyway, she's not!). Then nevermind, 'casue it's just a little thing. Then he ask me to turn to the front, it's like worse ya know?

When I see this, I was like, My Gawd! This is so dirty! Then I thought of, Nevermind, it's just a small matter, maybe I couls wash it other days. So I forget about it.
After awhile, before sleep, my brother show my favourite CD with LOTS of Scratch behind. I was like, what the foot? My dics never did anything wrong to her.

I was like, so heart broken enough when I see this. Then I told myself, it's okay, you hardly listen with CD anyway. Then I calm my self down at least.

Few hours later, I woke up. Wanna wash my face, looking for my hair clip, and I saw this. Hmmmmm, sigh, it's hard for me to wash my face without this... Well, never mind then. I tied my hair and then went to wash my face.

After I came back from school, the first thing I look for is this white tiger that Vin gave me for my Birthday present if I haven't forget. I couldn't find it anywhere. But I know the mental girl did play and don't know where she put. After long while of searching here and there, I found my ring on her hand, green ones. Sigh. Then I ask her whether it's mine, then she doesn't seemed want to answer me. Then I was like, nevermind, maybe it's hers. Then her dad came back talked to her, where is my white tiger toy, and asked her go and find it out. So she did. And you know what? I tried to go to the place where she was, I found my 'W W J D' hand belt. I was like, My Gawd the green ring was really mine! Then I went up stairs, to look for her. But by the time I reach up there, the ring wasn't there anymore. And then my maid was looking out side the window, and I know something bad, that's she drew it out side already. I started to like, couldn't stand it anymore, then the maid told me, my white tiger might be in the long kang. And I was like, What The FUCK? In the LONG-KANG???? Then the maid went down immidiately. I was standing at the window and look at the maid. She was walking nearer and nearer to the trees. Then while she was walking, I can see the little white thing in the grass. Then I went REALLY Angry and hit here hit there... The mental girl was so scared and she cried. The dad came up, and then hit her. And you know what he said? 'You want me to hit her right? You made me hit her.' I was like, Fuck! Like it's my fault want your daughter to break my things, and throw my things out side? GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Then later on, the mom called my mom in Taiwan. And then this is how I'm back to my house. Ummmm, should say my grandparent's house.

Friday, August 04, 2006


It's cold here!!! Help! I'm freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_x

Man, raining in the afternoon, then my room is like so darn cold now. = ="

Woot, I have no idea why I can't enter friendster. My friend asked me to check out this person, Jia Xuan (or something else). 'Cause he or she had been spying my friend/s for awhile, or maybe for a long time. This making them a bit scared, and angry as well. So she asked me if I could hack his/her account, to check out who is that. Hmmm, but I guess I could only ask someone else to hack for me, 'cause I don't know much of those hacker thingie. Hmmmm~

Just played a bit of O2jam, I just raised my level from 19 to 20. Hahah! XD And I can finally play the 'Bride In Dream' normal version!!! XD Tho my result is D. ._." Anyways, my arms like so pain, 'cause I brought my HUGE radio all the way from home to school this afternoon, while it was raining. Hmmmm. Then when I reached there, my hands were like, trambling (don't know spelling correct or not, XO) ya know? ^^" And I'm now shivering..... It's cold here.... = =" I'm covering my self with blanket, a bit better, but my feets' still cold... ^^"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

At home now.

Yesh, I'm at home now, at Kianggeh. Souuld say I'm at my grandparents' house. hehehe. =b And hmmmmm, just had a conversation with my mom few hours ago. She bought me a Mp4 player, DVD/CD burner, and then she'll buy me a hard disk for 80GB also. Lol, eventhough I wish she could buy me about 200+GB or something, but well, I guess it's enough, since they'd already spent a lot because of me. ^^" And my nephew just sent me an mp3 before he went back to his house. Hmmmm, somehow lousy mp3... I think? lol! But he told me it cost like $89 outside, and today he just give it to me for free. I was like, awwww how kind you are (And I was just kidding, he's just okay! XD).

Been missing my mummy ever since she's gone to Taiwan. Hmmmm, miss her very much, really. Somehow I have to sleep alone in the room tonight. Due to the reason that, my brother is still at Kiarong, with my uncle, my parents are out at Taiwan. Hmmmm. Hope that God'd protect me, let me have a good night sleep. =) And protect my parents and grandparents in Taiwan as well.

I like to be alone, but I'm afraid of loneliness; I like the darkness, but I'm afraid of staying in the dark. Odd, huh? I'd start think of those non-sense when I'm alone, I'm in the dark. Like thought of ghosts would appear somewhere in front of me, behind me, or bump into me abruptly etc. So I would pray, whenever I'm afraid, pray to God that give me the courage, he's always be with me, so I'll try to tell myself not to be afraid whenever I am. And I'm learning to be a good person, 'cause to me, like I've changed a lot since the beginning of the year. I know, everyone could change just within a second. And I hope I'd be a good person next time. =)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Boring there~

Yoz~ Here I am again, at home this time, abviously. Well, I'm kinda sick of something here, but I do now know what is it or what happen to me. Just had a Conversation with my mom, kinda miss her. =b And my dad as well. They were going to bring my grandparents out and walking around in the park or some place else I think. Well, they have to exercies tho. =3 Kinda miss Taiwan a lot, the places that I always go, slightly came up to my mind for sometimes. Hoping the times would go faster, then my parents will be back faster so that I don't have to wait no more. I really don't like to sleep over my uncle's place. It's like, no computer, no internet, no music, no vedios, no nothing, just tv1, 2 , and 3 there. Hmmmmmm. = =" I'll bring some books there for myself to study. Aight, and I thought that my uncle would come around 7 something just now, and it's already 8:08pm now, he's not here still. Maybe this is just the punishment of I'm always be late? hmmmm.

For my mom's information, my dad bought a new laptop, the latest ones. = =" Asus, kinda shock when I heard he bought a new laptop. 'Cause he just brought his laptop there, then sms-ed my mom last week, about something wrong with his laptop. Then today my mom tell me he got a new laptop. I was like, hmmmmm~ ._o" Internet is just like crap now, can't connect to the other websites, so I can't show the laptop here. I don't really remember what model it is. A bit sleepy here, I think I'm going to finish the entry now, don't really know what to type in here, don't feel like thinking anything. I just hope I could just stop going to my uncle's house. = ="

Well, night night everyone. =) Have a good night, sweet dreams. =) Don't get yourself too tired over anything. =) Nightz!!!!Boring there~