Thursday, August 03, 2006

At home now.

Yesh, I'm at home now, at Kianggeh. Souuld say I'm at my grandparents' house. hehehe. =b And hmmmmm, just had a conversation with my mom few hours ago. She bought me a Mp4 player, DVD/CD burner, and then she'll buy me a hard disk for 80GB also. Lol, eventhough I wish she could buy me about 200+GB or something, but well, I guess it's enough, since they'd already spent a lot because of me. ^^" And my nephew just sent me an mp3 before he went back to his house. Hmmmm, somehow lousy mp3... I think? lol! But he told me it cost like $89 outside, and today he just give it to me for free. I was like, awwww how kind you are (And I was just kidding, he's just okay! XD).

Been missing my mummy ever since she's gone to Taiwan. Hmmmm, miss her very much, really. Somehow I have to sleep alone in the room tonight. Due to the reason that, my brother is still at Kiarong, with my uncle, my parents are out at Taiwan. Hmmmm. Hope that God'd protect me, let me have a good night sleep. =) And protect my parents and grandparents in Taiwan as well.

I like to be alone, but I'm afraid of loneliness; I like the darkness, but I'm afraid of staying in the dark. Odd, huh? I'd start think of those non-sense when I'm alone, I'm in the dark. Like thought of ghosts would appear somewhere in front of me, behind me, or bump into me abruptly etc. So I would pray, whenever I'm afraid, pray to God that give me the courage, he's always be with me, so I'll try to tell myself not to be afraid whenever I am. And I'm learning to be a good person, 'cause to me, like I've changed a lot since the beginning of the year. I know, everyone could change just within a second. And I hope I'd be a good person next time. =)

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