Monday, August 14, 2006


Lol! Yes, singing! I have been singing these days, I don't know why, but my dad's computer can sing with the mic, and your voice will come out from the speaker, really nice for a person who wants to go to karaokae huh? XD I'll post it here yo~ hopefully it wouldn't be too bad to hear! XP

Right! This is the video! Lol! Hmmmm, 'cause photobucket don't support music I guess? So I just recoarded it with webcam. Hmmmm~ Sound a bit vain~ BUT yeah! What to do? XD I kinda like this song anyways! Wonder of Madeli, should be like this in English title. Hehehe~ School was okay today, nothing much. I wonder when my English is gna give us our composition essay. Hmm~

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