Friday, August 25, 2006


Hahahah~ guess what? I think I forgot to blog yesterday, hmmmmm. 'Cause I was watching a korean drama, hehehe ^^" too nice~ until I forgot to blog and upload the designs here... ._." It's not so perfect, but I hope that it's okay!! =b
And yes, this two is the dress that I designed. The left side is about how to make the dress. The right side is about like what it's like when you wear the dress. I got the idea from french maid's costume (spell correct? XP) I hope it look okay tho. Not really good, so you have to use your own imagination to imagine how Nice it is. Jokes! XP Not really sure it'd be nice tho, but I guess I'll give a try. Wait for my mom to bring my sewing machine back, then I can start to try to tailor a small version of this dress. I guess? Lol! Hope it come out well!

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