Thursday, March 02, 2006

scout troop =D

Wheww~~ what a tiring day~ hahaha! =D well, but I guess I just had some fun today =D. I decided to go to some activities with my scout troop afternoon (I'm sorry for this sudden, Vin >_<), about 1:30 pm + to 4:30 pm +. We, scout tropp, went to a place called 'Happy garden' if I make no mistake. It's a place where disable people go for study, or learn something new there. I was quite nervous at first, but after awhile, I find them friendly and naive =), and then I was able to talk to them (althought I'm not so good in Malay language ^^"), I'm kinda gald about it =). Ummmmmm, we went there, for help them on the glass decoraction, and my also friend asked me to design the scout world wild logo -_-". First, we took a plate, a transparent plate, and then took a piece of paper which already has a picture on it and stick behind the plate. After that, we waited awhile till the teacher came, they're from the place named 'Da vinci' (and I was wondering, huh? Da vinci? I thought it was suppose to be the name of a book?). They taught us how to put the thing on it, then after awhie we started. I was teaching a malay little girl, it's kinda difficult to talk to her since I'm not really good in malay language ^^". We were drawing a duck, out lining and then waited for it to dry up. But the malay girl needed to go somewhere else before the thing dry up, so I waited and wandering around in the room without disturbing others. Someone handed an extra plate to me, it seemed no one want to use it. Then suddenly, my friend, Wai Yan ran to me, and gave an idea of making scout logo on it, and then write our name. So I took Teacher Guan's scout note book, and then drew a world wild scout logo on a piece of blank paper, then I out lined it then they started to put on the colour on it after it dried up. It's purple outside, a little green and white inside, I think I'll show you guys if my friend send me the picture of it ^-^. Then hmmmmm, they wanted me to write all of their names on it, the plate~ o_o" tho it's kinda hard ^^" hahaha xP but everyone wants me to write!! I'm sohhh Happy =D hehehe but Shhhhhhhh XP I'm not being proud k? XO but yeahhh kinda happy tho =D. After that, we thought we'd get some punishments from 515 (scout leader, teacher, his name is wu yi wu, but we call him 515 instead xD he's always kena bully by the scout members XD ), but he say us quite good instead (yay! xD). Ermmmmmm, I heard that there'd be a world wild scout camping in London this year. Woots, Girl it must be good! I wish I could go, but I guess it would be kinda expensive tho T_T. It's in Londonnnnnn, I had been hoping to go to western country for plenty of years!! lol!! But yeah, I guess the chance for me to go is kinda low tho T_T, cuz', if it's at the end of the year, I might be going back to Taiwan, so can't go; second, if it too expensive, I don't think I can affort it ^^", but it's a chance of making new friend over sea also =D.

Well, it's getting late now, I guess I should sleep now... hehehe =b Hmmmm, Sweet dreams everyone ^-^ and hmmmm sleep tight! don't fall off the bed yeah! xP Love ya'll! XD