Tuesday, April 18, 2006

buddies... T_T

Hey buddies!!!! sorry for the lack of blogs~ T_T awww, I miss you guys you know T_T well, I could not be able to online for these days, due to the fact that no one pay the phone bill (my uncle's ones) and so the internet could not be able to use. And Owh! One more thing~ my computer got shocked by the lightning few days ago, the power supply is destroyed T_T. I'm waiting my dad to buy a new CPU power supply = =" I'm now using school's computer to online ^^" and ummm... time for the next period = =" take care everyone!! sorry everyone T_T...

I got all my result good, except some of the subjects ^^"
Good luck to those who's having O's ^^, VinVin, Manzy, Aby, Ang, Michelle, Jessie~ and dont be too tired~ Burt and Irene ^^