Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Turning on Hiatus status. =]

Two songs to share before I turn on my Hiatus status. Both are from NANA, one of the Japanese Animations. They suit my mood so much now eventhough the lyrics of the songs doesn't make much sense to my mood. =b

Lovin' you
Kuroi Namida (Black tears)

My forecast result is out. It didn't turn out too bad since I haven't really studied, and no, I should NOT be proud of it. Either ways, it's bad enough to allow me not to get in any university. Which is also one of the reasons I'm getting more and more emo nowadays. -.- (a little too late, huh?)

Bahasa Melayu - D
Chinese - A1
English - C6
D. Maths - C6
Combine Science - U
Geography - D
P.O.A - C6
Commercial studies - D
M.I.B - B4

Well, at least I managed to score an average in my result sheet. So I don't have to work like an insane person just to get my arse onto the passing line for graduation exam. Anywoots. Ciaos people, gonna study for good, and I hope I'm not only saying this time. =]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So random Lul =x

Little insect in its little world;
eventually you'll crash the wall;
however your life's gonna be,
I just couldn't be bothered even more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another day~ xD

With my crazy seatmates aka buddehs~ xD Exchange glasses and hmm, be nerd! XD

Pei on the left and Freddy on the right! xD
We've got a better shot but was deleted by stewpiak ithcy hand Freddy D=

Plastic-ish Pei =x
Doesn't she look like a character from anime? xD

Naado. -.-
was trying to imitate Pei but was being teased and I laughed lul. =x

Dang! I look like some kinda Oh Pa Sang! = = Okaiiii~ I just look simply weird with glasses. =S but well~! That's all purely for fun! Kakakakak!!

I've just finished watching Heroes volume 4, it's so great but it's so not great because Nathan is dead and Sylar is now Nathan!! =\ I know it's pretty confusing for those who don't watch Heroes, so lemme tell you, Sylar is a bad guy! =O though sometimes you'd be wondering if he REALLY is. Well, after Sylar had killed Nathan, he was captured by Angela, Noah, Peter, and Matt, and was brain washed by Matt, and now he has become Nathan. However, his memory was just being covered up by Nathan's, it doesn't mean he will lose his memory. In few years time, Sylar will slowly regain his memory and... TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! omg, I can't wait for volume 5 coming up! tralalalalala~~ Oh yes, tracy become water woman! =O Now I like her more! But I still LOVE Claire!!! XDDD

I Love You,
Beth Cooper

Anyone watching it? xD

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crap! =O

















Similarly is the human, why can trample other people's dignity?!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Follow your dream, or just follow the crowd?

*≈ Ļరη̉ξrƹdϣʚϟƒ ≈ 【心】【-1201-】 ¤~7th ďvŧ×~¤ | 1314/2 | says:
i read something today
more than 6 billion people on earth
less than 1 billion complete education
next year is 2010
means people who went to uni during '07 or '06 will be graduating soon
the world is not the same as it was during 06 or 07
a lot of things have changed
some people followed their dreams. but some people just followed the crowd.
do what people say, do what people do, not doing what they want
those people, come 2010, will regret all their decisions
because they never took their time to think 'today' for their 'tomorrow'.
Education and career is beyond diplomas and degrees. employees won't expect a piece of paper to work for them. they need young leaders who are creative, capable of multitasking, good speakers, intelligent, skilled, full of passion, aspirations dreams and hope.
Quote for the day. =D

Find where the rainbow come from! xD

Ah Seng's Lovely smile~ xD
*Bling Bling teeth*

Kevin also has bling bling teeth!! xD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Woots random so random~ xD

The reason why I couldn't study... OMG This is so not a place for study/ work. = = Alright.. I'm so gonna clean this dustbin up, SOON!! Or else I don't think I could even study until my 'O' Level ends... X.x

Lul, I don't really know why I bought this but I guess it's, well, obvious? xD
(OS: I wanna get fairer, a lil, at least. HAHA)
The blue box with a pretty lady on it above was actually some promotion thingie. It cost me $11.80 and NIVEA on the left $2.20.
Sum: $14.00.

Well, actually I only wanted to buy this thing, which cost me $11.00, expensive indeed, but oh well~ it's not like I buy it everyday~ xD

But while the sales lady was writting the receipt, she offered me the box, which included this lil thing. o.o I thought it was gonna be as the same size as the facial wash thingie but... it ended up like this.. .__. Well, it's $0.80 extra. I couldn't expect much. ^^"

Good luck to me in whitening my skin then! xD

Hyin & Tenga
Smile happy with the cow heart~ xD

During F5B's Biology period! ZOMG this is a cow heart! O.o and yea, it's so Super HUGE... = = Nah, it's not that disgusting, it just look like a raw chicken meat instead. o.O

About to rain? Looks like the end of world to me... = =

Oh and lastly here, a picture taken from yesterday, and yes, while I was driving, again. xD Told you I always look at the sky while driving, but no, don't learn, it's not a good habbit... = = Went out with Pam yesterday evening (Thanks for the meal, Pam and Wingz~ x3), then met up with Yuan-chan and talked a bit. Was supposed to ask that baka neko out but he ppk! =O hahahah!! jkjkjk!! xD

Baka Pei! Don't say I no update again arhh!! xDD

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I thought I just finished my exams? o.O

Oh yea, it was just the trial 1, now it's time for trial 2, and then lastly, GCE 'O' LEVEL!!! o.O

It feels like the exam had just finished and there it is, another one, around the corner. = =''

Well~! Ignore the fact that I'm not very satisfied with my result, I did put effort, though it may not be enough. However, at least I did pass some of the subjects that I actually studied. =x And as expected, I failed my BM, and CS (Wtf, Min?? How could you fail both of those easy subjects??? O.o).

Haiss, sien~ really don't like going back to school. = ='' But I bet I'm going to miss it like no tomorrow when I finally graduated from here. Well, we shall see~ =b

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Morning Greetings~

I don't know about other drivers, but I, myself have this habit of looking at the sky 'twice' in awhile while I'm driving. Oh, no worries, I always know where I'm driving, though once I almost kena tiang, Wei! no larr! Jokes! xD Anyways, I found this picture in my phone, it was taken on last saturday when I was driving (Omg Min! Why are you always do something which is so dangerous??!! o.O), the sky where you can see the orange clouds were actually in pink colour. It was a very pleasant scenary. It was on my last day of Trial 1. Lol~ Knowing that a lot of people didn't do well in this trial makes me feel like I'm not the excluded one. = ="'

I could still feel the pain poking into my bones whenever I try to walk, but it's getting better~ tralalalaa~

Monday, August 03, 2009


Cool guitar Versus awful sprained ankle~ = =''

Went out with a friend of mine yesterday, then I fell and sprained it when we were about to go home. Mehh~ I checked it on my own, it was... dislocated! =O And I almost couldn't move this morning (not used to my sprained ankle~ xD) Well, at least my mom told me to rest(Oh yeah no need to go to school! xD) and she'll bring me to fix my leg afterwards. So yea, I slept and woke up around 10+, then mom brought me to fix my ankle, and YES! IAMSTILLALIVEYES! = = I didn't scream, but the fixing was... well, I can only tell you to try NOT to sprain your ankle... Though I've always wondered how fixing your ankle was like. Okay now I've tried it and I wouldn't wanna try no more! D=

Alright now, the picture above is just how my leg look like now~ xD with hmmm a BIG PAO! and no, you can't eat it =x lalala~ maybe I can only take it off by tomorrow afternoon.~ mehh = =''