Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Woots random so random~ xD

The reason why I couldn't study... OMG This is so not a place for study/ work. = = Alright.. I'm so gonna clean this dustbin up, SOON!! Or else I don't think I could even study until my 'O' Level ends... X.x

Lul, I don't really know why I bought this but I guess it's, well, obvious? xD
(OS: I wanna get fairer, a lil, at least. HAHA)
The blue box with a pretty lady on it above was actually some promotion thingie. It cost me $11.80 and NIVEA on the left $2.20.
Sum: $14.00.

Well, actually I only wanted to buy this thing, which cost me $11.00, expensive indeed, but oh well~ it's not like I buy it everyday~ xD

But while the sales lady was writting the receipt, she offered me the box, which included this lil thing. o.o I thought it was gonna be as the same size as the facial wash thingie but... it ended up like this.. .__. Well, it's $0.80 extra. I couldn't expect much. ^^"

Good luck to me in whitening my skin then! xD

Hyin & Tenga
Smile happy with the cow heart~ xD

During F5B's Biology period! ZOMG this is a cow heart! O.o and yea, it's so Super HUGE... = = Nah, it's not that disgusting, it just look like a raw chicken meat instead. o.O

About to rain? Looks like the end of world to me... = =

Oh and lastly here, a picture taken from yesterday, and yes, while I was driving, again. xD Told you I always look at the sky while driving, but no, don't learn, it's not a good habbit... = = Went out with Pam yesterday evening (Thanks for the meal, Pam and Wingz~ x3), then met up with Yuan-chan and talked a bit. Was supposed to ask that baka neko out but he ppk! =O hahahah!! jkjkjk!! xD

Baka Pei! Don't say I no update again arhh!! xDD

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