Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Morning Greetings~

I don't know about other drivers, but I, myself have this habit of looking at the sky 'twice' in awhile while I'm driving. Oh, no worries, I always know where I'm driving, though once I almost kena tiang, Wei! no larr! Jokes! xD Anyways, I found this picture in my phone, it was taken on last saturday when I was driving (Omg Min! Why are you always do something which is so dangerous??!! o.O), the sky where you can see the orange clouds were actually in pink colour. It was a very pleasant scenary. It was on my last day of Trial 1. Lol~ Knowing that a lot of people didn't do well in this trial makes me feel like I'm not the excluded one. = ="'

I could still feel the pain poking into my bones whenever I try to walk, but it's getting better~ tralalalaa~

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