Sunday, August 09, 2009

I thought I just finished my exams? o.O

Oh yea, it was just the trial 1, now it's time for trial 2, and then lastly, GCE 'O' LEVEL!!! o.O

It feels like the exam had just finished and there it is, another one, around the corner. = =''

Well~! Ignore the fact that I'm not very satisfied with my result, I did put effort, though it may not be enough. However, at least I did pass some of the subjects that I actually studied. =x And as expected, I failed my BM, and CS (Wtf, Min?? How could you fail both of those easy subjects??? O.o).

Haiss, sien~ really don't like going back to school. = ='' But I bet I'm going to miss it like no tomorrow when I finally graduated from here. Well, we shall see~ =b

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