Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Turning on Hiatus status. =]

Two songs to share before I turn on my Hiatus status. Both are from NANA, one of the Japanese Animations. They suit my mood so much now eventhough the lyrics of the songs doesn't make much sense to my mood. =b

Lovin' you
Kuroi Namida (Black tears)

My forecast result is out. It didn't turn out too bad since I haven't really studied, and no, I should NOT be proud of it. Either ways, it's bad enough to allow me not to get in any university. Which is also one of the reasons I'm getting more and more emo nowadays. -.- (a little too late, huh?)

Bahasa Melayu - D
Chinese - A1
English - C6
D. Maths - C6
Combine Science - U
Geography - D
P.O.A - C6
Commercial studies - D
M.I.B - B4

Well, at least I managed to score an average in my result sheet. So I don't have to work like an insane person just to get my arse onto the passing line for graduation exam. Anywoots. Ciaos people, gonna study for good, and I hope I'm not only saying this time. =]

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