Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another day~ xD

With my crazy seatmates aka buddehs~ xD Exchange glasses and hmm, be nerd! XD

Pei on the left and Freddy on the right! xD
We've got a better shot but was deleted by stewpiak ithcy hand Freddy D=

Plastic-ish Pei =x
Doesn't she look like a character from anime? xD

Naado. -.-
was trying to imitate Pei but was being teased and I laughed lul. =x

Dang! I look like some kinda Oh Pa Sang! = = Okaiiii~ I just look simply weird with glasses. =S but well~! That's all purely for fun! Kakakakak!!

I've just finished watching Heroes volume 4, it's so great but it's so not great because Nathan is dead and Sylar is now Nathan!! =\ I know it's pretty confusing for those who don't watch Heroes, so lemme tell you, Sylar is a bad guy! =O though sometimes you'd be wondering if he REALLY is. Well, after Sylar had killed Nathan, he was captured by Angela, Noah, Peter, and Matt, and was brain washed by Matt, and now he has become Nathan. However, his memory was just being covered up by Nathan's, it doesn't mean he will lose his memory. In few years time, Sylar will slowly regain his memory and... TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! omg, I can't wait for volume 5 coming up! tralalalalala~~ Oh yes, tracy become water woman! =O Now I like her more! But I still LOVE Claire!!! XDDD

I Love You,
Beth Cooper

Anyone watching it? xD

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