Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lee Joon Ki~~~

I'm back~~~ with a new layout yeah~ ^-^ Can you see the guy there? His name is Lee Joon-ki, my favourite actor XD I first see him was on one korean drama, 'My Girl'. It's a nice drama, I kinda like it, intro to everyone also yeah =D. And Owh! A new drama of his is coming soon, the drama is named 'Grace / Lee Soo-Young'. I'm not sure whether it's nice, but I feel like kinda attracting me after watching his hot clip, here I show the hot clip for everyone to see ^-^.

This is trying to put the clip up here, I'm not sure whether it works. If it's not, I'll try to change it later =b. Anyways, I just finished my mid-year exams, it was fine, except for some not really good due to I did not really study for it ^^" I got 37/60 for my English paper two, 73 for my commerce, Malay papers are not really good so yeah ^^". Science is 66%, same as my first test's result, that was quite good to me at least. I think these are all I got, can't wait to see my computer paper~ hahaha xP Well, as Chung-Hwa's had finisehd their exams, SGS is starting, so here I wish, Vin, Pam, Manzy, Michelle, AJ, and those 12 dragon members, ALL THE BEST!!!!! GANBATE-YO!!!! XDD

I heard burt's sick, is burt alright now? I don't really have much thing to say on msn, so I'd like to say sorry to my friends here, sorry for hardly chat with you guys, cuz I have nothing much to talk ^^" really yeah... but yeah.. hope you guys are fine, Irene too ^-^ hope everyone is fine there, work hard, but don't be too tired, drink more water and rest more ^-^ And I think I should stop here and go to Mugen's since I haven't been blogging at there for a long time as well, take care everyone ^-^, miss ya'll =3