Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too many kinds of human beings.

Well, I believe you get the point. Sometimes, or should I say most of the times, people tend to react very weird, in a way. How I wish that I was a psychic so I would know all the things, or at least what others are thinking, around me, So they don't have to talk so much(Lol, does that oppose from what ringu chan thinking? xD). Well, what lead me to this thinking is that, I seriously don't understand why would people sometimes tend to complain about something that they've done to others? Well, you might not get my point, for example: one of your friend got into trouble, you helped them without hesitation, and sooner or later you were complaining your arse out about what you've done. What's wrong with that? Is helping someone that difficult that you have you spit your tongue out after helping them? If that's that case, I'd suggest you not to help, seriously.

Weird, don't you think?

Again, it's another random topic in my mind, I hope it doesn't harm to anyone. =b

Sunday, July 26, 2009

almost not SO exaggerate =O

Cause', you'll know why...

3 books that I have to stuff 'em all into my HEAD in one day. =O

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Just how the FUCK can you throw my stuff away?!?!?! IT's MY stuff and YOU Have NO RIGHT to THROW IT eventhough you DON'T LIKE IT! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING HUH? FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!




Sunday, July 19, 2009

Split! xQ

I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but I just don't feel like it. I keep looking at the time and telling myself to sleep after this or that is done. No, I haven't really started studying, I just don't know where to get myself started. Things are getting intolerable, even in class, among my friends(but it's least tolerant outside the school compound o.O), no, I can't answer you why. I just don't feel like going to school anymore. The atmosphere is just NOT RIGHT! I dislike that kind of feeling. Well, maybe it's just me. After two weeks of holiday, I tend to slack off pretty much, I guess...

Well, at least I get to go out with the guys, Pam, Kevin, Ang, Seng, Chee Yung, after so long. I've hardly go to public places ever since the influenza H1N1 striked Brunei. Lol, especially Pam, I haven't find her in the past half year~! Sorry man! Hahahah!! xpp

Since I'm almost bored to death, I guess I might as well upload some pictures before I hit the bed. =]

Min and Darling and Love! x3

Gangsta! xD
Seng: Apa bea song?!

Pam & Min!

Had KFC! xD
The most popular poses to the girls nowadays~ 5 2 0~! LOL!!! XD

I was reading xiaxue's blog when I suddenly thought of the person who was scolded by xiaxue very badly, and then, finally I know why the heck she scolded the person so badly, serve that person right. Lol! xp Well, it's better than some people started scolding you 'No mother teach' only just because people say "**** off", whatever it is, it could be FUCK OFF, it could be PISS OFF, it could also be WEAR OFF, why must you think of the worst side? Does that particular person have to bring up the other person's parent and call them a fat ass? So, you think that's very gentle huh? From my point of view, you went overboard, dear. I never know you have to be so harsh just because some one say a word, c'mon man, it's just a four-letter-word, what's the BIG deal about it? Will you lose some meat because of that? Geez! Further more, the other person should have corrected the word so there wouldn't be such misunderstanding happening. Though that person already know what wrong he/she did, however, the other one calling someone a fat ass and bring out the parent is still not a very gentle thing.

*So so disappointed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009



Oh yes, it's realleh IS here already! Just RIGHT IN FRONT OF MEHHH!! Haha. I.. well.. lessee the exam schedule. I will try not to come online for.. well.. this very moment.

Only recently then I remembered that, YUI's new single 'again' was out, and I was too distrated to realise it. Well, at least I already downloaded the song! 'Sea'! =D It's a pretty gentle song, as usual, I love the lyrics. =] Now let's listen to it, dear Pam, I wish I could give this song to you. =]

Download (Right click to save target as)

Romaji Lyric

ochikonde shimau you na koto mo
ikiteireba wa touzen no you ni aru satte

yawarakana hizashi no naka ni cry
itsudatte oshietekureru
kaze no naka hohoendeiru

himawari ga saku kisetsu ni nattanara
ai ni yukou ai ni yukou ah
ano umi wa ima demo mado kara miemasu ka?
minna, minna, genki desu ka? ah
itsumademo naitecha ikenai ne

yasuragi no tsugi ni wa mata shiren datte
sonna fuuni kangaetara kurushikunaru no ne

omoide wa odayakana mama cry
okoshite okitai no yo
nami no oto kikoetekuru

sunahama wo hadashi de kakemawatteita
ureshikute, ureshikute ahhh
uta wo gushizu sanda
furusato no sora wo miagetarishimasu ka?
wasureteta, wasureteta ah
itsumademo naitecha ikenai ne

subete wo hoshigatte bakari ja
saki hewa chotto la la la la
susumenai tte wakatterunda
atashi ni datte
ano koro ni mieta mirai wa
motto kagayaiteita kara ah

himawari ga saku kisetsu ni natta nara
ai ni yukou ai ni yukou
yasashiku nareru
ano umi wa ima demo mado kara miemasu ka?
minna minna genki desu ka?
itsumademo naitecha ikenai ne

ah ah itsumo arigatou
la la la la la la la
oh my Sea


English Translation

‘There will naturally be times when we are down as long as life goes on’
Crying in the weak rays of sunlight which embrace me
Smiling while standing in the wind which always shows me the way

When the season of blooming sunflowers arrive
I’ll go to meet you, I’ll go to meet you
I am able to become gentle

Can that sea still be viewed from the window?
Everybody, everybody, are you all doing fine?
I cannot always be crying

After peaceful times challenges will arise again
Thinking such thoughts is agonizing
The memories which lay still cry
I wish to leave them as they are
Hearing the sound of the waves

Running around the sandy beach barefooted
So happy, so enjoyable
Humming along a song
Do you gaze at the sky of your hometown?
I had forgotten, I had forgotten
I cannot always be crying

I can’t move forward if I always want everything
I know that too
It's just that the future I envisioned back then had been brighter

When the season of blooming sunflowers arrive
I’ll go to meet you, I’ll go to meet you
I am able to become gentle

Can that sea still be viewed from the window?
Everybody, everybody, are you all doing fine?
I cannot always be crying

Thank you always
oh my Sea

This is the acoustic version of "SUMMER SONG", as always, she'd make a acoustic version of her popular songs. Different version with different feeling. =] Either ways, it's still nice! =D

Download (Right Click to save target as)

Enjoy! =D

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Monday, July 06, 2009

Lul. =x





Sunday, July 05, 2009

Holiday finish-ing~

So, here I am to blog ( if not? xD). Holiday was extended one week and it's finishing in 2 hours time! Gosh, I don't feel like going back to school D= Yes, I'm lazy! Hahahah!! After 2 weeks of holiday. Yes, you heard me, two weeks. For our school, Primary 6, Form3 and Form5 students' holiday only started the second week.

Hahahh~ well, guess I haven't done much during the holiday. Except for going to tuition for few days, and played online game. It was kind of boring but peaceful, cos I don't have to turn in any home works... hmmm... I think I had forgotten about my Chinese essay writting. = =''

Swine flu cases has increased to 100+, well, more than that. That's as expected though, since I think very few people in Brunei will actually take the influenza H1N1 seriously. To be frank, I'd rather stay at home, away from the disease rather than going out/ to school. -.-''' Hopefully nobody in our school was infected then. o.o''

BTW, eventhough we still have an hour plus to SOMEONE's Birthday. I'd still like to say in advance~!

Best wishes to this little biatch! <3
A Sweet Sixteen!! <3

Credits to: Kevin Leo! XD

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hello people!

lol~ Been lazy and lazy and super lazy to blog these days~ I guess I kinda lack inspiration of blogging these days~

Finished my mid year exam awhile ago, then I got my result sheet back, oh yea, it's not too bad~ xD at least I passed! Hahahah!!

I've been obsessed with Dragonica this two days, it's kinda... cute? xD hahahah!!!

Omg, I really lack inspiration at blogging o.o I don't really know what to blog right now. Oh yea, been to drama course two weeks ago. It was quite good, dispite the fact that the time was limited, so we didn't really go into the details, but either ways, it's good! =D Please view my Drama Course photo album!!!! x3

Swine flu strike Brunei! Everyone out there please beware of the virus and wash hand very frequently! =O