Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hello people!

lol~ Been lazy and lazy and super lazy to blog these days~ I guess I kinda lack inspiration of blogging these days~

Finished my mid year exam awhile ago, then I got my result sheet back, oh yea, it's not too bad~ xD at least I passed! Hahahah!!

I've been obsessed with Dragonica this two days, it's kinda... cute? xD hahahah!!!

Omg, I really lack inspiration at blogging o.o I don't really know what to blog right now. Oh yea, been to drama course two weeks ago. It was quite good, dispite the fact that the time was limited, so we didn't really go into the details, but either ways, it's good! =D Please view my Drama Course photo album!!!! x3

Swine flu strike Brunei! Everyone out there please beware of the virus and wash hand very frequently! =O

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