Sunday, July 05, 2009

Holiday finish-ing~

So, here I am to blog ( if not? xD). Holiday was extended one week and it's finishing in 2 hours time! Gosh, I don't feel like going back to school D= Yes, I'm lazy! Hahahah!! After 2 weeks of holiday. Yes, you heard me, two weeks. For our school, Primary 6, Form3 and Form5 students' holiday only started the second week.

Hahahh~ well, guess I haven't done much during the holiday. Except for going to tuition for few days, and played online game. It was kind of boring but peaceful, cos I don't have to turn in any home works... hmmm... I think I had forgotten about my Chinese essay writting. = =''

Swine flu cases has increased to 100+, well, more than that. That's as expected though, since I think very few people in Brunei will actually take the influenza H1N1 seriously. To be frank, I'd rather stay at home, away from the disease rather than going out/ to school. -.-''' Hopefully nobody in our school was infected then. o.o''

BTW, eventhough we still have an hour plus to SOMEONE's Birthday. I'd still like to say in advance~!

Best wishes to this little biatch! <3
A Sweet Sixteen!! <3

Credits to: Kevin Leo! XD

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