Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too many kinds of human beings.

Well, I believe you get the point. Sometimes, or should I say most of the times, people tend to react very weird, in a way. How I wish that I was a psychic so I would know all the things, or at least what others are thinking, around me, So they don't have to talk so much(Lol, does that oppose from what ringu chan thinking? xD). Well, what lead me to this thinking is that, I seriously don't understand why would people sometimes tend to complain about something that they've done to others? Well, you might not get my point, for example: one of your friend got into trouble, you helped them without hesitation, and sooner or later you were complaining your arse out about what you've done. What's wrong with that? Is helping someone that difficult that you have you spit your tongue out after helping them? If that's that case, I'd suggest you not to help, seriously.

Weird, don't you think?

Again, it's another random topic in my mind, I hope it doesn't harm to anyone. =b

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