Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blogging again! xD

Tadaaa~ Yea I'm here to blog again~! and yes, soon to be gone again! xD

Anyways, I'm just feeling quite excited because I really want to share this book that I've been reading to improve my Mandarin writing skill, okay fine that's not the point! XD The point is, this book is very nice! wahahah!! Okay, pictures of the versions of the book! =D Well, I'm not sure how many version do they have for this book, but yeah, I'll just paste them all up here! XD

It's called the 'Cathedral of the Sea'

Chinese version of the novel.

Spanish - original version

English version

English version? xD

English version again~ xD

Well, like I said, I don't know why do they have so many version of this novel but yea, I'll just put them all up here!! xD And here goes the reivew of the book! Since I'm quite lazy to think of what to write, oh, maybe I don't mind to write in Mandarin? Since I bought the book in Mandarin version. =x

This book is a good example of why one shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. The HB borrowed this book from a friend and my first reaction when I saw it was :O It is over 600 pages you see.

Out of sheer curiosity, I flipped the book open and read the first page, and from then on, I could hardly stop. Cathedral Of The Sea was originally written in Spanish and then translated into English. It is a good historical novel set in 13th century Barcelona.

The story centers around the construction of the Santa Maria Del Mar cathedral. The author describes the construction in such detail that you can’t help but imagine the real thing. The protagonist in this story is Arnau Estanyol, born a serf, survives numerous ordeals and is made a baron. He is portrayed as a great man, and his devotion to the Virgin Mary is unwavering throughout his trials in life. One has to wonder though, can an individual actually go through THAT much trials in life?

Arnau’s benevolence is to a fault. His lifelong kindness towards his fellow bastaixos, his generosity towards clients, outcasts and peasants; I could almost see a halo on his head :P Arnau does have his share of enemies though. They plot to bring about his downfall, and they suceed. All is not lost however. You have to read the rest of this book yourself to know what happens. I am no storyteller, but all I can tell you is that this book left an impact on me. I think it was the details in the book that made it stand out. War, threat of starvation, anti-Semitism, the injustice of the Inquisition and politics of the church; this book was written with A LOT of research put into it.

The price tag on the book reads EUR19.20, so I’m guessing it’s gonna be really expensive to get in Malaysia or Singapore, but if you can, get your paws on it. What else can I say, it’s just “one of those books”.

Credits to : Whimsicaljottings

Oh yes, I cried for more or less about 5 minutes while reading this novel once. Lol, I can't deny it's a good novel, for this is the virgin creation of this author~! He has done a lot of effort on writing this book! You'll know it when you read it! =D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting ready for hell later! =O

2:00pm! Yes! I'm getting ready for my English paper I and II later from 2 to 3:30pm and 4 to 5:30pm. Zzz~ I've always doubting my paper II would score with flying colours but this time, I have to trust myself that I CAN DO IT! D'= Oohh pleaaaaaaaase~~~~~~ My Oral Exam was already hell for me, I hope my written papers should be alright!

Ganbarimasu~!!! >=D

Tomorrow, POA paper II, well, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE RAWRRRR!!!!!!!!!1111111111

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Honey and Clover

Crying for something you wanted so much,

and Crying for something you don't want to do;
which of them hurts more?


Saturday, October 10, 2009



I don't know how long did I spent to type the sentence above. =.='' Sigh~! I gotta work harder to get to speak/ type better Japanese! XD

Btw, translation for the Japanese sentences above:
Hi, everyone! I'm blogging again! I'm very happy today, at the same time I'm feeling a bit upset because today is the last day of school! Good luck in your examination, everyone!

Well, that's all I can type in Japanese! XD Any correction is appreciated! =D

Yes, last day of school, I'm feeling rather happy but at the same time I'm feeling quite upset, thinking about the times we used to spend sitting with each other in the classroom; slacking while teachers were teaching in front of the classroom; whispering to each other until our volume gets louder and louder because everyone is getting noisy and we can't hear each other's voices; suddenly got very hot and quarrel with each other, etc. Lul~ I used to hope that the time could go a bit faster, so I could graduate earlier. However, this morning when I woke up, I thought "today is going to be the last day of school", the feeling is totally different. I will seriously miss all the sweet and the bitter times! =']

This might be my last blog post before my exam actually starts, but maybe not. =b Since I've got to practice more before my English papers, well, that's before 21 of Oct, after that I might start writting Chinese blog posts to practice my Chinese writting style! XD For those who can't read, I'll TRY to translate them into English. well, only IF I'm not TOO lazy! XDDD

Daisuki no sensei desu! <333

Sensei to Jia Min desu! =D

Best seatmates VS Daisuki no sensei! <3>Beloved Evon~! <33>Baka tachi! XD

Ying xi and I~!

Madam Wong~! <333

Omg Freddy's trying to kill me! O.O


Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm blogging? o.O

Wasn't I supposed to be on hiatus? xD hahahah well, I just feel like blogging la~ =b

Tuition? Picnic? xD

Picture above was taken during P.O.A tuition. My cousin was hungry that she ordered Jolibee together with ah Pei, I thought I wouldn't wanna eat, but in the end I was stealing their food also! =x

Anyways, I've just cut my fringe, and yes, it looks weird! D= I regretted it, now I miss my long fringe. D=

Though it may look okay due to some angle adjustment.

But seriously, it look weird! Dx Even Baato san said it's cacato! D=

So, Okay, my random blog for today. XD

Oh wait, I think I should upload YUI's songs here too! XD Enjoy! =D




YUI - Never Say Die

いい事があんのも人生 そうやって続けんだ
Baby Never mind Never say die

騙し合うこと それもあるでしょ
鏡の中の 君だって分かってるはず
上を見てたら 宇宙まで飛んだ
果てない青空 明日どっちだ?

やったって 上手く行かなくて
Baby Never mind Never say die

ずるい奴らと お人よしじゃ
敵うわけない でも変われない
コイン投げ込んだ It's alright

いい事があんのも人生 そうやって続けんだ
Baby Never mind Never say die

力尽きて眠る時 気は紛れるけれど

立ち止まって 考えんだ
でもBaby Never mind Never say

いい事があんのも人生 そうやって続けんだ
Baby Never mind Never say die


Never Say Die English Translation

At times we get sick and tired of everything
But good things are part of life too
That’s how we continue living on
Baby Never mind Never say die

Deception occurs sometimes
Even your reflection in the mirror probably knows that
Looking up, we’re flying right into outer space
Where will the boundless blue skies of tomorrow be?

Things which you just got to do
Be it accomplishing them or it not going smoothly
Even when you’re feeling down
Baby Never mind Never say die

Overly-kind people are just no match for sneaky ones
But nothing can be changed
I feel like relying on God
Tossing in a coin It’s alright

At times we get sick and tired of everything
But good things are part of life too
That’s how we continue living on
Baby Never mind Never say die

Though exhausting all energy and falling asleep
Is a way to take my mind off thoughts for a while

Things which you just got to do
And at times you can’t see clearly
Stopping in my tracks and thinking
But Baby Never mind Never say

At times we get sick and tired of everything
But good things are part of life too
That’s how we continue living on
Baby Never mind Never say die


Yui - It's all too much





銀河に広がる 奇跡集めて


ねえ そうでしょ?






ねえ ウソでしょ?


。。。It’s all too much




ねえ そうでしょ?

It's all too much English Translation

The night is turning into a shade of cobalt
The chilly star studded sky is glimmering
There’s no need for words of any sort

Rather than trying to uncover the truth concealed behind tears
I’m better off with baseless predictions
Sitting on the bench where the lights have already gone out
And gazing up
It was a shooting star with only idealities surfacing

Nee! Would someone enlighten me
If I were to live life as it is simply
I would gather all the miracles dispersed throughout the universe
And try overcoming them
All because these emotions which are pulsing throughout my body
Are dictating me
This wouldn’t do
Am I right?

Being as decisive as cast dice
And not ever having regrets
I hope to move onward to the next destination
The rule book which was created uncertainly
Only timidity appeared later
I continue watching the backs of my rivals
As naked as the moonlight
Was a shooting star which strayed from a pure heart

Nee! Would someone enlighten me
To live life as it is simply
Innocence does not suffice
You can’t escape from conflicts too
Those lessons which I have learnt time after time
Are definitely dictating me
What should I do
It’s a lie isn’t it?

Simply daydreaming
Will not get me anywhere
It also can’t make me more pleasant
I wonder why?

… It’s all too much

Nee! Would someone enlighten me
In order to live life as it is simply
I want to change even the toughest obstacles facing me into something humorous
And then laugh it off
Because there is no way to resolve it
It is buried within everyday life

That is why I wish to believe
Miracles do exist don’t they?
Am I right?


Thursday, October 08, 2009



Anyways, what I've wrote above was 'Hi, everyone! It's been awhile, somehow I'm really lazy to blog. Meh, was trying to blog in Japanese but well, IT'S SO HARD! I'll try again next time! 譲ってない!(Correct? XD )

Recently I've watched some Japanese drama, one of them is 山田太郎ものがたり ( Yamada Taro Monogatari), it was a great one, and アタシんちの男子 ( Atashinchi no Danshi), this drama might seem a bit too fantasy but it's really nice! I like both dramas very much! Since there's only 10 - 12 episodes for each drama, I managed to finished them in less than 4 days, . =p I always like to find my favourite actors when I watch drama, for Yamada Taro Monogatari, I kind of like Takuya, he doesn't talk much, but apparently he has helped main character quite alot, and I like his cheeky smile everytime he's planning something cheeky in his head! XD

For Atashinchi no Danshi, I've finally found one actor I might like as much as I like YUI san! XD This person is, Okura Sho, cast by Kamui Osamu san! =D I don't know what words to use to describe this person, I used to see him act in Nodame but I guess I was too caught up with Nodame and Chiaki senpai, that's why I didn't really notice him. Oh yea, the first time I saw this man, what was in my mind was 'Wow, this person looked like a Chinese!' when I saw him act in Nodame. And I'm serious! XD

Doesn't he look like a Chinese? o.O

And sometimes I think he looks like Korean as well. .__.

Chugoku jin desu ka? ._o